State Organization of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

date of creation: 13.06.2006of the year, Order of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) №747-p

The main activity (goals and tasks) :

- state support and the creation of conditions for development, promotion of national sports and folk games of the peoples of Yakutia in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), as well as at national and international level.

- formation of the resource, regulatory, legal and material-technical base of national sports and folk games of the peoples of Yakutia;

- establishment and improvement of the system of coordination and management of the development of national sports games and the peoples of Yakutia;

- the establishment and improvement of the system of competitions and events in national sports.

- preparation of sport reserve for national sports.

GBU "Republican center of national sports they. AT. Manchaary "is based at the sports complex" Modun "at: 677027, Saha Republic (Yakutia), Yakutsk, str. Kirov 20/1. The Center functioning federation of national sports peoples of Yakutia: fight hapsagay, Mass WWE, Yakut jumps, table games, as well as the north-round and kettlebell lifting. The Center is the main support base of the Association of National Sports Games and the peoples of Yakutia "Sahaada sport", having a membership in the Committee on Traditional Wrestling FILA World Federation. at the heart, Educational workshop also function Doctor of Pedagogy, The Professor. P. Kochneva and remote school in national sports for physical education teachers and coaches.

The sports complex "Modun" there: game room (18h36), male and female gyms, small hall (parquet) fitness and dance disciplines, where held sports and recreational activities for the public, physical education lessons, cultural events, exhibitions and fairs.

In May 2012 of the year, introduced II-th turn sports complex "Modun", where the population is provided with a universal game hall (21h42) the podium on 350 Places and hopping length of the arena 63 m.


 Director GBU RS (I) "RCNVS im. V.Mançaarı" Mohnachevskiy Gabriel Mikhailovich

First Deputy Director Ivan Borisov

Deputy Director Gennady Vasilyev A.

Deputy Director Pavlov Stepan Antonov