yesterday, 14 August,  within the framework of the All-Russian Day of the Athlete RTSNVS named after. AT. Manchaary together with the Federation of National  table games  held a republican online tournament on board games khabylyk and khaamiska.

 The competition was attended by 51 people from 13 uluses of the republic and. Yakutsk. The tournament was held in four age groups among men and women. Andrey Zakharov became the winners among men (Vilyuysky District), Victor Novgorodov (Yakutsk), Ilya Nikolaev (Viljujskij) and Dmitry Ivanov (Yakutsk). Among women in their groups they did not know equal Nyurguyaana Danilova (Verkhnevilyuisk), Raisa Ivanova (Nyurbinsk), Larisa Ivanova (Nyurbinsk)  and Kapitolina Alekseeva (Yakutsk). 

Notably, that by a joint decision of the tournament participants and organizers, athletes and judges of the competition did not remain indifferent and  made their contribution to helping the victims of the fire in the. Bas-Kyuel of Gorny Ulus. 

 The president  Federation for National Board Games of the Republic Olga Grigorieva is one of the leaders of the Public Volunteer Headquarters of the RS(I) to combat forest fires: “We have united around our favorite game and make it clear, that we will not leave our fellow countrymen in trouble. Thanks everyone, who responded to our action. With your help, we managed to collect 9100 rub. For this amount, essential goods were purchased for the victims of the fire in the village of Bas-Kyuel. We think, that our modest assistance will have a positive impact on the morale of the victims ". 

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