Athletes Day was celebrated in all Russian regions today. On social networks, there is a roll call of our colleagues following the results of the mas-wrestling tournaments. We will also report, Muscovites.

At the very beginning, a surprise was reserved for the graduates of the retraining courses of the Churapchinsky State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, specializing in Mas-Wrestling Coach, teacher".  Today, in a solemn atmosphere in front of numerous spectators, friends, comrades-in-arms state diplomas from the hands of the President of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of the Moscow Region were received by five listeners: Daria Saltykova, Ayaal Reshetnikov, Artem Meshkov, Igor Galutva and Lena Tomskaya.

Even though our tournament was amateur, but still was not ignored by eminent mas-wrestlers. Three mas-wrestling masters of sports of Russia raised the rating of the competition with their participation – Daria Saltykova, Egor Degtyarev and Evgeny Pikonin. Zhenya had a birthday the other day and, sure, friends did not ignore this event.

A real surprise was the appearance on the Moscow site of mas-wrestling Azat Tashtanbekov. As we know, he is a winner “Colmar Cup” at the Eastern Economic Forum, holder of the winner's belt at the International Tournament as part of the Arnold Classic in the USA, as well as the winner of the World Cups 2017 and 2019 years, each of which consisted of two three stages. Yes, by the way, he went down in the history of Kyrgyz sports as one of the first international masters of sports of the Kyrgyz Republic in mas-wrestling!

Mas-wrestling tournament organizers thank Dmitry Yashankin for the invitation, for excellent premium merchandise and gifts. The holiday turned out to be bright not only because of the sunny, so sultry summer, weather and scarlet uniforms of all judges. An atmosphere of friendship and healthy competition was in the air. There were true fans of power sports all around, perfectly built and hungry for victory.

We are glad, that in addition to the constant participants in Moscow competitions, we saw many new faces. Physically tough guys, whose names do not tell us anything yet, hopefully, will soon join the ranks of Moscow athletes and, looks like, will press their ranks on the podium.

One of these discoveries was Alexey Golub from the Saratov region.. He took part in the up to 105 kg. Despite the competent resistance of the experienced Artyom Meshkov, he still managed to become the winner of today's tournament. He was assisted by none other than Denis Tsyplenkov himself. Bad trouble began.

Many participants were from fraternal Kyrgyzstan. Kamchybek Shamsutdinov pleases with his successes. Just look at the list of winners and awardees, to assess the level of training of Kyrgyz athletes. Tomorrow, together with new friends from Moscow and the region, they will go to the city of Dmitrov near Moscow, to meet again on the mas-wrestling platform. There will be a mas-wrestling tournament as part of the Martial Arts Festival, also dedicated to the Day of the Athlete.

It's nice to see how guys from different countries help each other, give advice, preparing for a fight. Mas-wrestling unites!

List of winners and awardees:


65 kg

1 a place – Saltykov Daria

2 place - Sorvacheva Lyudmila

3 place - Ovtina Vera

3 place - Ekaterina Frygina

65+ kg

1 place - Olga Gracheva

2 place - Yakovenko Victoria

3 place - Elena Ivanova

3 place - Sidorenko Ekaterina


75 kg

1 place - Shamsutdinov Kamchybek

2 place - Solyanik Kirill

3 place - Omur Dastan

3 place Toktorbekov Tilek

90 kg

1 place - Evgeniy Pikonin

2 place - Egor Degtyarev

3 place - Tashtanbekov Azat

3 a place – Melnikov Artem

105 kg

1 place - Alexey Golub

2 place - Artem Meshkov

3 place - Evgeniy Frolov

3 place - Andrey Egorov


1 place - Sergey Bedusenko

2 place - Sergey Lukashenko

3 place - Valery Tereshko

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