Preparation for the Games of Manchaara and their holding were fruitful. All republican organizational committees and working commissions completed the tasks assigned to them.  This was noted by the director of the Republican Center for National Sports Gavril Mokhnachevsky.

"On the main questions, including food, accommodation of participants, financial support of the entire Olympics, construction of sports facilities, transport support and improvement, working commissions completed their tasks. Also, almost all sports facilities have been completed and admitted to the competition.. They received a certificate of conformity from Rospotrebnadzor, Tekhstroynadzor and so on ", - told Gabriel Mohnachevskiy.

He also noted, that already at the end of the XXI Spartakiad in national sports, residents of Berdigestyakh can use sports facilities for their intended purpose.

Special attention should be paid to the indispensable assistants in the conduct of the Olympics - volunteers. More 150 volunteers, including from other cities of Russia work at the main sporting event of the republic. note, what is the oldest volunteer Alexander Bazarov 70 years old, he came to the Olympics from Belgorod.

“At the Games, the volunteer team plays one of the important roles. Sometimes they think, that volunteers are those people, who collect trash and so on. But not only this is the volunteer movement.. Volunteers always have direct contact with the participants, coordinate them and help all our viewers. There is a volunteer movement all over Russia,  which always participates in all major events. So, eg, our volunteers also exchanged experiences at the Children of Asia games, completed an internship in Kazan. Volunteers, those who came from other regions, got acquainted with our games, with our volunteers, shared their experience, - said Mokhnachevsky.

Today, 11 July, final day of the Manchaara Games. The residents of the republic will be able to watch the closing ceremony on the TV channels of the NEC "Sakha" and "Yakutia 24". Recall, that more than 1500 athletes from all over the republic 11 sports.

Manchaara Games Press Center

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