4 Martha 2021 of the year, at the Republican Center for National Sports named after. AT. Manchaary hosted a meeting of the President of the Association "Sahaada-sport",  Master of Sports of the RSFSR and the Russian Federation, Doctor of Law, Professor Alexander Kim-Kimen and Director of GBU RS(I) RCNVS im. AT. Mançaarı, First Vice-President of the Association "Sakhaada-sport" Gavril Mokhnachevsky with members of the Youth wing of the Association of national sports and games of the peoples of Yakutia "Sakhaada-sport.", student 3 IFCiS course, Andrey Everstov, student 3 course IFCiS and Igor Alekseev, student 1 ITI SFVU course. By the way, the decision to create a youth movement within the framework of "Sahaada-Sport" was announced at the Reporting and Election Conference by Alexander Kim-Kimen.

At the meeting, Alexander Kim-Kimen especially emphasized the role of the Association in the development of national sports and physical culture movement in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). So, he noted the only law "On national sports" adopted only in our republic, creation of the department of national sports at the Yakutsk State University, which was headed by the Patriarch of National Sports, Doctor of Education, Professor Valery Panteleimonovich Kochnev, which 6 March turns 90 years old. One of the important steps in development, according to Alexander Nikolaevich, is the creation in 2006 year of the only Center for National Sports named after. Basil Manchaary. Over the years, legal, organizational, scientific and methodological foundations for the development of national sports. He also informed about the need for interaction of the Youth Wing with the Council of Mentors and the Fan League of the Association "Sakhaada-sport".

He reminded the guys about the importance of respect for those people., who stood at the origins, the need for continuity, memory of our outstanding athletes. "At present, the Association" Sakhaada-sport "has become, truly, locomotive in the development and popularization of national sports and games of the peoples of Yakutia, Nonetheless, we have high hopes for the younger generation. You – future, we associate the development of our sports with you ".

Gavril Mokhnachevsky at the meeting expressed hope that, that the Youth Wing of the Association will not only adopt the experience of the older generation, but also to develop their new directions for the development of national sports, taking into account the technical and informational development of new technologies. Also Gavril Mikhailovich added, that joint efforts can involve young people in national sports, to popularize the games and sports of the peoples of Yakutia in the republican, as well as all-Russian and international levels.

In turn, representatives of the Youth Wing spoke about their achievements, about their social work and shared their plans for the future. Anton Vasiliev is a member of the Youth Parliament at the State Assembly (Il Tumen) Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), he is also the chairman of one of the commissions of the PPOS NEFU named after. MK. Ammosov on coordination of student dormitories of NEFU, he also said that this year he is going to nominate his candidacy for the election of the Chairman of the PPOS IFKiS NEFU named after. MK. Ammosova. Igor Alekseev is also the chairman of the commission of the PPOS NEFU named after. MK. Ammosov on sports "Olympus", whose purpose is to work on the conduct and organization of sporting events and competitions, where about 1500 student participants. Andrey Everstov is a member of the NEFU PPOS named after. MK. Ammosova. Members of the Youth Wing of the Association "Sakhaada-Sport" noted, that we are ready to take responsibility and start working to popularize national sports and ancestral games. Guys hope, that they will be able to unite in their movement not only students of universities and institutions of secondary vocational education, but also schoolchildren. So, in the future, students plan to hold more than just competitions, but also forums, business games, workshops, festivals.

Concluding the meeting, Alexander Kim-Kimen emphasized, that the Youth Wing will be a new stage in the development of national sports and games of the peoples of Yakutia at the level of youth and the younger generation.

Vladimir Grigoriev

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