6 March turned 90 years to one of the outstanding people of our time - Valery Panteleimonovich Kochnev. I think, that no one will object to the statement that, that the national sports of Yakutia received their scientific justification and further promotion precisely thanks to this person, whom we all call the patriarch of the Yakut ethnosport.

The Kochnev family comes from the most beautiful area of ​​Kuochai, what is in the Nyurba ulus. According to one version, here during one of the socio-economic experiments (like the current Far Eastern hectare) were resettled by the tsarist authorities 20 peasant families from the Irkutsk region. According to other information, political exiles from central Russia arrived here in the middle of the 19th century. At the beginning of the 20th century in Kochai, there were three villages nearby - Ammosovka, Alexandrovka and Antonovka, founded by Russian settlers,

Father Panteleimon Innokentyevich was born in the Kochaisky rural society of the Nyurba ulus in the family of a small merchant Innokenty Kochnev. He learned to read and write at the school of political exiles, then entered the Nyurba school, then graduated in 1913 year Vilyui higher primary school and in 15 years was appointed a teacher at the Markhinsky elementary school. In autumn 1914 P.I. Kochnev entered the Yakutsk Teachers' Seminary. On the eve of the revolution, he graduated from it together with P. Oyunsky, M. Ammosov, S. Arzhakov, М.Мегежекским, S. Vasiliev and others, who later became prominent political and state figures.

P.I. Kochnev - Honored Teacher of the YaASSR School, Chevalier of the Order of Lenin, excellent student of public education of the RSFSR, awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the YaASSR, awarded with medals “For Valiant Labor during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 biennium ", jubilee medal "To the 100th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin". AT 1925 g. took part in the work of the Republican Congress of Teachers, participant of many seminars, conferences, August meetings, where he gave presentations. Has about twenty scientific and methodological articles, published a brochure "Light Images", memories of studying together with prominent political and statesmen. He also wrote and published a music textbook for 1-2 class "Tuymaada erdete" in the class of balalaika.

Mother Alexandra Kuzminichna Kochneva (Gabysheva), also indigenous Kochai, graduated at one time from a four-grade school (first grade school), read well, wrote. It was she who taught her children the basics of folk pedagogy., which became their life purpose.

Thanks to his parental genes, Valery became a teacher. And he has a love for sports, may be, inherited from his paternal grandfather: prosperous "plowed" Innokenty Kochnev was physically developed, strong, on the Ysyakhs he won the Yakut jumps and running, his favorite game, like other young people of that time, was lifting weights, juggling with them and throwing a cast-iron shell through the Yakut booth. According to the stories of old-timers, he was always among the first in these fun.

The village teacher Kochnev was forced to move to Yakutsk due to persecution due to his "kulak" origin, where the family settled in the suburban village of Tulagino. Panteleimon Innokentyevich worked at the Tulagin school with 1933 by 1960 gg., with a break of one year, when in 1939 g. he was appointed director of a school in his native Cochai, but due to the serious illness of his son Nikolai, the family had to return to Tulagino. Later, his name was given to the Tulagin school.

Valera and his younger brother Panteleimon learned to study and work hard in childhood from their older brothers Mikhail and Nikolai. The eldest brother Mikhail was very gifted by nature, excellent student and at school, and in the fishing technical school, at the Central Komsomol School and the Higher Party School, had the talent of an organizer, played the violin, was a good athlete, athlete, artist. It was not for nothing that he later became a well-known leader in the republic - starting with work in the Komsomol, he was appointed chairman of the republican sports committee, then was elected chairman of the Aldan regional executive committee, then the Neryungri City Council, and then became the minister of consumer services of the Yakut ASSR. He was awarded the title of Honored Worker of the National Economy of the YaASSR, he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, Friendship between nations, badge "Miner's glory" 3rd degree, medals "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War", "For the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline", awarded the title of Excellence in Culture and Health, was elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Yakut ASSR of four convocations. M.P. Kochnev - Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Megino-Kangalassky, Aldan uluses and Neryungri. His name was given to school number 1 g. Neryungri. He published the books "Neryungri, diary of the first chairman ", "Glorious 50s of the Komsomol of Yakutia".

The second brother Nikolai also had musical abilities., played a variety of instruments, sang well. At the insistence of his parents, to continue the teaching dynasty, he entered the Yakutsk Pedagogical School, where he studied during the most difficult years of the Great Patriotic War. Nikolay began his teaching career as a teacher of the Russian language and literature, physics in his native Tulagino-Kildyam school. Graduated from the Yakutsk Teachers' Institute, he returned to his native school as a teacher of biology and geography, then he was appointed head teacher. Further, in the footsteps of his older brother, he was elected first secretary of the Yakutsk district committee of the Komsomol, then again the pedagogical path - the director of the Tabaginsk seven-year school, then director of Markhinsky secondary school, Head of the Yakutsk District Department of Public Education, at the same time correspondence study at the Blagoveshchensk Pedagogical Institute, return to Tulagino-Kildyam school already as director. He has done a lot in teaching and educating the younger generation..

Nikolai Panteleimonovich for valiant labor during the Great Patriotic War in 1944 g. was the first of the schoolchildren of Yakutia to be awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Yakutian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, and in 1947 g. awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 biennium " and later - with anniversary medals.

The younger brother Panteleimon, although he was spoiled by the attention of the three older, but he got involved in work too early, with 7 years during the war years passed all the trials of wartime - hunger, cold, work in the summer on the farm for watering vegetables, and in autumn harvesting potatoes, turnepsa, cabbage, harvesting ears, etc.. after school he served in the army, taught, but then the army specialization made itself felt - Pana entered the Aktobe Aircraft Mechanics School. After graduating from college with 1958 g. by 1997 g. - no small 40 years - he worked in his specialty at the Yakutsk airport. Undergoing restructuring, staff reductions also affected the capital's airport - experienced specialists were reduced by age with retirement. AT 2008 g. he was asked to return to the aircraft repair shop, where he worked for two more years. Panteleimon Panteleimonovich c 2010 g. went on a well-deserved retirement with experience in aviation 42 of the year. He is an aviation veteran, Honorary Worker of Aviation of Yakutia, veteran of labor and aviation, veteran of the Second World War. Awarded with diplomas and medals of the Soviet Union and Russia.

This is the labor prowess of the Kochnevs. And now it's time to start the story about the hero of the day - Valeria Panteleimonovich Kochnev

Notably, that the offspring of the "plowed" Russian-speaking Kochnevs did not know how to speak Russian before entering school. Preparing to go to school, he, with the help of his parents and brothers, gradually, for 2-3 of the month, mastered the alphabet, learned to count, fold, subtract, and also write the words "mom, dad, Misha, Kolya, Valya, school "and others, began to speak Russian a little.

AT 1938 Valera Kochnev, who mastered the literacy year, entered school. This is how he himself recalls his school years with pride., mixed with bitterness:

“All five of my school years were spent during the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany. From the first year of the war, schoolchildren have become one of the most important assistants to collective farms - in the summer in the preparation of hay, watering vegetable crops, and Timurov's teams helped the families of front-line soldiers. At the request of the chairmen of collective farms, two brigades were created in the school. 10 gopher. AT 1942 year, the Central Council of the All-Union Pioneer Organization named after Lenin and the magazine of the Central Committee of the Komsomol "Friendly guys" organized an all-Union competition for the extermination of rodents to protect agricultural crops.

Nikolay Kochnev was appointed as the foreman of our brigade. I was in this brigade, younger brother Panteleimon, cousin Yura Larionov, Kolya Zarovnyaev, Kim Bosikov, Total 10 person. We were given 100 traps, and we had to place them around arable land in gopher burrows. The arable land was in the distance 3-5-7-10 km from each other. We had to get up in 5-6 o'clock in the morning, and pass daily by 25-30 km. On the day they were caught in a trap 30-40 gophers. then we had to rip off, skin off, and prepare for drying in the evening. We invented a very simple U-shaped device made of wire, on which they put on a wet skin, in the morning it was dried.

After two or three days, we moved to another site. So over the whole summer, they walked around all the arable lands in turn.. No hot summer, special 1942 and 1943 years, nor disgust, mosquitoes didn't scare us. We had one task - to protect by all means, save the harvest. One gopher eats and stores up to 16 kg of grain. For four years, the brigades handed over to the state about 15 thousands of gopher skins for a huge amount at that time - 12-15 thousand. Our foreman Kolya Kochnev handed over to the state in 1943 year 4100 gophers. If you count, they would damage the state in 65 000 kg of grain, which would allow in the conditions of Yakutia to provide bread 450 person per year. Of 4100 gophers can be sewn 600 hats worth 54000 rubles. And if you count 15 thousand gophers, then an astronomical figure will come out. We handed over all the skins to the collection points., from there they went to Irkutsk. We fought rodents not only with traps. In the spring, when the snow melts, puddles appeared, we filled the minks with water, and when they come out of their burrows, they were caught and killed. AT 1943 year the hunting society gave me a gun 24 caliber. It helped a lot for rodent extermination and for hunting lesson..

According to the results of the All-Union competition, our school in 1944 g. the winners of the competition were announced and awarded with a cash prize 5000 rubles and a diploma of the Central Committee of the Komsomol and the magazine "Friendly guys". And the chairman of the jury of the competition, twice hero of the Soviet Union, the famous polar explorer I.D. Papanin sent a telegram of congratulations. learner 6 class Kolya Kochnev was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Yakut ASSR and the badge "Excellent fur tradesman". AT 1947 g. 15 schoolchildren, who took an active part in helping during the Great Patriotic War, were awarded medals “For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 years ".

I finished school in the year of the Great Victory in 1945 year. This year, for the first time, exams were introduced in 7 class. I studied well at school, but did not try to be an excellent student. I passed all exams as "good", except for the Yakut language. After graduation, he entered the Yakutsk Pedagogical School, where brother Nikolai studied in his second year, but I, for several reasons, in the spring I did not finish the first course ”.

Then a sharp turn followed in the fate of our hero - he submitted documents to YaFASH - Yakutsk paramedic and obstetric school, forerunner of medical school and college. It was a step, predetermined the future family life of a young student of the paramedic school. It was here that he met a young medic Klara Zhdanova, with which he soon linked his fate.


Valery Panteleimonovich is surprisingly energetic and capable of innovations, a teacher and research scientist focused on continuous self-improvement and growth. He is from a simple sports lover, with a passion for athletics, fulfilling his mission as a representative of the pelagogical dynasty, in a short time has grown into a coach - mentor of youth, then this path in his most natural way grew into teaching. And in it he felt cramped - Valery Panteleimonovich did not become a simple lesson, only investing in students a certain amount of knowledge, he became a researcher himself, studying the origins of physical activity of the inhabitants of Yakutia, the relationship between sport and society. He began to develop new approaches to the modern process of physical education in the spirit of ethnopedagogy of the peoples of Yakutia, compiled a whole range of teaching aids and scientific and theoretical developments, having practical relevance. As a result of many years of work, he developed and implemented an integral continuous revival system, preservation and further development of games and national sports of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

About Valery Panteleimonovich's path in this direction ten years ago, to the 80th birthday of his friend, written well by his colleague, Nikolai Dmitrievich Neustroev, who recently passed away, Doctor of Education, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation and RS(I), honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences, MS Teachers Teacher(I), Head of the Department of Pedagogy of Primary Education, Pedagogical Institute of NEFU named after M.K. Ammosov:

“Any historical period has its own personalities, ie. wonderful people, who drove its development with their enthusiasm, enriching with interesting content and life meaning. 80-the summer life of V.P. Kochnev is a direct reflection of the original historical period of the formation and development of physical culture and sports in Yakutia. All knowledge and significant events in the field of physical culture and sports in Yakutia, like a sunbeam in a drop of water, reflected in the personality of Valery Panteleimonovich. As evidenced by his life realities.

AT 1950 g. entered the State Central Order of Lenin Institute of Physical Culture named after. I.V. Stalin in Moscow. After graduation, at 1954 g. was appointed teacher of the physical education department of the Yakutsk pedagogical school, at the same time worked as an hourly coach in athletics at the State Pedagogical Institute. Opening in 1956 g. on the basis of the pedagogical institute of the Yakutsk State University, by competition, was elected to the position of assistant to the Department of Physical Education, since then worked 45 years old. From the day of opening in 2001 g. Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, Head of the Department of National Sports and Folk Games of NEFU.

V.P. Kochnev went through all the stages of pedagogical, scientific activity from assistant to professor, Academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Pedagogical Education and the Academy of the Northern Forum. AT 1995 g. defended his candidate, and in 1998 g. - doctoral dissertation at the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture (g. Moscow). Deserves special attention that, what Valery Panteleimonovich managed for 3 years to defend a doctoral dissertation in pedagogical sciences. Besides, in the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, his case was not detained for a long time. This is quite understandable, that he is a high school teacher with 50 years of experience, author 53 brochures, monographs, teaching aids,    illustrative albums,  120 scientific articles in collections of scientific- practical conferences of international, all-union, Russian, regional, republican level. He created a whole anthology of the physical culture movement and national sports of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), among them are fundamental works: "History of physical culture movement in Yakutia" (1998 city), "Yakut jumps" - textbook (1997 city), "Physical culture and sports of Yakutia during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 biennium " - in co-authorship (2000 city), with the stamp of the Far Eastern Academy of Physical Culture. AT 2003 g. they are admitted as teaching aids for students and teachers of physical education universities in their specialty 022300 - Physical Culture and sport.

Valery Panteleimonovich is one of the famous scientists of the Russian Federation in the field of, revival and practical implementation of folk games and national sports as indigenous peoples of Yakutia, and other regions of Russia. With his many years of scientific research, he makes an invaluable contribution to history, theory and practice of ethnopedagogy of physical education. His scientific works, textbooks, teaching aids are widely used by physical education teachers, trainers, faculty, students of the institutes of physical culture of Russia.

More than a hundred of his trainees-athletes became members of the national team of the republic, defended the honor of the republic at zonal and Russian competitions. 35 his pupils were defended by candidate and 4 - doctoral dissertations. Many of them work in institutes and faculties of the university.. Among them is EE Petrov, KG Basharin, I. I. Kolodeznikov, Yu.I. Trofimtsev, I.I.Suzdalov and others. As a coach in Yakut national jumps, he prepared 53 Master of Sports of the Yakut ASSR and the Russian Federation in national sports. National team of the republic 6 once became the champion in the team event at the Russian championships.

AT 1955 g. Valery Panteleimonovich, in collaboration with N.N. Tarsky, compiled the "Rules of Competitions in National Sports", and in 1957 g. - bit standards, from youth to master of sports of the Yakut ASSR. AT 1970 g. developed classification standards of the RSFSR for national sports.

Kochnev VP. - initiator of creation in 1992 g. Association of National Sports and Games of the Peoples of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Sahaada-sport. AT 2000 g. with his active participation, the Concept for the development of national sports and folk games of the Republic of Sakha was developed (Yakutia) in the first quarter of the XXI century. AT 2005 g. Center of national sports at the sports complex "Modun" was opened, named after the legendary hero of the Yakut people Vasily Manchaara.

AT 2010 g. at the Center for National Sports, a "Pedagogical Workshop on National Sports of Professor Kochnev" was opened to retrain specialists, physical education teachers, trainers. During the year the workshop was opened 185 specialists. AT 2011 g. on his initiative, within the framework of an agreement with the Bargaryy Revival Fund, a new section "Sports Science and Healthy Lifestyle" was included in the work of the scientific-practical conference of young researchers "Step into the Future".

Valery Panteleimonovich collected a large amount of factual material about the development of physical culture and sports in the republic, on the basis of which in 1996 the Museum of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Sakha was opened (Yakutia). Over two thousand museum exhibits tell about the phased development of physical culture and sports in the republic.. Despite being 15 years old, the museum has become one of the most famous in the Far East region and in Russia. The museum was awarded a diploma of the Russian Olympic Committee, Far Eastern Olympic Academy, Diploma of the National Museum of the RS(I) them. E. Yaroslavsky, art museum named. Gabysheva.

Kochneva VP. know in the republic, Russia and the CIS countries as one of the highly qualified organizers and sports judges of large republican, Russian, all-union and international competitions. Kochnev's merits are highly appreciated by state awards: Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation and the Yakut ASSR, Laureate of the RS State Prize(I) them. DP. Corkina, honored trainer of the Yakut ASSR and the Russian Federation, excellent student of physical culture of the USSR and RS(I), Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation, Excellence in public education of the RSFSR. Awarded with RS insignia(I)  "370 years. Yakutia with Russia ", "Civic Valor", "Teacher of RS Teachers(I)». For great services in the development of national sports by the decision of the Board of the Committee of National and Non-Olympic Sports of Russia in 2005 g. awarded the Order of the III degree "For Merits in the Development of National Sports". AT 2010 year Valery Panteleimonovich was awarded the Highest award of the Ministry of Sports, tourism and youth policy of the Russian Federation for achievements in research work in the field of physical culture and sports, the medal of Peter Lesgaft.

According to the results of the competition of the NMS YSU "Quality of the educational process" in 2005 g. in the humanitarian direction V.P. Kochnev was awarded the title of "Best Professor". For 10 years of heading the department by V.P. Kochnev, two teachers defended their Ph.D. thesis, became associate professors. Three teachers were awarded the title of Honored Trainer of the RS(I), one - Honored Worker of Physical Education RS(I).

Valery Panteleimonovich - veteran of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 gg. Awarded with jubilee medals of the USSR and the Russian Federation, Honorary Citizen of the Nyurba Ulus and Tulagino-Keldyamsky Nasleg. This March he turns 80 years from the date of birth and 57 years of work, pedagogical, coaching, social activities. The creative activity of Professor V.P.. Kochneva continues. His high human qualities, Creative skills, professionalism, operability, love of life, pursuit of excellence, inexhaustible energy, always active life position are a vivid example of imitation for young people ”.

The most beloved and at the same time attractive for all strata of the population the brainchild of Valery Panteleimonovich is the Museum of the History of Physical Culture and Sports of Yakutia. Here's how a museum colleague writes about it., for a long time head of the main museum of the republic named after Yaroslavsky Yegor Spiridonovich Shishigin:

“V.P. Kochnev, in his student years, caught fire with the idea of ​​creating a museum of physical culture and sports of his native republic, started collecting rare photographs, unique documents, genuine items, owned by famous athletes, legendary organizers of physical culture and sports. Being a good photographer, Valery Panteleimonovich himself filmed many sports events, famous athletes, champions, veterans of the physical culture movement, went to international competitions, to the Olympic Games.

His personal collection became the basis of the unique museum he created., the first exposition of which opened in January 1996 g. Since then, the museum has become a real center for the promotion of physical culture and sports., healthy lifestyle. Hundreds of thousands of Yakuts, guests of the capital are interested in the history of physical culture and sports not only in Yakutia, but also countries, planet earth, admire the achievements of our outstanding champions, Olympians.

The exposition of the museum was created at a high professional level. Its thematic structure, the sections correspond to the scientific periodization of the history of physical culture movement and sports. This is the result of many years of scientific research work of the distinguished professor, talented collector. After all, more 80% exhibits exhibits genuine items, unique documents. In short, unique museum of professor V.P.. Kochnev is one of the best sports museums not only in the Russian Federation, but also globally. Museum is a worthy monument to outstanding athletes of Yakutia, achievements of the republic in the field of physical culture and sports, pride of the Yakutians ".

Valery Panteleimonovich is distinguished by amazing energy, enviable scientific longevity and hard work. Literally three years ago, he worked at the institute, taught at the department, then went to my favorite museum, on the way, two or three times a week I went to the Center for National Sports named after V. Manchaara, solved issues, related to the development of ethnosport, with the work of his Pedagogical workshop.

Spouse Klara Pavlovna Zhdanova - the first graduate of the medical faculty of YSU 1963 of the year, gynecologist, 53 years she gave her beloved and noble profession of a doctor. The only son Sergey graduated from the geological exploration faculty of the University, worked on expedition no. 5, participated in the discovery of a gold deposit in the Bulunsky district. To the great regret of parents, he died tragically in 1996 year. They kept this inescapable grief for the rest of their lives ...

They lived together with his wife. Valery Panteleimonovich worked hard, was engaged in social activities. He drove a car until recently, went to the dacha to feed the dog. When a faithful companion of life fell seriously ill, he devotedly courted her, refused an offer to invite a social worker, I did everything around the house myself. After passing away in 2019 year of his beloved wife Klara Pavlovna Valery Panteleimonovich, sure, passed great. A serious shock for him was the dismissal from his favorite job., which no one expected. After all, with the university, with the Department of National Sports, he had more than 60 years of life, in this he saw the meaning of his own existence. But he continued to work at his beloved museum., made plans to improve it. Then, unexpectedly, unexpectedly, covid-19 appeared, completely changed the lifestyle of the older generation, people, experienced the horrors and hardships of war, then endured difficulties of the post-war period. And today Valery Panteleimonovich Kochnev celebrates his 90th birthday in isolation, at the Kapitonov nursing home ... Friends and colleagues from the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports will come to him, Republican Center for National Sports, relatives, but, Unfortunately, they will not be able to meet in person with the patriarch due to restrictions. Congratulations to our elder remotely, will give gifts ...

Well, I wish my older friend, no matter what, keep your health, good spirits and clarity of mind, strength to deal with adversity!

Vladislav KOROTOV, RTsNVS im.V.Mançaarı.


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