Today, 6 Martha, a traditional tournament in Yakut national jumps for the prizes of the doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Valery Kochnev. The competition was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Valery Panteleimonovich, legends of Yakut and Russian sports.

The tournament was attended by 18 the best jumpers of the republic. Among them is the record holder, Master RS ​​sports(I) Kai Adam, Master of Sports Yakov Dmitriev, Sergey Zakharov, Alexey Terentyev, Sergey Zakharov, Valeria Olesova and Yulia Kobyakova.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports Innokenty Grigoriev, President of the Association "Sahaada-sport", Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the RS(I) Alexander Kim-Kimen, Director GBU RS(I) RCNVS im. AT. Mançaarı Mohnaçevskiy Konstantin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of NEFU Semyon Nikolaev and Master of Sports of the YaASSR, RSFSR, sports journalist Vasily Poselsky.

In his welcoming speech, Innokenty Grigoriev congratulated Valery Panteleimonovich on the anniversary date, especially emphasizing his contribution to the development of Yakut national jumps, and also voiced a congratulatory letter on behalf of the Head of the Republic Aisen Nikolaev.

In turn, Alexander Kim-Kimen at the grand opening especially noted the role of Valery Panteleimonovich in the formation of "Sakhaada-sport", Yakut jumps and expressed hope that, that his ideas will live on and will be developed in the next generations of jumpers.

Vasily Poselsky, as a man, who directly trained with Valery Panteleimonovich, remembered the first acquaintance with the legend and thanked the teacher for the invaluable contribution to the development of sports in Yakutia.

Athletes competed in three disciplines of Yakut jumping: sword, ıstanga, kuobah. Women were the first to enter the jump sector. Although there were few participants, basically, the struggle for leadership unfolded between two masters of sports, Yulia Kobyakova and Valeria Olesova. But today the athlete from Khangalassky ulus Valeria Olesova turned out to be the best., taking first places in all three disciplines. Today Valeria established among the girls before 18 years new records of the republic in kylyy and in total triathlon! Its result is in kylyy – 23,49, ıstanga – 22,47, a kuobah – 17,99. In triathlon, she became the champion of the Kochnev tournament. By the way, at the moment among women Valeria is the leader, but at the Games of Manchaara she will take part among children. Yulia Kobyakova followed her to the second step of the podium, occupying 2 place like in kylyy (20,02), so and ystanga (21,02), but in her kuobakh 3 result (15,29). We remind, that the Amga sportswoman in 2017 g. at the Manchaara Games in Verkhnevilyuisk became the champion in ystanga. And this time, it seems, she is preparing to defend the honor of her native Amga in Berdigestyakh. Bronze in total triathlon with Ekaterina Lebedeva from Namsky ulus.

Among men, the leadership was contested by long-term rivals in the jump sector, but friends in life Kai Adamov and Yakov Dmitriev. This time we did not see Nyurgun Sokolnikov, who could make adjustments to the medal alignment. Nonetheless, went to the launch pad 14 men. By the sum of the triathlon, as expected, gold for Kai Adamov (Mountain), silver was taken by Yakov Dmitriev (Kobyayskiy), and bronze by Sergei Zakharov (M-Kangalassky).  Results of men's jumps today in ystanga for 45, in kuobah for 38, and in kylyy for 44 m. And as Vasily Poselsky correctly noted today, some of our jumpers in the near future may reach the milestone in 50 m. Manchaara Games Ahead, a little over a hundred days before the start of the Spartakiad. Athletes have no time to build., therefore, each of them is ready to join the fight for the main medal of the four-year cycle!  


Prize-winners and winners:



1 – Olesova Valeria (Khangalasskii) – 23,49

2 – Kobyakova Yulia (Amginsky) – 20,02

3 – Ekaterina Lebedeva (Namsky) – 18,83


1 – Olesova Valeria (Khangalasskii) – 22,47

2 – Kobyakova Yulia (Amginsky) – 21,02

3 – Ekaterina Lebedeva (Namsky) – 19,79


1 – Olesova Valeria (Khangalasskii) – 17,99

2 – Ekaterina Lebedeva (Namsky) – 16,50

3 – Kobyakova Yulia (Amginsky) – 15,29

By the sum of the triathlon

1 – Olesova Valeria (Khangalasskii) – 63,95

2 – Kobyakova Yulia (Amginsky) -56,33

3 – Ekaterina Lebedeva (Namsky) -55,12



1 – Kai Adam (Mountain) – 44,98 

2 – Yakov Dmitriev (Kobyayskiy) – 44,37

3 – Sergey Zakharov (M-Kangalassky) – 42,35


1 – Kai Adam (Mountain) – 45,41

2 – Yakov Dmitriev (Kobyayskiy) – 44,31

3 – Sergey Zakharov (M-Kangalassky) – 42,78


1 – Yakov Dmitriev (Kobyayskiy) – 38,80

2 – Sergey Zakharov (M-Kangalassky) – 38,68

3 – Adamov Kai (Mountain) – 38,43

By the sum of the triathlon

1 – Kai Adam (Mountain) – 128,82

2 – Yakov Dmitriev (Kobyayskiy) – 127,48

3 – Sergey Zakharov (M-Kangalassky) – 123,91