WITH 5 by 7 March in from. Namtsy will host the personal-team championship of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in kettlebell lifting in memory of I.I.. Kulachikova. The main goal of the competition is to familiarize the population with a healthy lifestyle and mass physical education and sports.. The organization of the championship is aimed at agitation and promotion of kettlebell lifting, as well as identifying the strongest and improving the skill of athletes.

For several days, all the strongest kettlebell lifters of the republic will fight for the medals of the most prestigious competition in this form.. Among them, the participation of the prize-winner of the World and Russian Championship Vladimir Olenov is expected., the first master of sports of international class among the Yakutians Mikhail Savvinov, the winner of the Cup of Russia Ruslan Luginov and other equally eminent athletes of the republic.

Men will compete in the following weight categories: 63 kg, 68 kg, 73 kg, 85 kg, St.. 85 kg, kettlebells weighing 32 kg. Male veterans will identify the best in such weight categories, as73 kg and St.. 73 kg. The weight of the weights for them will be 24 kg.

The women's division will take part in the championship. Women will compete for medals with kettlebells in 24 kg in weight categories up to 63 kg and St.. 63 kg.

Winners and awardees will be awarded medals and certificates, and prizes.

competition program:

5 Martha

14:00-18:00 – the work of the Credentials Committee, participants weigh

18:00 – Jury meeting

6 Martha

10:00 – start of the competition

12:00 – Grand opening

12:30 – continuation of the competition

7 Martha

10:00 – continuation of the competition

17:00-18:00 – summarizing

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