19 January on radio "Tetim" and the TV channel NEC "Sakha" took place another program of the author's program "The Constitution and We" on the topic: "Constitutional and legal support of a healthy lifestyle". Guests in the studio were: Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the RS(I) Innocent Grigoriev, Head of GBU RS(I) "Department of Physical Culture and Mass Sports" Arnold Mokhov and Director of GBU RS (I) "Republican Center for National Sports named after. AT. Mançaarı Mohnaçevskiy Konstantin.

Opening the air, show author – Chairman of the Yakutsk branch of the Russian Bar Association, Doctor of Law, Professor Alexander Kim-Kimen noted, that the formation of a healthy lifestyle is one of the most urgent tasks, facing modern society. A lot of attention has been paid to the formation of a healthy lifestyle of citizens in recent years: studied medical, pedagogical, philosophical and social aspects of this problem. However, for greater objectivity, it is necessary to analyze the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the RS(I) from the point of view of regulatory support for the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

In his annual Address to the State Assembly (Il Tumen) RS (I) The head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev noted, what, we, faced with the most serious risks and threats to human health, must take a responsible step and begin transformations in society to preserve and enhance the well-being of the Yakut people. “There is nothing more valuable, than human life, nothing is more important, than taking care of him. This is why I declare 2021 year in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Year of health ", – emphasized the Head of the Republic. Aisen Nikolaev instructed the government of the republic up to 1 February 2021 year to develop and submit for approval a draft strategic decree of the Head of the RS (I) in healthcare for the period up to 2025 of the year. In addition, to coordinate the new Strategy, Il Darkhan announced the creation under the Head of the RS (I) Wellbeing and Healthy Living Tips. This Council will include representatives of professional communities, scholars, experts, community leaders.

"Very important, that Aisen Sergeevich announced a strategic initiative of the republic under the motto – "Healthy Yakutia - Healthy Yakutia". I think, that this message of the Head of the Republic is very timely. Right, that there was a trend towards a healthy lifestyle. A certain regulatory framework has been created in our republic, incl. public health laws, that, in particular, aimed at prevention and health promotion of the population, formation of a healthy lifestyle. As we know in 2020 year, amendments were made to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the initiative of our national leader, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. In the new edition of paragraphs "f" and "g" of the article 72 The Constitution of the Russian Federation refers to the joint jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and its subjects- ensuring the provision of affordable and high-quality medical care, preservation and strengthening of public health, creating conditions for a healthy lifestyle, formation of a culture of a responsible attitude of citizens to their health. These are important amendments to the country's Constitution. In the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) article 25 The constitution states, that everyone has the right to health, for medical care in state and municipal health care institutions, which are organized taking into account the specifics of life in the Far North, and the state finances, supports and encourages activities, health promoting, development of physical culture and sports ", – emphasized Alexander Kim-Kimen.

Answering questions, Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the RS(I) Innokenty Grigoriev spoke about the new tasks set for the ministry, taking into account the announcement of Il Darkhan 2021 year - Year of health. The message to the society "Healthy Yakut - Healthy Yakutia" can be continued at the all-Russian level under the motto "Healthy constituent entity of the Russian Federation - healthy Russia".
“Certainly, that during a pandemic, health and vaccination issues come to the fore, However, health does not only mean medicine, but also preventive directions are physical education and sports in everyday life. According to the instructions of the Head of the RS(I), we, together with the Ministry of Health of the Republic, are developing an interdepartmental program for the Year of Health, which includes all the main areas of work. In the XXI century, in the era of new technologies, the issue of physical inactivity is acute, which leads to diseases, therefore, the need for morning physical exercises increases, it is necessary to develop corporate sports, incl. on positive examples of the Soviet period, what favorably affects labor productivity. It is also associated with an increase in human life expectancy., his creative activity ".

He also noted plans to improve the regulatory- legal framework for the development of physical education and sports in the RS(I) in connection with the adoption of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in 2020 year. In particular, Amendments to the law on education in the Russian Federation are being prepared, about physical education and sports in the Russian Federation, etc.. There is an active discussion of these proposals. “We have implemented the Strategy for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports in the RS(I) to 2020 g. And in Russia, a Development Strategy has been developed and adopted before 2030 In this regard, we are developing our Strategy in RS(I) to 2030 g. - the most important document, which provides for the development of our industry. We discussed the project in all municipalities, authorities, with public associations. After the adoption of this strategic document, the remaining regulatory legal acts in the RS will be improved.(I).Today we are developing 17 regulatory legal acts of the Head and the Government of the RS(I). On a quarterly basis we develop up to 10 acts, aimed at the development and support of physical culture and sports in the RS(I)».
Asking about the construction of new sports facilities in RS(I), Alexander Kim-Kimen noted great merits in this matter of the First President of the RS(I) Mikhail Nikolaev, as well as subsequent leaders of the republic: Vyacheslav Shtyrov, Egor Borisov and Aisen Nikolaev. The Minister of Sports told, that although throughout the republic the percentage of sports infrastructure provision is 45%, unfortunately in the city of Yakutsk this percentage is very low – 17,2 %. There are not enough facilities in the capital. Therefore, the ministry pays special attention to solving this problem.. According to the program "Sport is the norm of life", we are building the missing sports facilities for the population. To 2024 year of RS(I) more 1 billion. 600 million. rubles. And starting from 2019 of the year, we put into operation a swimming pool in p. We are, in. Antonovka Nyurba ulus new universal sports hall, completed the construction of a sports hall and a swimming pool in p. Nizhny Bestyakh, a few days left before the opening in from. Berdigestyakh of the new universal multifunctional sports complex, which will host the competitions of the XXI Manchaara Games this summer. Reconstruction is also underway in. Berdigest stadium on 1500 places, a new shooting range with a hostel is being built there. All over the republic, to her centenary in 2022 construction is underway about 40 sports facilities for all federal and republican programs, including with. Borogontsy will build a large multifunctional sports complex of a new generation, the stadium is being updated 1500 places, a new facility for wrestling sports with a boarding school is being built to live on 35 children. TO 2024 year, when will the next Children's Sports Games "Children of Asia", construction of large sports facilities is planned. In February of this year, the Government of the Russian Federation will consider the RS application(I) on the holding of the VIII Games "Children of Asia" in. Yakutsk, after the final decision is made, the progress of the construction of new objects will begin. Priorities for construction in g. Yakutsk and its suburbs, priority task – construction of a sports hall in s. Khatassi.

In turn, Alexander Kim-Kimen suggested returning to the wide practice of building the simplest sports grounds: volleyball, football, etc., resumption of the institution of public trainers, to which Innokenty Grigoriev replied then, what in 2021 year approved the application of the Ministry for 20 million. rubles for the construction of such sports facilities. "Availability of yard sports, its walking distance leads to the involvement of children and youth in sports. The new century dictates the conditions for creating home or health academies with their health instructors, which could provide the population with the simplest skills of physical education and sports ", -he stressed.

Talking about coming in 2022 year of the 30th anniversary of the Association of National Sports and Games of the Peoples of Yakutia "Sakhaada-sport", Alexander Kim-Kimen, noted the positive practice of holding major competitions in national sports, at the republican, all-Russian and international levels in mas-wrestling, wrestling hapsagai and Yakut jumps. A XXI Games of Manchaara, will take place with 7-11 July 2021 years in from. Berdigestyah.

Innokenty Grigoriev noted, that these games are held in the republic since 1968 of the year. Games involve the population in systematic sports by their entertainment.. Games are called the Four Generation Spartakiad, in which young men take part, juniors, adults and sports veterans. Therefore, there is a generational continuity in sports. Total coverage of the Manchaara Games, with all 4 selection stages for the final competition is more than 40-45 thousand. person. Games are one of the largest competitions in our country. “Today we are seriously preparing for the Games of Manchaara. Due to the pandemic, the algorithm for the Games has changed. The Organizing Committee is chaired by the Deputy Government of the RS(I) Sergei Mestnikov, work 18 working commissions. The work is carried out in close cooperation with the Republican headquarters for the fight against coronavirus. We have introduced a limitation on the composition of teams, maximum quantity in 1 and 2 groups - 60 person, 3 Group - 40 person, 4 Group - 30 person. Nevertheless, the Games will be held at a high organizational level. The guests of honor agreed to participate in the Games of Manchaara, including in the person of the President of the Russian Olympic Committee Stanislav Pozdnyakov and a number of other distinguished guests ", – he stressed.

Head of GBU RS(I) "Department of Physical Culture and Mass Sports" Arnold Mokhov told TV viewers and radio listeners about the main activities of GBU RS(I) "Department of Physical Culture and Mass Sports" and gave statistics. “The main directions of our activity are the development and improvement of physical culture and health and sports and mass work among the population, physical culture and sports management system, as well as the introduction of healthy lifestyle. We also organize large republican, all-Russian and international competitions in the RS(I), including Sports Games of the peoples of Yakutia, as well as creating conditions for the availability of sports facilities. We also organize comprehensive measures for the implementation of the TRP system - "Ready for Labor and Defense". We are actively implementing the federal project "Sport is the Norm of Life" within the framework of the National Project "Demography", whose task is to achieve 50% population, systematically engaged in physical education and sports. Statistics on the mass participation in sports in the republic shows a stable increase: at 2016 g. It was 34,8%, 2017 g. – 35,8%, 2018 g. – 38,9 %, 2019 r - 41,5 %. Among the leaders: Namsky Nation - 48, 4 %, Churapchinsky - 48,11 %, Megino-Kangalassky 47,8 %. If we talk about the availability of the provision of the population with sports facilities, should be noted, what's the beginning 2020 year the number of sports facilities was 1898 objects. These are municipal, city ​​and republican objects, including gyms of educational institutions. In the total mass, the provision by RS(I) is 45% ".
Asking a question about the development of national sports in RS(I), Alexander Kim-Kimen noted, that Yakutia is the only subject of the Russian Federation, which has a special law on national sports. In turn, Director GBU RS (I) "Republican Center for National Sports named after. AT. Manchaary "Gavril Mokhnachevsky noted, that the Modun Center was established in 2006 year and the purpose of which is to coordinate the development of national sports in the RS(I) and their popularization and promotion at the all-Russian and international levels. The center coordinates the work of federations for national sports, develops a regulatory framework. The most important tasks of the Center are: preparation of the sports reserve, development of equipment for national sports, development of competition rules, development of healthy lifestyle and physical culture and sports, holding sports competitions at all levels, including World Mas-Wrestling Championships, World Cups, etc.. Talking about the Games of Manchaara, he noted, what the Games program includes 11 sports: by weight of VA-, fight hapsagay, Yakut jumps, Yakut national all-around, north-around, weight-lifting, table games, traditional archery, air rifle shooting and horse racing. Many live television and radio broadcasts are being prepared, as well as in social networks. Special applications for gadgets are being developed.

Alexander Kim-Kimen, He noted, what is the Manchaary Games for the Yakuts, like the olympics, and wonderful talismans have already appeared – Los Turgun, Bison Bergen and Kirsaad flower. Gavril Mokhnachevsky added, that such mascots are in all large sporting events. Their function is to decorate games and be symbols. Talismans reflect the most important aspects of the place, where the games will be held. If you take the Gorny ulus, then the elk is found there, and the kyrsaad flower blooms in the same place, and the breeding of bison has recently greatly succeeded in the Gorny Ulus. "The activity of the population of Gorny ulus in preparation for the Games of Manchaara is, and, in my opinion, all must participate in this event: from children to old people. It's for the sake of the republic and the development of sports ", – he completed.

Summing up the transfer, Alexander Kim-Kimman wished the participants of the program, radio listeners and TV viewers, so that in the Year of Health, every resident of the republic takes care of his health and strengthens it for the benefit of his family and country.

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