Mas-wrestling training courses were held in Cotonou last week, Benin, which was attended by about twenty athletes and coaches from all over the country.

The event took place at Obama Beach under the direction of CTO Hassan Fusseni, the press service of the Benin Mas-Wrestling Association.

The first day was mainly devoted to theory. A presentation on the rules of the sport was presented to the participants. Then – technical advantages of mas-wrestling in the practice of other types of wrestling.

The next day, knowledge was tested in practice. According to Hassan Fusseni, the level of assimilation of the acquired knowledge is satisfactory. It only remains to continue working, to be more competitive in upcoming competitions. The need for technical and physical wrestling skills when practicing mas-wrestling is noted. Hassan Fusseni advised all athletes to improve the practice of various wrestling styles, including mas-wrestling. According to him, Benin and Africa must win and gain respect in competition, and this requires proper preparation. Hassan Fusseni also insisted, that participants need to share their experiences with other people from different cities in Benin.

At the end of the course, competitions were held among wrestlers from Benin, followed by a friendly tournament with a team from Nigeria. Wrestlers from Benin won in all weight categories as among men, so among women.

President of the Benin Mas-Wrestling Association Gunu Lutte Club Rafiu Assumanu, very happy with the progress of the events, said his parting words and wished the athletes fruitful training.

“Mas-wrestling – an exciting sport ", – he noted, and thanked CTO Hassan Fusseni for his willingness and determination to share his experience with others. The President also called on athletes to make every effort, as a national and West African mas-wrestling tournament in Cotonou will be announced soon. He took the opportunity, to briefly present to the participants the main conclusions of the past world mas-wrestling conference. “Long absence of sporting events, related to COVID-19 restrictions, should not dull enthusiasm "he said, then announced, that the next courses will take place in Jugu city (north of Benin) in early February 2021 of the year.