Yakutsk mas-wrestling this summer will have a unique opportunity to enter the program of the TAFISA World Games, which are planned from 18 by 24 June in Lisbon, Portugal. In the demonstration part, the delegation from Yakutia will demonstrate all the beauty of the old martial arts, According YSIA.
“The decision to include in the show program of the TAFISA World Games, which will be held in the capital of Portugal - Lisbon, was adopted after the presentation at the TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival in Ulyanovsk. Presentation of the weight-wrestling was bright, spectacularly opposite the Government House on the central square with a large number of spectators. The presentation was conducted by the most titled mas-wrestler of Russia Viktor Kolibabchuk, our presentation was recognized as the best ", - said YASIA Vice-President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Lena Tomskaya.

Mas-wrestling entered the Games program thanks to cooperation with the Russian Union of Martial Arts. It should be noted that, that cooperation on the presentation of mas-wrestling and hapsagai began with 2014 of the year, when the Yakut delegation headed by Innokentiy Grigoriev left for Japan. Then Yakut sports were presented by such famous athletes as Nikolai Chukrov, Anatoly Baishev and Ivan Belolyubsky.

World champion Sergei Konstantinov will go to Portugal for the TAFISA Games from the Russian Olympic Committee under the leadership of Lena Tomskaya, World Cup winners Vasily Androsov, Innocent Fedorov, international class judge Yegor Ermolaev and others. They will be the ones to demonstrate demonstration performances in the international arena..

“Mas-wrestling presentations are an important part of promoting our sport in the world.. This event has the support of authoritative international organizations and we highly appreciate the fact of our presence.. We express our gratitude to the leadership of the Russian Union of Martial Arts. In Portugal, we will take part in the opening of the Games and will conduct all, what we can ", - noted Lena Tomskaya.

The TAFISA World Games program consists of two parts: sports (non-olympic sports competitions - sambo, arm wrestling, tug of war, fistball, ballroom dancing and others) and demonstration (traditional national sports). The International Sport for All Association was founded in 1991 year, it is an international organization, whose activities are aimed at encouraging physical activity, social interaction, integration and communication of people all over the world. TAFISA World Games, supported by IOC and UNESCO, conducted with 1992 every four years.