WITH 18 November 17 December Oymyakonsky district (MBU TO “Tomtorskaya DYUSSH” and MKU “УФКиС МО “Oimyakonskii ulus (district)”) held a republican online competition for "Tutum Ergiir" (Yakut pinwheel) and "Oybonton uulaahyn" (watering). Competitions were held in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, popularization and development of "tutum-ergiir" and "oibonton uulaahyn" and identification of the strongest athletes.

Competitions were held in several age groups: to 2011 G. R.; 2009-2010 G. R., 2007-2008 G. R., 2005-2006 G. R., as well as among boys and girls 2003-2004 G. R.

It is encouraging, that despite the difficulty of performing the Yakut exercises, took part in the competition 70 athletes from 10 uluses of the republic and. Yakutsk. Most of the participants were declared for the exercise tutum ergiir - 50 athletes.

The winners and prize-winners were determined by a remote panel of judges, by assessing the performance of a sports task, based on videos received via WhatsApp from participants.

The best results in the Yakut turntable among young men 2003-2004 G. R. showed Markov Sakhayan from Ust-Aldan ulus, with a score of 56 coups, second place went to Igor Stepanov from Suntarsky ulus (35 coups) and the third result was given to Igor Latypov from the Lensky ulus (33 coup). Among the girls, Naryya Stepanova from Khangalassky ulus took the first place (38 coups), Zhenya Leontyeva's second, representatives of the Khangalassky ulus (34 coup) and with the result in 24 the coup, the third place was taken by Yana Sotnikova (Megino-kangalassky district).

Athletes showed good results 2005-2006 G. R. So, among the young men the places were distributed as follows: 1 m - Vasiliev Aikhal with 55 coups (Gorny District), 2 m- Alexey Fokin - 37 coups (Such Suntarskiy) and 3 place - Michil Tarabukin - 32 coup (Oimyakonskii ulus).

Among the girls, Liza Osipova distinguished himself (Maljagara secondary school), making 27 coups.

Further, the results of boys and girls were evaluated 2007-2008 G. R. Among the boys, Nikolay Kukhotov from Verkhnevilyuisky ulus won (34 coup), and among the girls - Nyurgustan Ignatiev from the Suntarsky ulus (20 coups). It is encouraging, that in this category a pupil of the department of national board games GBU RS(I) RCNVS im. AT. Manchaary Inessa Belolyubskaya (trainer – Nadezhda Belolyubskaya) took second place, behind the winner by 1 coup (19 coups).  

Among the participants 2009-2010 G. R. with a score of 30 coups, the victory went to Sayan Popov from Verkhnevilyuisky ulus and Sofia Zabolotskaya from Oymyakonsky ulus. The guys finished the competition 2011 g. p. and younger. Among them, the first place was taken by Vadim Fedorov (39 coups) and Zhenya Leontyeva from the Khangalassky ulus. By the way, Zhenya Leontyeva's result was the best among all the participants. The little sportswoman performed 74 coup!

According to the video materials, a serious struggle for prizes unfolded among the participants in the oibonton uulaaһyn exercise. Alfred Semyonov won in the first age category (Such Suntarskiy) and Yana Sotnikova (Megino-kangalassky district). Among the participants 2005-2006 G. R. first place for Michil Tarabukin (Oimyakonskii ulus) and Lilia Fedorova (Khangalassky people). In the next group (2007-2008 G. R) Darkhan Prokopyev was the best (Such Suntarskiy) and Alina Grigorieva (Such Suntarskiy).

To the delight of the northern all-around coach Rosalia Karmalakh, among the participants 2009-2010 G. R. the victory was won by a pupil of the RCNVS named after. AT. Manchaary Vadim Sofroneev (g. Yakutsk, IC "Modun"). Another of our pupils, Damir Gotovtsev, took third place. Among girls, Sofia Zabolotskaya from Oymyakonsky ulus was in the lead.

Among the smallest participants in the watering competition, our pupil Tanya Gotovtseva took 1 a place, and among boys - Erel Zabolotsky (Oimyakonskii ulus).

The competition showed, that the Yakut exercises tutum ergiir and oibonton uulaaһyn are developing, and the participants are fully proficient in the technique of performing these exercises.

Tureckiy ОКОНЕШНИКОВА, modun.ru


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