Today, on the eve of the new year, 29 December, the general meeting of the GBU RS team was held(I) RCNVS im. AT. Manchaary in videoconferencing mode. It was attended by, and welcomed the employees of the Center, Deputy Minister for Physical Culture and Sports RS(I) Alexander Bugaev. He wished everyone a Happy New Year and summed up the results of the outgoing year.. The Deputy Minister expressed his gratitude for the selfless work for the benefit of the development of national sports. Also Alexander Nikolaevich noted, that development is impossible without mass coverage of the population. In his speech, the Deputy Minister thanked our coaches and athletes, who not only did not stop training, but also performed well at international and All-Russian competitions. So, Vladimir Olenov won a prize at the world championship in kettlebell lifting. Our Magyns performed well at the Russian Championship. "Nonetheless, thanks to the outgoing year. Coming year – year of the XXI Spartakiad in national sports "Games of Manchaara. Also 2021 year by the Head of the republic declared the year of health. Physical education is the main tool for maintaining health. And before us, physical culture and sports workers, big tasks ahead ",- said Alexander Bugaev.
Further, the director of the RCNVS Gavril Mokhnachevsky congratulated the colleagues. He summed up the results of the Center's work and emphasized, that during a difficult period the team managed not only to establish activities, but also to form a certain model of work. Although most of the competitions have been rescheduled or canceled, training processes thanks to trainers, not interrupted, work switched to remote format. Employees managed to acquire new competencies and mastered online technologies, including holding competitions. Gavril Mikhailovich once again noticed, that “the coming year is a responsible year for all employees – year, which will be held under the auspices of the Manchaara Games. Especially in the year of health, when we are faced with a big task to cover mass sports and physical education. At the end of the speech, he wished everyone well-being., good health and inexhaustible energy for the benefit of the development of national sports.


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