Here it ends 2020 year, year, which will be remembered by many forever. We hope, that he will be remembered not only by the coronavirus pandemic, but also with their successes and achievements.  There were difficulties, but friendly staff of GBU RS(I) RCNVS im. AT. Manchaary coped with them, through joint efforts. Many tasks have not yet been solved and we have a lot to develop and grow. The most important thing, the organization employs leading specialists in the field of physical culture and sports, qualified trainers – command, who strives to work for the result. Each employee contributed to the common cause of the development of national sports, each brought a piece of himself to the institution and enriched it.

On behalf of the staff of the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) “Republican center of national sports” Congratulations to all with the Coming New 2021 year!

And today, summing up the past year, we present to your attention a short interview of our team.

What was the main goal 2020 years for you, as a leader? And what goals do you set for yourself for the next year?

Gabriel Mohnachevskiy, director:

As a leader, I set the main goal – it is to organize the work in strategic directions as efficiently as possible and to fulfill all the tasks set before our Center.

2020 the year presented and made its changes to our activities, based on this, we had to redistribute forces and adjust the work plan. Despite this, we were able to achieve high rates of coverage of the population by mass participation in national sports – today, more than 20 thousand. person.

Our trainers have mastered new competencies, whereby, the training process did not stop and was organized in a distance format. Although most of the competitions have been rescheduled or canceled, our athletes have achieved good results at international and All-Russian competitions. So, Vladimir Olenov won a prize at the world championship in kettlebell lifting. Our junior and national mas-wrestling teams distinguished themselves at the Russian championship and championship.  Our athletes in the northern all-around also delighted, winning prizes at the national championship and championship. We are proud to, that the quality of medals this year has increased by 65%.

Next year is, unequivocally, Year XXI Games of Manchaara! And we, as one of the main operators of the organization and holding of the Games, we set a goal to hold this Spartakiad at a high organizational level. Also 2021 year was declared the year of health by the Head of the republic and we have, physical culture and sports workers, big tasks ahead.

What are the brightest events in the life of the Center in the past year??                                         

Ivan Borisov, I deputy director:

Sure, the outgoing year is not rich in events, Nonetheless, we managed to hold some events, eg, championship of the republic in mas-wrestling for the first time in g. Lenske. They were also among the first to learn and organize republican online competitions, festivals, challenge. This is a big victory, since they were able to cover the population of the republic with physical education, which was especially important during the period of self-isolation.  

On my own behalf, I wish you a Happy New Year and wish you all family well-being, health and success in work.

Mikhail Ershov, head of the program and methodological department:

One of the biggest events 2020 I consider the organization of a series of republican online seminars. In total, they held at the highest level 10 such activities covering 460 coaches and physical education teachers from all uluses of the republic. This experience turned out to be more than just suitable for this situation., but also an effective means of dissemination and exchange of experience.

What do you remember the most in 2020 year?

Lydia Danilova, head of the department of administrative and economic support:

The year was remembered for the coronavirus. As our maintenance service is responsible for the cleanliness, order and safety, we have learned to resist the virus, comply with safety measures and requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. After all, our object is a place of mass stay of people, therefore all our employees not only comply with the new requirements, but also create a safe environment for sports.

Take this opportunity to, I want to congratulate my colleagues on the upcoming New Year and wish them successful and efficient work, more joyful events and human happiness.

Lyubov Petrova, head of personnel department:

In spite of difficulties, 2020 the year was a year of fruitful work, cohesion of the whole team. Our employees were able to consolidate and work effectively, regardless of the distance format. 13 our employees received diplomas at the Churapchinsky State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports under the retraining program as a sports instructor, but 5 trainers have been certified for the second category.

Today, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I wish, so that in the coming year everything planned will come true, goals were achieved, and the plans were overfulfilled! I wish you only pleasant emotions in the new year, much laughter, material wealth and stability in everything!

What plans had to be postponed to the next year?

Semyon Nikolaev, head of the sports reserve training department:

I had to postpone the competition, but despite this, the training process continued – remotely we were able to cover more 900 person.  Our pupils achieve certain success, eg, 3 graduate of the department of national board games and 2 pupils of the mas-wrestling department have fulfilled the standard of the master of sports of the republic, but 5 pupils - the norm of the master of sports of Russia in mas-wrestling. Sergey Konstantinov, Chernogradsky Pavel, Chernogradskaya Natalia and Nogovitsyn Dyulustan became masters of sports of international class in mas-wrestling.

Nevertheless, we have room to grow – we plan to work out the certification of assessment tools of control and translation standards.

The greatest achievement of your department?

Diana Baisheva, head of the production and technical laboratory:


Greatest achievement 2020 of the year - developed a national standard for mas-wrestling protective equipment, received certificates of conformity for the projectile-stick and for the device-board support for mas-wrestling. I also consider one of the main results of our work to become a member of the technical committee for standardization of the TC 444 “Sports and tourism products, equipment, inventory, physical culture and sports services” at the Ministry of Sports of Russia. Also, our department has developed and approved the Brandbook of the upcoming Games of Manchaara. I consider it a personal achievement to publish a scientific article in Scopus web of science “Designing equipment for mas-wrestling”

What can you praise your subordinates for? 2020 of the year?

Angela Sivtseva, Head of the Department for the Development of National Sports:

The most important thing, for initiative and ability to cope with their duties in any situation. This year, our Center was responsible for holding the "Grand Final" of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic. And the employees of our department coped with the task at a high level, which once again proves the solidarity and efficiency of our department.

Greatest achievement 2020 of the year?

Alexey Agapov, mass wrestling coach:

This year me, as a coach, pupils delight. for example, Samsonov Ayaan took 2 place in the championship of Russia in the weight category 105 kg, and at the Russian Championship, Vladimir Nikitin climbed 3 pedestal step in the weight category 80 kg. I hope, that next year there will be even more successes.

What have you taken from 2020 of the year?

Maria Evseeva, economist:

The year turned out to be fruitful and successful. I learned not only to work remotely, but also organize your work in this way, so that it is most effective. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the upcoming New 2021 my colleagues and wish you all good health, success, good luck and happiness!

Vyacheslav Danilov, hapsagai wrestling coach:

2020 the year was ambiguous. The most important thing, paid a lot of attention to the family, health, pupils. We are trainers, mastered new technologies. Personally, this year, opened a YouTube channel and established online training through it, created a page of our department on the Instagram social network.

Procopius Sidorov, plumber:

This year we all learned to comply with safety measures, learned to save. Spent a lot of time with loved ones and relatives. Learned to appreciate something, what do we have.

Marina Anisimova, administrator:

If you describe the outgoing year in three words, then this is a way out of the comfort zone, adaptation to new conditions and overcoming difficulties. we, as a team, proved and showed, that we are one close-knit team. I hope, that next year will bring only happiness to everyone, good luck and good health.  

Dear friends,  wish you well, positive mood, good luck and well-being! 




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