Today, 26 December, after a long break we started, and hope, opened a series of competitions, Yakut jumpers. The republican closed tournament "Stars of Yakut jumps" took part 16 eminent male athletes and four female leaders from 9 uluses and g. Yakutsk. For athletes, really, the start was very exciting and responsible, after all, they opened official competitions in the republic after a 10-month break, due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Tournament was held without spectators, in compliance with all safety requirements.

Serious passions in the jumping sector unfolded from the very beginning of the tournament, a long break did not become a hindrance for the leaders. In fights among men on 7 marks in kylyy, two athletes overcame the 30-meter line - master of sports Kai Adamov, representing Gorny ulus (30 m 58 cm) and master of sports Nyurgun Sokolnikov from Ust-Aldan ulus (30 m 07 cm).

In the discipline of ystanga, Yakov Dmitriev entered the fight, master of sports from Kobyaysky ulus (29 m 27 cm), finishing second behind Kai Adamov, who jumped the only one in the tournament 30 - meter line in Ystanga 7 marks (30 m 69 cm).

 In kuobach, almost all athletes landed within 22-26 m on 7 marks, except for the master of sports, record holder from Tattinsky ulus Andrey Vasiliev, who jumped 27 m 18 cm. The second result was shown by Yakov Dmitriev (25 m 52 cm), and Kai Adamov with a good result in this discipline was the third (25 m 14 cm).

No wonder the tournament is called "Stars of Yakut Jumps", from the very beginning the fight unfolded, as expected, between leaders Kai Adamov, Yakov Dmitriev, Nyurgun Sokolnikov and Andrey Vasiliev. Kai Adamov won the title of champion of the tournament in total triathlon (86 m 41 cm), silver at Yakov Dmitriev (84 m 28 cm), and Nyurgun Sokolnikov took the third place on the podium (83 m 78 cm).

Among the girls, only four participants were announced, of them three – master of sports, and one participant - CCM. In all three disciplines of Yakut jumping in 7 marks, undoubtedly, Valeria Olesova was in the lead, master of sports from g. Yakutsk (sword - 23 m 30 cm, stand - 22 m 71 cm, kuobah - 17 m 65 cm). Sayana Uvarovskaya fought for the second and third places., master of sports from Kobyaysky ulus (sword- 21 m 49 cm, stand - 21 m 20 cm, kuobah - 16 m 70 cm) and Angelina Ivanova, KMS from Namsky ulus (sword - 20 m 91 cm, stand - 21 m 51 cm, kuobah - 15 m 94 cm).  Valeria Olesova won the overall title of the winner (63 m 66 cm), in second place was Sayana Uvarovskaya (59 m 39 cm), Angelina Ivanova climbed to the third step (58 m 36 cm).

On the eve of the New Year, the tournament has become a real gift, as for athletes, and for fans of Yakut national jumps. We hope, what's new 2021 year will start all competitions!