WITH 4 December, the main event for the country's mas-wrestlers starts – Russian championship. This year the competition will be hosted by the capital of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. According to preliminary information, will come to Nalchik about 200 madyny of 20 regions of the Russian Federation. After a long break, this will be the first start for most athletes., by which, certainly, they all missed. Therefore, fights for championship medals promise to be bright and emotional..

Competitions will be held in 12 weight categories: men - 60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 105 kg, 125 kg, over 125 kg; women - 55 kg, 65 kg, 75 kg, 85 kg, over 85 kg.

The national team of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will be represented by leaders in all weight categories. We remind, that in last year's championship our team had 5 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze awards.

 Who will defend the honor of the republic and how the training was conducted in the conditions of covid-19, We were told by the head coach of the national team Yegor Kudrin: “This year the honor of the republic is being prepared to defend the Magyns, qualified at the home championship in g. Lenske, as well as those who received tickets according to the results of the Caucasus Cup. Unfortunately,  the championship will not be qualifying, since all major competitions, including world championship, were moved, but athletes have the opportunity not only to become national champions, but also fulfill the norm of the master of sports of the Russian Federation. Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, training processes continued in a distance format. Each athlete worked on an individual schedule with a personal trainer. So, what we hope, our ladies will perform successfully, because they tried to keep their shape, although it was not completely clear, will there be a championship or not. Now for the rest 2 weeks we will try to catch up, the more training processes are allowed ".

Athletes also shared their preparation during the pandemic and plans for the near future with our readers.

Master of Sports of Russia Innokenty Fedorov: "Sure, there was not enough time for full preparation. How could – kept fit, started to study in full a month and a half ago. By the start of the competition, I hope I will return to my previous form. This year I feel a lot of excitement before the competition, because rivals are worthy. Of course, I would like to have revenge for the last championship ".

International Master of Sports of Russia Pavel Chernogradsky: “I did not stop training during the pandemic, mostly in the warm season, I did outside, sure, not enough load. Nevertheless, I gradually began to prepare for the competition.. Through understanding at work, the last days I have been doing half a day, already in the hall. I will compete in my weight category - 90 kg. Have to get rid of the minimum 3 kg ".  

According to the preliminary list, such masters of sports of the RS will compete for the title of champion of Russia(I) Mas-Wrestling as Artem Zorin (60kg), Vasily Androsov (60 kg), Stanislav Ivanov (80kg), Naryyana Trofimova (55 kg), Leah Mikhailova (85+kg), Master of Sports of the Russian Federation Innokenty Fedorov (90 kg), Energy Bappagai (125kg),  Anatoly Baishev (125 kg), Ekaterina Belolyubskaya (65kg), Alina Turchina (75 kg), and also master of sports of Russia of international class Sergey Konstantinov (70 kg), Paul Chernogradsky (90kg), Dmitry Popov (105 kg), Natalia Chernogradskaya (55 kg) other.

Unfortunately, national team leader, Russian master of sports of international class Sergei Frolkin will miss the competition due to an injury, also we will not see on the platform of Dyulustan Nogovitsyn, Russian master of sports of international class.     

We are waiting for the start of the championship and hope for the victory of our athletes.