Today, 18 November, at the next meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic in the videoconferencing mode, the Rules of the sport and hunting exercise "Partridge - VP" and the Rules of the competition in the Yakut national traditional archery exercise "Bayanai bele5e".

At the meeting, information about the Rules of the exercise "Partridge - VP" was presented by the director of the GBU RS(I) RCNVS im. AT. Mançaarı Mohnaçevskiy Konstantin. By the way, this is a new exercise, which has passed approbation at republican competitions during the last 3 years, and loved by both athletes, and the audience

Gavril Mikhailovich acquainted the members of the Board with the requirements, for rifles, bullets, uniform clothing and target. So, according to the rules, shooting is performed from an air rifle "fracture" with an open sight, without a store. The bullet speed should not exceed 190 m / sec. Shooting is carried out on installations "Duel-standard". The shooter can be on the bare surface of the firing position, emphasis is prohibited.

According to the presented Rules, a team consists of three athletes with 10 years and older. Two to four teams are invited to the line of fire at the same time. After the command "Start", participants run 50 meters without weapons and upon reaching the line of fire from the kneeling position, shoot at their targets, until each of the installations has five accurate hits in the central zone 35 mm. The task of each of the teams as soon as possible to close all 15 team targets. After closing everything 15 targets, the team runs without weapons 50 meters and starts shooting "standing" until the next 15 targets. Total team must hit 30 targets (15 targets from the kneeling position and 15 targets from the "standing" position).

The speaker highlighted, that the authors of the Rules are Guryev Ivan Markovich, senior bullet shooting trainer MBU "Youth Sports School No. 5", Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Bullet and Clay Shooting of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Polyakov Pavel Nikolaevich, international master of sports, judge of the All-Russian category.

The members of the Board, by their decision, unanimously approved the Rules for the sport and hunting exercise "Partridge - VP".

The Collegium also considered and approved changes to the Rules of National Archery, approved by the Resolution of the Collegium of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) from 2 Martha 2017 of the year, which had been in effect 4 years old. RCNVS im. V.Manchaary together with the National Archery Federation of the RS (I) made the following changes and additions: First of all, changed the age of veterans, if before there were women with 40 years old, and men from 45, then in the new rules women with 50 years old, men with 55 years old; Secondly, changes affected the number of episodes: if according to the old Rules it was 16 series by 2 shot - total 32, then on new – by 8 series (16 shots) for each target; third, added bow requirements – banned notches and marks on the handle for aiming, banned bows, made of sports shoulders and metal in the handle; fourthly, developed bit standards taking into account the changes made.


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