The other day at the Russian Olympic Committee (OCD) the Conference of the Committee of National and Non-Olympic Sports of Russia was held. note, that KNNVS of Russia is the only official operator of the Ministry of Sports of Russia and the Russian Olympic Committee in the national and non-Olympic movement for the preparation and organization of the World Games, as well as the implementation of the "Strategy for the development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation until 2030 of the year "in terms of national and non-Olympic sports.

The election of the composition of the Executive Committee and the Control and Auditing Commission of the CNNSF of Russia took place at the conference.

According to the voting results, our colleague Mikhail Ershov joined the Executive Committee. In total, the Executive Committee was elected 13 members from all over Russia.

We congratulate Mikhail Mikhailovich on his responsible position and wish him fruitful work for the benefit of the development of national sports in the republic..

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