There has not been such a unifying end to the competition for a long time. thanks, Vladikavkaz!

Coming to a new region, crossing the long distances of our country, we admire, how beautiful and immense she is! I won't be wrong, if I say, that no one regretted, that he came to Vladikavkaz. We got it, that it was the only right decision. It was difficult for the organizers. But it paid off handsomely. There has not been such a unifying end to the competition for a long time. Without exception, everyone thanked the owners for the excellent organization and atmosphere of friendship.. Everyone leaves for their homes in high spirits and with a burning desire for new meetings..

Mohinur, Cut, Sakhalin, Hetag, Sakhalita, Saryal, Ranil, Ayaan. Our youth meet, learns to pronounce each other's first and last names. At this time, true friendship is formed. AND, sure, such meetings on the platform give them a sports experience, necessary for further growth.

Athletes gave their best.  Sure, that remote viewers, even through the screens of their devices, felt the intensity of the struggle. In fact, it was not easy for the athletes. This mask mode did not allow them to recover normally.. After all, on demand, athletes could only take off their masks when they step onto the platform.. As soon as we left it, it was necessary to pull them back up to the eyes. And the competition lasted until late at night. Even the awards ceremony and general photography were masked. This will be a photo memory, like us, in spite of difficulties, overcame them together and were happy together. When you see the photos of the winners and prize-winners on the podium, know, that they all smiled.

At the opening ceremony Ruslan Tuayev, representative of the International Public Movement "High Council of Ossetians" and Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs, physical culture and sports Elena Kastueva was warmly welcomed on behalf of the host. And our colleague, President of the regional mas-wrestling organization Tamerlan Tsgoev presented a letter of gratitude to the President of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Betal Gubzhev in recognition of his merits in the development of mas-wrestling in his region. This is symbolic. Neighbors always support each other. That is how it should be. Only a few days left before the adult championship. In early December we will meet again on the North Caucasian land. This time we will be received by the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. And how many people know how to meet there. We are talking: "Bye, Vladikavkaz! See you in Nalchik!»

Youth fought with dignity. And passes the baton to adult comrades. Juniors and juniors warmed up the audience around the world. And now everyone is looking forward to the Russian Championship among men and women, to participate in which the titled, famous athletes – elite of world mas-wrestling. So life, no matter what, continues. Will live!

The winners and prize-winners of the Championship of Russia on mas-wrestling among juniors (18-21 year) 

juniors 60 kg

  1       Ignatiev Edgar   Saha Republic (Yakutia)
  2   Fokin Dmitry   Saha Republic (Yakutia)
  3   Dmitry Gerasimov   Vladimir region / Moscow region
  3   Lobuzov Kirill   Kaluga region


Juniors 70 kg

  1       Migalkin Aisen   Saha Republic (Yakutia).                               
 2   Shvitaridze Tamerlan   Moscow region
3   Vasily Zakharov   Saha Republic (Yakutia)    
3    Dashkov Vladimir   Chuvash Republic


Juniors 80 kg

  1       Androsov Stanislav    Saha Republic (Yakutia)                              
  2   Ivanov Gennady    Saha Republic (Yakutia)
  3   Chupin Vladislav    Sverdlovsk region
  3   Nikolai Ushakov    Chuvash Republic


Juniors 90 kg

  1       Sivtsev Saryal.    Saha Republic (Yakutia)                             
  2   Abeydullov Ranil    Chuvash Republic
  3   Nachoev Ramazan    Kabardino-Balkar Republic
  3   Gladyshev Pavel    Sverdlovsk region


Juniors 105 kg

  1       Tatarinov Nikita.    Saha Republic (Yakutia)                            
  2   Samsonov Ayaan    Saha Republic (Yakutia)                                
  3   Mironenko Vyacheslav    Krasnodar region
  3   Kanteev Hetag    RSO – Alanya


juniors 105 + kg

  1       Evgeny Popov   Saha Republic (Yakutia)
  2   Semenchenko Petr   Moscow region, g. Moscow
  3   Kushcheterov Yuri   Kabardino-Balkar Republic

Yuniorki 50 kg

  1       Anastasia Fedotova   Chuvash Republic
  2   Karamysheva Alena   Sverdlovsk region
  3   Vinokurova Sakhalita   Saha Republic (Yakutia)                              
  3   Potala Valeria   Kaluga region


Yuniorki 60 kg

  1        Fedorova Alena   Tver region
  2   Tishova Anastasia   Chuvash Republic
  3   Kashina Elena   Sverdlovsk region
  3   Fedotov Keskileene   Saha Republic (Yakutia)                                  

Yuniorki 70 kg

  1      Kuroedova Victoria.   Kaluga region
  2   Alexeyeva Anastasia   Chuvash Republic
  3   Faina Dmitrieva   Saha Republic (Yakutia)
  3   Tatyana Efimova   Chuvash Republic

Yuniorki 80 kg

  1       Galkin Anastasia   Kaluga region
  2   Samoilova Ekaterin   Vladimir region / Moscow region
  3   Ekaterina Nikolaeva   Chuvash Republic
  3   Yulia Gorbunova   Sverdlovsk region

Yuniorki 80+ kg

  1       Aʙduzojirova Moxinur   Kaluga region
  2   Tomsk Saina   Saha Republic (Yakutia)                              
  3   Volkova Sophia   Republic of Tatarstan
  3   Tian Sofia   Chuvash Republic


Lena Tomsk