The long-awaited championship of Russia in mas-wrestling has ended in Vladikavkaz. After a long break, the main competition was attended by 66 athletes, including juniors - 28, juniors - 38.   In total, the competition included 13 Russian regions: Vladimir region, Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Kaluga region, Leningrad region, Moscow city, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Sverdlovsk region, Republic of Tatarstan, Chuvash Republic, Moscow region and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

National team of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) were represented by all the strongest young Magyns. To the delight of mas-wrestling fans, our juniors won all the gold medals of the championship: Edgar Ignatiev (60 kg), Aisen Migalkin (70 kg), Stas Androsov (80 kg), Saryal Sivtsev (90 kg), Nikita Tatarinov (105 kg) and Evgeny Popov (over 105 kg). Dmitry Fokin performed excellently (60 kg), Gennady Ivanov (80 kg) and Ayaan Samsonov (105 kg), losing only to their fellow countrymen. Also among juniors one bronze medal in the weight category 70 kg (Vasily Zakharov).

Unfortunately, unlike boys, our girls could not win the gold medals of the championship. As a result, the juniors have three bronze and one silver medals: Saina Tomskaya (80 kg) - 2m, Sakhalita Vinokurova (50 kg) – 3 m, Keskileene Fedotova (60 kg) – 3 m, Faina Dmitrieva (70 kg) – 3 m.

We remind, that according to the results of the championship the Russian national team is formed, which will represent the country in the CIS Games.

The winners and prize-winners of the Championship of Russia on mas-wrestling among juniors (18-21 year) 

juniors 60 kg

  1       Ignatiev Edgar   Saha Republic (Yakutia)
  2   Fokin Dmitry   Saha Republic (Yakutia)
  3   Dmitry Gerasimov   Vladimir region / Moscow region
  3   Lobuzov Kirill   Kaluga region

Juniors 70 kg

  1       Migalkin Aisen   Saha Republic (Yakutia).                               
 2   Shvitaridze Tamerlan   Moscow region
3   Vasily Zakharov   Saha Republic (Yakutia)    
3    Dashkov Vladimir   Chuvash Republic

Juniors 80 kg

  1       Androsov Stanislav    Saha Republic (Yakutia)                              
  2   Ivanov Gennady    Saha Republic (Yakutia)
  3   Chupin Vladislav    Sverdlovsk region
  3   Nikolai Ushakov    Chuvash Republic

Juniors 90 kg

  1       Sivtsev Saryal.    Saha Republic (Yakutia)                             
  2   Abeydullov Ranil    Chuvash Republic
  3   Nachoev Ramazan    Kabardino-Balkar Republic
  3   Gladyshev Pavel    Sverdlovsk region

Juniors 105 kg

  1       Tatarinov Nikita.    Saha Republic (Yakutia)                            
  2   Samsonov Ayaan    Saha Republic (Yakutia)                                
  3   Mironenko Vyacheslav    Krasnodar region
  3   Kanteev Hetag    RSO – Alanya

juniors 105 + kg

  1       Evgeny Popov   Saha Republic (Yakutia)
  2   Semenchenko Petr   Moscow region, g. Moscow
  3   Kushcheterov Yuri   Kabardino-Balkar Republic

Yuniorki 50 kg

  1       Anastasia Fedotova   Chuvash Republic
  2   Karamysheva Alena   Sverdlovsk region
  3   Vinokurova Sakhalita   Saha Republic (Yakutia)                              
  3   Potala Valeria   Kaluga region

Yuniorki 60 kg

  1        Fedorova Alena   Tver region
  2   Tishova Anastasia   Chuvash Republic
  3   Kashina Elena   Sverdlovsk region
  3   Fedotov Keskileene   Saha Republic (Yakutia)                                  

Yuniorki 70 kg

  1      Kuroedova Victoria.   Kaluga region
  2   Alexeyeva Anastasia   Chuvash Republic
  3   Faina Dmitrieva   Saha Republic (Yakutia)
  3   Tatyana Efimova   Chuvash Republic

Yuniorki 80 kg

  1       Galkin Anastasia   Kaluga region
  2   Samoilova Ekaterin   Vladimir region / Moscow region
  3   Ekaterina Nikolaeva   Chuvash Republic
  3   Yulia Gorbunova   Sverdlovsk region

Yuniorki 80+ kg

  1       Aʙduzojirova Moxinur   Kaluga region
  2   Tomsk Saina   Saha Republic (Yakutia)                              
  3   Volkova Sophia   Republic of Tatarstan
  3   Tian Sofia   Chuvash Republic