GBU RS(I) Republican Center of National Species named after. AT. Manchaary and the Churapchinsky State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports signed an agreement on cooperation on the implementation of the federal experimental (innovative) sites. The parties will jointly implement a project on the topic "Improving the system of training a sports reserve in national sports in the North-East of the Russian Federation (on the example of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

According to the director of the RCNVS named after. AT. Manchaary Gavril Mokhnachevsky, the site will become a tool for improving the system of sports training in national sports using modern organizational and methodological forms. It will also make it possible to develop scientifically grounded recommendations for improving the quality of training as a sports reserve, and athletes.

Collaboration will be associated with research, monitoring, experimental work, including the organization of refresher courses for trainers, specialists and methodologists. The parties plan to establish a cooperation program, which will allow to actively develop the national sports of the republic.

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