The other day at GBU RS(I) RCNVS im. AT. Manchaary in the VSK mode, the next republican workshop was held on the topic "Methods of teaching to increase speed-strength indicators in Yakut jumps among school-age children".

The speakers of the educational and methodological event were Maxim Oegosturov, Executive Director of the Yakut National Jumping Federation of the RS(I), Ivan Pestryakov, Yakut jumping coach, RCNVS, senior coach of the RS national team(I) and Kai Adamov, RCNVS Yakut jumping coach.  

More than 50 coaches and teachers of physical culture of the republic. Speakers shared their experience in improving speed-strength indicators in Yakut jumps. Practical exercises aroused particular interest among the participants, which were demonstrated by our trainers.

As a result of the seminar, the organizer and moderator of the event Mikhail Ershov noted, that the practice of holding seminars aroused great interest among colleagues from all over the republic. He also informed, that based on the results of the workshops, multimedia training materials will be created.     

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