Tournament date - 5-6 December. The final will be held in a closed format at the arena of the CSP "Triumph". The online broadcast will be shown at the Sakha NEC with 14.00 to 18.00 no. In parallel, the YouTube channel and the application of the national channel will be involved.

Competitions will be held in compliance with all safety rules to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection. Athletes are required to provide a certificate of absence of coronavirus, issued not earlier, than three calendar days before the start of the competition. The draw by type will be held 5 December in 11.00 no. Chief Judge - Ivan Gorokhov.

Types of competitions: Water is water (Yakut jumps), Ergin memory (Yakut pinwheel), by weight of VA-, archery, jogging 400 m, fight hapsagay, lifting and carrying a stone.

As the organizers specified, the algorithm for the selection of participants is based on the current rating of athletes. Key indicators - results of the Dygyn Games, republican tournaments and championships of Yakutia.

So, who got into the holy of holies? The list of participants is opened by the leader of recent years Yegor Filippov. The second number is Nyurba Madyna Vladimir Fedorov. Also on the Dygyn arena will be the republic's record holder in the Yakut turntable Alexey Uvarovsky, experienced all-around athletes Artem Vardanyan and Leonid Filippov. The list is continued by Pavel Druznov from Churapchin, medalist of the republican championship in national all-around over 70 kg, flying jumper Alexey Protodyakonov, world champion in mas-wrestling, Dygyn Games record holder for stone lifting and carrying Dyulustan Nogovitsyn, universal athletes Nikolay Matannanov and Aisen Semyonov. Nikita Novgorodov will cross the threshold of the prestigious tournament for the first time, medalist of the championship of the republic, and Egor Svinoboev, champion of Yakutia in national all-around up to 70 kg.

After nine months of long-suffering lull in the field of sports, the long-awaited time has finally come - the competition. The word itself caresses the ear and gives delight to the heart, that yearned for noisy stands and intriguing scenarios of epic competitions. And very symbolic, that they will start with the national all-around, from the most prestigious tournament - the Dygyn Games.

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