17 In October, the republican tournament in national table games "Khabylyk, haamyska – arakhsyspat argyhym "online.

The competition will be held as part of the Mother's Day celebration. The tournament will be attended by mothers and grandmothers of cities and uluses of the republic in two age groups: 1 Group – mother before 35 years and grandmothers 60-65 years old, 2 Group – mothers are older 36 years and grandmothers older 66 years.

The main goal of the tournament is to popularize folk games among families, formation of a healthy lifestyle, extending athletic longevity and identifying talented families.

According to the Competition Regulations, mothers and grandmothers must introduce themselves and play according to the current Rules of the Federation of National Board Games of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). 

An important condition for the competition is that, that the participants should perform in national Yakut clothes, have the appropriate inventory and registered application.

According to the results of the tournament, winners and prize-winners are determined in each group. Prize winners are awarded medals and certificates.

Dear mothers and grandmothers, We invite you to take part in a bright sporting event and celebrate Mother's Day with us.