Athletes need offline competitions

In many countries and in most regions of Russia, despite the coronavirus pandemic, which swept the whole world, sports life continues - various competitions and events of various levels are held. In some of them, including international, Yakut athletes also take part with varying success. News about their participation in this or that competition is received almost daily. It's fine! But in the republic itself, Unfortunately, excluding horse racing (well done), no offline championship has been held since March, tournament, competitions ... unless of course you count the various online checkers tournaments, chess and board games, which take place regularly and, possibly, already tired of the participants themselves.

"Sport of Yakutia" spoke with the leading athletes of Yakutia by sports. We were interested to know their opinion about the current situation., the desire to compete in the sports arena and the possibilities to resume official competitions.

Vladimir Fedorov, master of sports in national all-around, Yakut jumping and hapsagai wrestling:

– "Dygyn's Games" are postponed for the umpteenth time, we even lost count. Every time you have to adjust your workouts to a new date, and in the end the competition is canceled. It is very difficult, and it is almost impossible to keep in good shape for a long time. The athlete usually gains form one or two, maximum three times per calendar year. So in standby mode, we spent almost all summer and autumn.. This can affect the health of the athlete.. But I understand everything, coronavirus is no joke, I know from myself. But in general, if you take, then one tournament could be held, respectively, without spectators, with good and high-quality online broadcast. All athletes, trainers must be strictly admitted if they have a certificate with a negative test for Covid-19. Generally, how it is done in the rest of the sports world ...

Nikolay Nikolaev, fight hapsagay:

- I really, really missed the carpet, by friends, competitions, for those emotions, which athletes experience in tournaments. Generally, lack of a sports holiday atmosphere. We have lost a lot during this time. We did not host the republican championship and a number of other traditional tournaments. In summer, Ysyakhs could collect good prizes, so to speak to replenish the family budget. From this point of view, the hapsagayists also lost a lot.. Questionable, probably, and "Games of Manchaara" next year ... For me it is, probably, last chance to win the Spartakiad. I'm already thirty, and while there is strength, wish I want to go down in history, as a winner of the Games.

Now I'm training by inertia, so to speak. Without much desire and motivation, purely for myself. By the fall, the weight rose a lot, reached right up to 112 kg. At this time, I pay more physical activity, I work with iron, haven't stepped on the carpet for a long time.

If you think so, then, probably, it was possible to hold at least some competition, in compliance with all sanitary requirements and standards. In other regions, tournaments are held, even the UFC organizes fights on the island. There would be a desire. I would gladly participate, wherever. Other wrestlers will tell you the same., probably.

Aisen Zhergotov, volleyball:

– It happened so, that we managed to hold the Yakutia championship in March, so to speak to determine the winners and prize-winners. These were, probably, last competitions in the republic. Almost eight months have passed since then ... Who would have known, that it will all take such a long time. Sure, we missed the competition. It got to that, that I'm already competing in a dream, since the beginning of the pandemic four times it was exactly like this (smiles).

You even missed training. Now all the halls are practically closed, playing sports have suffered the most in this regard. Really hope, that by the end of the year at least some tournaments were held, even small, behind closed doors. If taken responsibly, with understanding and compliance with all requirements, then why not. Athletes are ready.

A little offensive, that in parallel in other regions of the country, including neighboring republics, sports life is in full swing, various volleyball competitions are held. Russian league championship has started. In the same Buryatia, for example, in other regions of the Far Eastern District, there are also internal competitions. The national volleyball team of Buryatia took part in two big tournaments since the beginning of the season. We also had an invitation to take part in the Student Universiade, but for obvious reasons we could not leave. We must determine the winners of the traditional tournament "Lokovolei" by the youths in the republic. But we don't know yet how.

Mikhail Nikiforov, football:

– Our regular mini-football championship of the city of Yakutsk was interrupted at the playoff stage in mid-March. For several leagues, the winners and prize-winners have not been determined. In the summer, they were left without a championship of the city and the republic in big football, as well as without a number of other traditional competitions.

Life without football, it's longing. We even begin to lose the habit and forget, what is soccer ball. In the summer, at least somewhere they gathered at various venues, tried not to lose shape. He kept fit even at his entrance. Now, with the onset of cold weather, everything fell. The halls are not allowed.

But the world's football continues to be played, Champions League matches are held, League of nations, there are national championships. Sure, there is a different level of organization, the scale with ours cannot be compared. But still, if desired, you could come up with something. for example, Ronaldo tested positive - he was not allowed to play against Barcelona. The same system could have been implemented here.. Could play with negative tests. The main thing is to organize all this reasonably. I remember, in winter, when there was measles virus in Yakutsk, admitted to the competition by reference. So we already had a similar practice.

Mikhail Rufov, Athletics:

– Athletes of the republic have a summer season, like many sports - disappeared. We didn't have much competition either.: Yakutia championship, Yakutsk, tournament for the prizes of Maria Pinigina. Now we are preparing for the winter season. Preparation goes on as usual, sin to complain. According to the list, we are allowed to enter the CSP "Triumph", running in the arena. I'm getting ready for the Far East Championship and the All-Russian Student Sports Stars Tournament. I will start at a distance 400 m.

No competition, sure, unusually. Some workouts are a little tiring.. Tournaments could be held for athletes, without spectators and bystanders. Admitting to the credentials committee strictly on the basis of certificates for coronavirus. Masks, gloves, antiseptics ... Athletes are responsible people, I think, if you meet all the requirements, then it was possible to organize. In other regions, where restrictions also apply, for some reason there are competitions.

Paul Chernogradsky, by weight of VA-:

– The training process is going according to plan. In summer, when all the halls were closed, we did mostly outside, of nature. Since autumn, we were allowed into the hall and it's great. True, there are time limits, but it is tolerable and I think, ok in today's reality.

Now we are preparing for the Russian Championship. It was supposed to take place first in Kazan, then moved to Moscow. From Moscow to the Moscow region. Now they seem to have stopped at Vladikavkaz. We'll see, What will happen.

Летом в Якутске должен был пройти чемпионат мира, но его по понятным причинам перенесли. В последний раз я участвовал на соревнованиях еще в марте – в городе Мирный выиграл турнир на Кубок главы. Прошло почти восемь месяцев. Как и все соскучился по соревнованиям, по жарким схваткам и противостояниям на помосте. Готов даже участвовать в турнирах без зрителей, если надо будет.

By Alexander Poselsky,