In the State Assembly (Il Tumen) Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 21 October in the mode of videoconferencing was held a government hour on the topic "On the implementation of the Law of the RS(I) "On physical culture and sports in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)».

The event was chaired by the Chairman of the Il Tumen Standing Committee on Youth Affairs, physical culture and sports Mikhail Gulyaev.

Deputy Speaker of Il Tumen Antonina Grigorieva took part in the work of the government hour, people's deputies of Yakutia, representatives of the executive authorities of the republic, municipalities, public organizations, educational institutions, members of the Youth Parliament under Il Tumen, district council chairmen, heads and specialists of departments for physical culture and sports and many others.

Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of Yakutia Innocent Grigoriev at the beginning of his speech noted, that the republican law defines the rights and guarantees in the development of physical culture and sports, regulates the legal framework for creating favorable conditions for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, international and interethnic cooperation in general.

“The law provides for almost all areas of sports activities. The Strategy for the development of physical culture and sports in Yakutia was adopted and the state republican program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)», – the speaker said.

According to Grigoriev, since 2009 by 2020 years were introduced into the law 29 changes, last change made 23 October 2019 of the year.

As part of the implementation of the law, annually by order of the ministry, the Schedule of official physical culture and recreation and sports events of the republic is approved. To 500 calendar events are annually aimed at providing the main indicator – Population, systematically engaged in physical education and sports in the RS (I).

“Over the past ten years, it has increased from 21,2 % at 2010 year before 41,55% of the total population of the republic in 2019 year or 376 467 person. The largest share of those who systematically go in for physical culture and sports is the age category "children and youth", which is 72% from the number of students ", – informed the minister.

Innokenty Grigoriev also reported, What's on 2020 year threshold, as for the republic, and for municipalities must exceed 43,5 %. “To achieve this value, funding is provided from the republican budget for activities in the field of physical culture and sports in the amount of 149 656 thousand. rubles ", – said the minister.

However, at the moment, in connection with the measures taken to combat coronavirus infection COVID-19, there is a risk of not reaching targets, including those established by the regional project "Sport-Norm of Life".

In order to ensure the rights of citizens by physical culture and sports in the republic 4366 specialists, of which work in rural areas 2020 person.

"AT 13 municipalities of the republic created separate municipal institutions (committees, management) on physical culture and sports, in other municipalities of the republic, these powers are performed by specialists from administrations, which does not allow to fully implement the entire list of necessary measures in accordance with the republican law. We propose to legislatively designate the management structure of the branch of physical culture and sports in the republic ", – the speaker drew attention.

Innokenty Yuryevich also noted, that based on article 18 of this law, active promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the population of the republic is carried out through the leading print and electronic media., official sports accounts on social networks are being developed.

According to the minister, a special place is occupied by the implementation of the All-Russian physical culture and sports complex "Ready for Labor and Defense". So, following the implementation of three stages of the TRP complex, all planned events in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) performed on 100%. In the federal TRP ranking according to the results 2019 the Republic of Sakha occupies 56 a place.

Further, the speaker spoke about the distribution of the sports and technological equipment of the TRP complex in municipalities and urban districts, adaptive sports activities, project republican program "Accessible Environment". The minister also spoke about the procedure for the formation and provision of sports national teams of the republic., preparation of the sports reserve in Yakutia, purposeful work on the development of national sports, implementation of the federal target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation", financing of the state republican program, etc..

In accordance with the requirements for ensuring the training of a sports reserve for sports teams of the Russian Federation , the transition of sports schools from the "Education" industry to the "Physical culture and sports" industry is underway. For now 18 institutions from 71 sports organizations are under the jurisdiction of the bodies of physical culture and sports, but 53 organizations - educational authorities.

The Minister emphasized, that in connection with the transition of children's and youth sports schools in the organization of sports training, it is necessary to preserve social guarantees for the provision of communal benefits to teachers of organizations, carrying out educational activities when translated by specialists of organizations, implementing sports training programs.

“It is also necessary to secure social guarantees for specialists of organizations, implementing sports training programs, according to the list of posts, approved by the state authority of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the field of physical culture and sports ", – noted by Innokenty Grigoriev.

According to the announced information, more 800 athletes-members of national teams of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) took part in international, all-Russian and regional competitions. 195 athletes of the republic are included in the national teams of Russia in various sports, of them: 56 athletes among adults and 138 young athletes.

At the end of his speech, Innokenty Grigoriev thanked Mikhail Gulyaev and the deputy corps for close attention to the development of physical culture and sports in the republic.. “Your support in solving legislative issues is reflected in the sports results of our athletes, to increase the number of people engaged in a healthy lifestyle, which contributes to the overall health of the population of the republic ", – summed up the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of Yakutia.

After the speech, we started to ask questions. People's Deputy of the Republic Vyacheslav Makarov asked about the level of provision of the population of the republic with sports facilities, planning and financing sports facilities in the long term.

The minister replied, that the level in the republic is 45%. The city of Yakutsk has the lowest level - 17,2%. "In this way, to achieve the federal indicator (to 2024 year 50%) there is a deficit in the construction of sports facilities ", – Grigoriev introduced.

People's Deputy of Yakutia Andrey Dorogan drew attention to the development of individual sports in the Neryungri region. “Today skiing has practically stopped in development. Only thanks to interested people in the area there is skiing, boxing classes are held, hockey, karate. How does the ministry participate in creating conditions for the development and popularization of these sports in the Neryungri region??», – the deputy asked.

According to the minister, jointly with the municipal district and the Trust Fund for Future Generations of the RS(I) the construction of a sports ground has recently been completed at the request of a citizen, living in Neryungri. “The percentage of people who systematically go in for sports in the district is 43,29%. Fairly good performance in all sports. Indisputably, proposals are received to improve the condition of sports facilities. Together with our colleagues from Neryungri, we are working in this direction. Relations have been established with the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation to train high-class athletes in winter sports. Negotiations are being conducted at the proper level ", – explained the minister.

Chairman of the Standing Committee on Science, education, culture, Media and public organizations Theodosius Gabysheva congratulated on, that trainers are included in the list of teaching positions.

The parliamentarian proposed to fix affordable prices for air tickets for athletes. “We used to have a separate line of funding for airfares for athletes. After passing the selection, sending a team today is very expensive. For this reason, athletes cannot take part in competitions.. There should be a quota for fixed flights ", – noted Feodosia Vasilievna.

The minister agreed, that there used to be such support for all municipal districts, in particular, for northern regions, when one-way travel to participate in competitions was paid from the republican budget. “Today such a norm is generally absent. It is only used to pay one-way travel for athletes from the northern and arctic regions to participate in such large complex events, like "Manchaara Games", Sports games of the peoples of Yakutia ", – he said.

Chairman of the Il Tumen Standing Committee on Family and Childhood Affairs Alena Atlasova informed about, that a new federal bill on tax deduction for those involved in sports has been developed, that is, it becomes possible to return part of the money spent on sports and recreation services. She thinks, that this is a good incentive for those, who wants to go to gyms.

note, on behalf of the President of Russia, amendments to the Tax Code have been prepared. It is assumed, that the "wellness" tax deduction will add to the list of already existing social deductions. The new deduction will be calculated individually, the maximum amount will be 120 thousand. rubles. Specific types of services and list of organizations, to which the deduction will apply, will determine the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Chichiginarov He noted, that by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on the national development goals of Russia 2030 the task was set to increase the share of citizens, regularly engaged in physical culture and sports, to 70%. Besides, he drew attention to the development of club sports.

Chairman of the Il Tumen Standing Committee on Rural Affairs and Agrarian Policy Andrew Nakhodkin in his speech noted, that the village of Nizhny Bestyakh, Megino-Kangalassky district, is completing work on the commissioning of a sports complex with a universal hall and a swimming pool. “In terms of area, this building occupies the third place in the republic. The sports complex can accommodate 1456 person per day (eight shifts work a day). Is everything ready on the part of the ministry in terms of maintaining and maintaining infrastructure sports facility, financial support of staffing?», – the parliamentarian was specified.

The topic was continued by the chairman of the ulus assembly of deputies of the Amginsky ulus Sofia Alexandrova. In her opinion, to date, no regulatory documents have been approved for the maintenance of sports facilities.

During government hour, questions were asked alsoAnna Pavlova from Kobyaysky district, director of IFKiS SVFU im. MK. Ammosova Nikolai Gogolev, Chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports Dmitry Platonov.

People's Deputy of Yakutia Ivan Danilov proposed, together with the airline "Yakutia" to study the issue of reducing air fares for athletes, going to the competition.

The parliamentarian also raised the issue of sponsoring certain sports, "Yesterday a round table was held, where it was noted, that mining operations are carried out on the territory of the republic 543 enterprises. For instance, it was possible to assign a freestyle wrestling to the company "Rosneft". Within the framework of the agreements, one point could justify the need to establish and develop partnerships between authorities, business and sports for the socio-economic development of the republic ", – expressed the opinion of Ivan Danilov.

Mikhail Gulyaev He noted, that an agreement with large companies is concluded by the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). That is why the Ministry of Sports of Yakutia needs to make a proposal to support companies in the form of sponsoring sports clubs and teams..

At the end of the government hour, Chairman of the Il Tumen Standing Committee on Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sport Mikhail Gulyaev stressed, that at the republican level it is necessary to accept state guarantees in the field of remuneration of trainers, workers in the field of physical culture and sports.  

“At the committee, we will also consider the issue of remuneration for the training of one athlete and athletes., what will serve to bring it into line with the federal legislation of the Russian Federation ", – clarified the parliamentarian.

Mikhail Dmitrievich proposed to jointly consider the issue of increasing the wages of workers in the sphere of physical culture and sports of the republic, training sports reserve, increasing additional funding. “We ask the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy of Yakutia to additionally find 973 million rubles for the execution of the state order ", – summed up the chairman of the standing committee.

 The press service of the Il Tumen

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