“Athletes arise, growing out of a coach, like branches from a trunk "- these well-known lines from a poem by Robert Rozhdestvensky are more suitable for today. After all 30 October, Russia celebrates the Day of the Coach. This is a professional holiday of people, who are truly passionate about their work, that they are able to spark other people for victory and achievement. After all, behind every athlete there is his coach, that man, who was able not only to see and develop talent and abilities, but also was able to make a person believe in himself and strengthen his belief in success. The job of a coach is just as hard, like teachers. They not only open up the world of sports, teach and instruct, as many think, but also educate personality. Often giving all my time, putting soul and heart.

The development of not only athletes largely depends on the work of a coach, but the whole sport. Thanks to professionalism, loyalty to the chosen path, conscientious work, love for the work of coaches in our republic national sports are developing. Yakut species conquer the hearts of many outside our vast country, inspire victories and reveal new names of athletes.

Today in our republic more than 22 thousand. person, of which about 1000 are engaged only in the departments of GBU RS(I) RCNVS im. AT. Mançaarı. We work 22 the trainer, eight of them are of the highest category, six people were awarded the title "Honored Trainer of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)». A galaxy of experienced mentors is working among us, who remain faithful to their profession all their lives, whose names are included in the history of sports of the republic are Alexey Egorovich Mostakhov, Nikolai Ellyaevich Konstantinov, Vasily Nikolaevich Dyachkovsky, Petr Innokentyevich Burtsev, Anatoly Gavrilievich Syromyatnikov, Nadezhda Nikolaevna Belolyubskaya and Innokenty Fedorovich Makarov.

Video interview with Nikolai Elyaevich Konstantinov, head coach of the Russian national mas-wrestling team:

The middle generation of our trainers - fans of their craft - are not inferior in experience and skill: Ivan Belolyubskiy, Alexey Agapov, Plato Savvinov, Rosalia Karmalah, Vyacheslav Danilov, Ivan Chirkoev, Ayal Pavlov and Denis Zabolotsky. Otherwise it cannot be - this is their life, their professional world. Behind their shoulders are the victories of pupils not only at the republican championships and championships, but also Russian and world sports arenas.

Video interview with Alexey Valerievich Agapov, mass wrestling coach GBU RS(I) RCNVS im. AT. Mançaarı, Art. coach of the youth national team of Russia: 

A vibrant new generation of trainers is growing, which is still gaining experience, but has not only personal sporting success, but also bright victories of pupils.

Video interview of the Yakut jumping coach of GBU RS(I) RCNVS im. AT. Manchaary by Ivan Petrovich Pestryakov:

On Coach's Day, we congratulate our colleagues and wish them bright victories, inexhaustible energy, creativity and grateful pupils.

Tureckiy ОКОНЕШНИКОВА , Maxim Sukhanov

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