Today our republic celebrates one of the warmest and brightest holidays - Mother's Day.

For each of us, mom is the main person in life, her love and faith protect us, care and attention support and inspire at any age. Mother's love makes us stronger and more confident, helps to overcome life difficulties and believe in success.

On this joyful day, we present to your attention the photo project "Mom in the NVS", which will allow you to show you successful female athletes in the national sports of the republic. With the help of a photo project, we want to tell, that women, especially mom, can be realized in their favorite business - sports, and be great mothers for your children at the same time. Our focus is not only on sports success, but also the experience of motherhood and parenting. How do they manage to combine everything and keep up, why did they decide to be mothers too, and athletes, build a career, and most importantly, what are they like with their children? What do they invest, how they develop and what they focus on. We hope, that our project will give an opportunity to take a fresh look at the image of the mother, and will help to fulfill the dreams of women in what they love.  

Natalia Chernogradskaya, mother of son Volodya: “The most important thing in life is to be able to set priorities. My priority is my son. "

Natalia Master of Sports RS(I), Master of Sports of the Russian Federation of international class in mas-wrestling, Master of Sports of the Russian Federation on the deadlift, Master of Sports of Russia Powerlifting, four-time champion of RS(I), Champion Manchaary Games, champion Far East, two-time champion of Russia, European champion, world champion and winner of the World Cup mas-wrestling.

Despite numerous titles and successes in sports, Natalia considers her main achievement to be the birth of her son. But at the same time, she combines professional sports, work as a child psychologist in a rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities and raising a son. As Natalia admits, the most important thing, – this is the correct planning of your time, to have time to train, work and spend time with the child. Tries to devote more time to his son, do everything together. Like a loving mom, would like to raise my son as a real man – independent, responsible, polite and hardworking.

Nadezhda Kipriyanova, mother of two, and the grandmother of four grandchildren: "Believe in yourself and help each other"

Master of Sports of Russia in archery, European Championship medalist, four-time champion of RS(I), champion of the first republican championship in archery, prize-winner XX Game Manchaary, champion and medalist of VS Arrows Olonkho, prize-winner of the Arrows of Baikal.

Nadezhda, Head of the Outpatient Oncological Care Center at the State Agrarian University of the RS(I) “Clinic № 1”, doctor-oncologist of the highest category, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of FGAOU HE NEFU named after M.K.. Ammosova, and began to practice archery with 2011 g. However, she admits, what at this time, she feels more like a granny-beauty, as my grandchildren call her. Hope is just the right person, who by his example can debunk myths about, that after the birth of a child, a woman will no longer be able to become successful or achieve professional heights. She thinks, that with the right prioritization, children do not become an obstacle to further development and career growth, on the contrary, they inspire for the next steps and success in life.



Nyurguyana Danilova, mother of three: "Teach children and do not forget to learn from them"

Nyurguyaana Candidate Master of Sports in National Board Games, judge of the highest category, two-time medalist of the RS Championship(I), champion of republican tournaments, medalist of the FNNI RS Cup(I), three-time champion among educators in national board games.

Nyurguyaana is not only a successful athlete, but also a teacher in kindergarten, who is raising three children of her own. She is human, who does not sit in one place, knows how to combine his hobby with work and home.  As a teacher and as a mother, considers, that all children are very wise and we adults have a lot to learn from them. She thinks, what is the most important thing in raising children, – carry knowledge within oneself, that the child will succeed, don't do everything for them, but to support and give them a choice. Be not only a mom, but also show love for life by your example.


Anna Vasilieva, mother of two: "Show sports interest in everything"

Anna master of sports in national jumping, four-time champion of the republic, multiple winner and medalist of republican competitions in Yakut jumps, three-time champion of the republic in athletics, two-time winner of the track and field athletics competition for the prizes of Maria Pinigina, winner and medalist of the Federation Cup, finalist of the Russian Championship, participant of European starts.

Anna is sure, what to be just a mom –  not enough, a woman should develop as a person, search and try yourself. She is a lawyer by profession, but is currently on maternity leave. However, she likes to be always busy., be children, home or self-development. Anya has been developing in the field of beauty for the second year.. Although children and home are time consuming, she needs to work and show herself in different areas for the soul. She would like to be a friend to her children, but at the same time it is recognized, that she is a strict mom, who loves discipline. Considers, that discipline helps to achieve success in everything, including in sports.

Maya Bryzgalova, mother of five, and the grandmother of five grandchildren: "Sport helps in raising children"

May Candidate for Master of Sports of the Russian Federation in kettlebell lifting, multiple champion of the republic, Champion Manchaary Games, multiple champion and medalist of republican tournaments and cups in kettlebell lifting, champion of the Manchaara Athletics Games, champion and medalist of republican cross-country skiing tournaments, champion and medalist of the IV republican sports festival of health workers, participant of the Russian championships as part of the national kettlebell lifting team. She is an intensive care nurse by profession, anesthesiology and intensive care of newborns, works as an instructor in the gym of the SC "Modun", actively promotes healthy lifestyle.

May mother with many children, who participated in the Manchaara Games four times, twice Rural Games of the Republic and the RS Winter Olympics(I). And the most important thing, in different sports: kettlebell, Athletics, fitness aerobics, volleyball, Nordic all-around and ski all-around.  

How mom and grandmother try to be strict and demanding, but her children think the parent is soft. The main secret of raising children is to create a warm and trusting atmosphere at home..  However, she is confident, that being a mother is not easy and that you have been learning this all your life. Sport May helps not only in life, but including, and in raising children.  

Olga Ignatieva, mother of two sons: "I will always agree with the choice of children"

Olga is one of the few girls of professional jockeys and racehorse trainers in our republic.  She is the winner of the OKS prize in the distance 1600 m, winner and three-time medalist of the republican race at a distance 800 m, two-time winner of the republican race at a distance 1200 m. However, she is a wonderful mother of two sons. Being a versatile person, she not only trains horses, but also likes to travel, open the world to children. As Olga herself admits, the main task of the mother is to be close to the children and spend more time with them, then the kids will know, that they are loved. Olga and her husband's work is connected with horses, but she thinks, that children are not required to follow in the footsteps of their parents. The most important thing is to give the opportunity to try yourself in different fields., grow up - determined.

Maria Dogoyusova, mother of three, and the grandmother of eight grandchildren: "Our task is to be able to hear the child"

Maria Master of Sports RS(I), candidate for master of sports of the Russian Federation in bullet shooting, prize-winner Igor Manchary, RS Championship medalist(I) shooting from an air rifle "Belka PS", three-time champion of republican competitions for the prizes of Heroes of the USSR, champion and medalist of the Federation Cup in bullet shooting, medalist of the RS Sports Games(I), multiple champion and medalist of republican competitions and tournaments.

At this time, Maria devotes all her time to her family and grandchildren.. she is confident, that athletes find it difficult to combine work, home and sports, as they often disappear in training, are on the road.   Therefore, to achieve success in any business, especially in sports, a woman needs support and understanding of loved ones and relatives. But it only comes if, when children and husband see, how important is it for you to practice your favorite sport. The most important thing for Mary in raising children –  instill independence and responsibility from early childhood. Our heroine advises young mothers not to distance the child from themselves, communicate with him on equal terms, not make decisions for them, letting children make mistakes and make their own choices in life.  

We can talk endlessly about our mothers. They are all different, kind, talented, beautiful, successful and versatile women, but they are united by one thing - love for their children and national sports, to whom they devote themselves.   


Photo by Maxim SUKHANOV

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