Today marks 30 years of outstanding athlete of the Yakut ethnosport, universal all-rounder Egor Filippov. We congratulate him and wish dygynid further success in life., even greater achievements in sports, great family happiness, holy and good!

With the departure of Nikolai Dyakonov and Ivan Belolyubsky, as i mentioned, the new era of Dygyn Games has come, new heroes came.

В прошлом номере мы рассказали о победителях Игр 2013 g. - Lyubomir Nikolaev (Verkhnevilyuisk), 2014 g. - Petre Starostine (Çurapça), 2015 g. – Алексей Кутуков (Us). Unfortunately, these victories were the only ones for the three all-around.

WITH 2016 g. a new multiple champion, Yegor Filippov, has reigned on the pedestal "with Khaty".

2016 g. – 12 participants. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. - Egor Filippov (Khangalas), owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Alexey Kozlov (Ust-Yana).

3 m. - Artem Vardanyan (Us).

2017 g. – 12 participants. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. - Egor Filippov (Khangalas), owner of a Hyundai car.

1 m. - Artem Vardanyan (Us).

3 m. - Alexey Kozlov (Ust-Yana).

2018 g. – 12 participants. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. - Egor Filippov (Khangalas), Nissan car owner.

2 m. - Nikolai Matannov (the Eucharist).

3 m. - Aisen Botuev (Verkhnevilyuisk).

2019 g. – 12 participants. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. - Egor Filippov (Khangalas), 1 000 000 rubles.

2 m. –Artem Vardanyan (Us).

3 m. - Leonid Filippov (Amga).

Хангаласский Хотой (Eagle) Egor Filippov, in his sports specialization, is a jumper.

Filippov Egor Anatolyevich - Yakut jumps, Yakut all-around.

Master of Sports RS(I) on the Yakut jumps. Master of Sports RS(I) on national decathlon. Candidate for Master of Sports of Russia in Athletics.

Master of Sports of Russia in deadlift.

born 5 October 1990 g. in the village of Sinsk, Ordzhonikidze district of the Yakut ASSR, now - Khangalassky ulus RS(I).

Height - 182 cm, the weight - 88 kg.

Champion of Russia in northern all-around (2015, Noyabrsk - YaNAO). Four-time winner of the Dygyn Games, three-time winner of the "Champion Cup" tournament for the prizes of Ivan Belolyubsky.

Yakut jumping coach - MSMK in track and field athletics Sokov Vasily Viktorovich.

Yakut all-around coach - Belolyubsky Ivan Prokopyevich.

10 June 2012 g. in Pokrovsk Egor Filippov, being a student of IFCiS NEFU, jumped into kylyy on 48 m 34 cm, surpassing the record of Vasily Nikolaev for the first time, installed by a jenite jumper of the twentieth century back in 1986 g. At the end of the same year, Yegor updated the records of the republic, at the beginning of next year, at the republican championship in Yakut jumping, he set a new indoor record in Yakutia in kylyy jumping with the result 46 m 72 cm.

AT 2012 year at the Russian Cup in Athletics in a triple jump, he jumped on 15 m 96 cm, becoming a silver medalist.

During the summer season 2013 of the year Yegor Filippov twice updated the records of Y. Gavriliev in kylyy jumps - on 48 m 34 see i 48 m 48 cm. AT 2015 year at the championship of Yakutsk E. Filippov set a new republic record in long jump - 7 m 33 cm, two years before that, he broke the record of Vasily Nikolaev - 7 m 21 cm, which lasted exactly 30 years old. AT 2015 year he won the First Beach Games of Russia in Sochi, setting records of the republic and the highest achievements of Russia at 7 jumping kylyy jumping, Ystanga and in total triathlon, beating the strongest tee masters. In the same year, he became the champion of Russia in the northern triple jump, setting a new republic record in 11 m 41 cm. Egor installed everything 14 Republic records in various jumping disciplines.

Here are his records in Yakut jumps:

– on 7 marks

24.12.2011 – 31 m 08 cm - kylyy

24.12.2011 – 86 m 00 cm - the sum of the triathlon

– on 11 marks

10.06.2012 – 134 m 29 cm - the sum of the triathlon

15.06.2013 – 48 m 48 cm - kylyy

AT 2015 year at the Ysyakh of Tuymaada Yegor set a record in jumping 3 x 3 (three kylyy, три ыстанга и три куобаха) – 38 m 14 cm, this achievement is not beaten by anyone, 38 m no one has jumped in this form yet.

He successfully uses these advantages at the starting Games of Dygyn - in jumping 3 x 3. As my young colleague from YASIA, Aytaana Ammosova, writes:

“Yegor Filippov's tactics to put all his efforts into the first jump for five years in a row helps him to be the first in this sport:

2015 – 36 m 03 cm;

2016 – 37 m 51 cm;

2017 – 37 m 04 cm;

2018 – 36 m 25 cm;

2019 – 36 m and 77 cm".

During the preparation for the main starts of the Yakut all-around, Yegor mastered all types of the program, performs on a par with masters of sports in such specific types as hapsagai and mas-wrestling, learned to shoot a bow perfectly, perfectly copes with boulder-stone weight 115 kg. So, at 2016 and 2017 gg. he excelled in his favorite jumping and archery, at 2018 g. except for the championship in its crown form, he did not leave the podium - took second place in mas-wrestling, hapsagae, raising a stone, archery and girl running, losing only to tutum ergyir.

by the way, here you can remember that, that Nikolai Dyakonov 2005 g. won five events out of seven - mas-wrestling, jumping, raising a stone, The beggar and the slave sighed, and in 2006 g. - four: wt, khapsagai, the stone and the slave shrugged. Ivan Belolyubsky also excelled in 4-5 types: at 2008 g. (wt, khapsagai, run, bow), at 2009 g. (khapsagai, jumping, run, a rock), at 2010 g. (wt, khapsagai, a rock, run, bow).

It seems to me (I'll make a reservation right away, that this is purely my personal opinion), what fundamental, the fundamental forks of the traditional Yakut all-around are mas-wrestling, fight hapsagay, carrying the stone and running. Respectively, I consider victories in them the most important and prestigious.

Today Egor is an individual entrepreneur. No longer engaged in Yakut jumps, last time competed at the Games Manchaary-2017 in Verkhnevilyuisk.

Egor is an open person by nature, kind. Originally from the Khangalassk village of Sinsk, like a true peasant, he does not shy away from any physical labor, likes to hunt in his free time.

by the way, of the jumpers tried his hand at the Games also a three-time champion of the Games of Manchaara, ex-record holder of the republic Vitaly Vasiliev. AT 2014 year he won his crown.

Athletes are not going to give up positions, who can already be ranked among the veterans of the all-around - Artem Vardanyan, Alexey Kozlov, Peter Starostin, Dmitry Popov, Nikolai Matannanov, Leonid Filippov, Aleksey Ivanov, Aisen Semenov. Interesting, that some of these guys are of mixed blood. For instance, the Churapchin Peter Starostin has a father from Africa, A. Vardanyan's origin is indicated by his surname, there are athletes of Slavic roots. However, they all received Yakut education from birth., recognize themselves as representatives of the Sakha people, that's why many kinds of our all-around are mastered from childhood, what is called, at the genetic level.

Promising guys appear - Innokenty Mironov from Olekma, Vladimir Fedorov from Nyurba, Aisen Botuev from Verkhnevilyuisk, Alexey Uvarovsky from Kobyaysky ulus and others. Guys are universal, although their main specialization is mas-wrestling, but they are very good at hapsagai tricks, they jump perfectly and everyone can easily cope with a 115-kilogram stone, carry him a hundred meters at such a speed, that not every pedestrian will follow them.

This is the current state of the Yakut all-around. Yakut fans of this species today are worried about one thing - will the Dygyn Games take place today?? With this question, I turned to K.S. Burtsev, Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Administration of Yakutsk, which is the permanent organizer of the largest and most popular complex competition in the republic. Konstantin Semenovich reported, that in the event that restrictions on mass sports events are lifted and sports facilities open, one qualifying tournament will be held, where applicants will compete for nine tickets to the Games. Probably, it will take place at the Tuymaada stadium (if the bans are lifted before the onset of cold weather). Yegor Filippov already has three vouchers, Vladimir Fdeorov (Njurʙa) and Alexey Uvarovsky (Kobyay). Then after one month to recover athletes, the Games themselves will be held at the Triumph Sports Training Center. well, hopefully, that the pandemic will lose ground a little by then. Anyway, long-awaited competitions must be held - observing the distance in the stands, at intervals in places. Or, as a last resort, can be done online, without spectators, with good lighting at the Sakha NEC and on the Internet, we have already seen a similar experience at the recent horse races for the Il Darkhan prize. Howbeit, traditions must continue ...

And Yegor Filippov said, that he has been waiting for these Games all year. For full preparation, he needs to know the date, when do they take place ... Let's wish him success!

Vladislav KOROTOV.