Total, beginning with 1990 of the year, took part in the Dygyn Games all the time 333 Yakut bootura (lucky number!!!) - strong, dexterous, brave, hardy, versatile athletes.

Most of all in these Games took part Ivan Belolyubskiy, a native of the village of Bette, Ust-Aldan ulus - he performed as much 16 time, of them 7 time (at 1999, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 gg.) became a winner, four times - with 2002 by 2005 gg. - was the second prize. He won eight cars - five UAZ cars, "Niva", Chevrolet Aveo and Zhiguli.

Nikolai Dyakonov from the village of Tyubya Namsky ulus took part in eight Games, where he became the winner six times (1998 city, and then for five years in a row - with 2002 by 2006 gg.), at 2007-2008 gg. was the second prize. Nikolay Dyakonov won four UAZ cars and a pair of Zhiguli at the Dygyn Games.

Two years in a row - in 2000 and 2001 gg. - Belolyubsky and Dyakonov according to the new regulation of the Games introduced at that time, prohibiting the admission of athletes younger 25 years old, could not speak. If not for these annoying two passes not of their own free will - it is possible, that they would have more titles.

1998 g. – 12 participants. Terrain "Old Lady ».

1 m. - Nikolai Dyakonov (Us) - awarded with the car "Zhiguli".

2 m. - Sergey Kuzmin (Megino-Kangalassky).

3 m. - Peter Varlamov (Megino-Kangalassky).

1999 g. – 8 participants. Terrain "Old Lady ».

1 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan) - awarded with UAZ car.

2 m. - Nikolay Maximov (Ust-Aldan).

3 m. - Yuri Khabarov (Girl).

2002 g. – 8 participants. Terrain "Old Lady ».

1 m. - Nikolai Dyakonov (Us) - owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan).

3 m. - Peter Varlamov (Megino-Kangalassky).

2003 g. – 8 participants. Terrain "Old Lady ».

1 m. - Nikolai Dyakonov (Us) - owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan).

3 m. - Aleksandr Kuznetsov (Verkhnevilyuisk).

2004 g. – 7 participants. Terrain "Old Lady ».

1 m. - Nikolai Dyakonov (Us) - the owner of the car "Zhiguli".

2 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan).

3 m. - Vasily Ivanov (Us).

2005 g. – 8 participants. Terrain "Old Lady ».

1 m. - Nikolai Dyakonov (Us) - owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan).

3 m. - Nikolai Savvinov (Mountain).

2006 g. – 14 participants. Terrain "Old Lady ».

1 m. - Nikolai Dyakonov (Us) - owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Nikolai Savvinov (Mountain).

3 m. - Fedor Fedorov (Samsearn).

2007 g. – 12 participants. Terrain "Old Lady ».

1 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan), owner of Zhiguli and Niva cars.

2 m. - Nikolai Dyakonov (Us).

3 m. - Fedor Fedorov (Samsearn).

2008 g. – 20 participants. Terrain "Old Lady ».

1 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan), owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Nikolai Dyakonov (Us).

3 m. - Boris Sivtsev (Us).

2009 g. – 12 participants. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan), the owner of the car "Chevrolet-Aveo".

2 m. - Fedor Fedorov (Samsearn).

3 m. - Boris Sivtsev (Us).

2010 g. – 11 participants. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan), owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Fedor Fedorov (Samsearn).

3 m. - Lubomir Nikolaev (Verkhnevilyuisk).

2011 g. – 12 participants. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan), owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Nikolay Nikolaev (Viljujsk).

3 m. - Lubomir Nikolaev (Verkhnevilyuisk).

2012 g. – 15 participants. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. - Ivan Belolyubsky (Ust-Aldan), owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Alexander Arinkin (Megino-Kangalassky).

3 m. - Lubomir Nikolaev (Verkhnevilyuisk).

Two main characters of the first decade of the new millennium century - Nikolai Dyakonov and Ivan Belolyubsky, two rival friends, both started tug-of-war during their student years and reached heights in mas-wrestling under the guidance of one innovative trainer Fedor Matveyevich Degtyarev.

The period of their confrontation was the time of the formation of the Dygyn Games, where real booturs reigned - large, mighty, really universally strong guys.

Amazing, but both of them are of the same age, Ivan is four months older. So they started in sports at the same time, almost at the same time they came to the Dygyn Games. They came already mature athletes, ready to conquer the peaks of the Yakut all-around. I myself have been working for many years in the building of the sports complex "Modun" - the main headquarters of the Yakut ethnosport, see every day, how are the guys doing there. I am surprised by their fanatical and selfless dedication to sports - the participants of the Dygyn Games conduct their training almost all year round., without interruption, holidays or vacations. This is an everyday feat in the name of the highest goal - to win the Dygyn Games in rivalry with the same fighters.

Nikolay Viktorovich Dyakonov

Honored master of sports of RS(I) in national sports.

born 5 November 1977 g. in the village of Tyubya, Namsky ulus.

he graduated in 2000 g. Institute of Physical Education and Sports of YSU, at 2003 g. - Biology and Geography Faculty of YSU with a degree in Environmental Management and Ecology.

Winner of the Manchaara Spartakiad (Mayan, 2005 city) in the Yakut all-around, two-time champion of the Sports Games of the Peoples of Yakutia (Pokrovsk, 2000; Samsearn, 2006).

Six-time winner of the Dygyn Games (1998, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 gg.).

Four-time Russian Mas-Wrestling Champion. Seven-time PC champion (I) on mas-wrestling.

Multiple winner of republican mas-wrestling and Yakut all-around tournaments.

Awarded with honorary badges "Civic Valor", “For his contribution to the development of physical culture and sports in the RS(I)», Il Tumen sign "For his contribution to the development of physical culture and sports and the promotion of healthy lifestyles".

Honorary Citizen of the Namsky Ulus and the village of Tyuba.

Was included in the "Top ten sportsmen of the RS(I)» 2002, 2003 and 2005 gg.

Laureate of the Association "Sahaada-sport" 2006 g.

Many of their fellow countrymen followed in the footsteps of the pioneer of the Games from the Namsky ulus, Yuri Everstov, and his follower Nikolai Dyakonov.. They brought up a whole galaxy of strong all-around athletes: winner of the Games Alexey Kutukov, Anton Toytonov, Andrew Tyungyuryadov, from the small homeland of Dyakonov - the small remote village of Tyubya, the participants of the Dygyna Games Artem Vardanyan left, Boris Sivcev, Nikolai Popov. Nikolai Dyakonov himself still participates in the Games, but already as a coach and second, helps his young fellow countrymen, and he does it well.

Nikolai Viktorovich, after completing his sports career and resignation from the security forces, worked in the nature protection inspectorate, then became an individual entrepreneur.

Belolyubsky Ivan Prokopyevich.

born 22 June 1977 g. in the village of Borogontsy, Ust-Aldansky ulus.

Honored master of sports of RS(I) by national sports. Master of Sports of Russia in Mas-Wrestling. Master of Sports RS(I) cross-country skiing, by weight of VA-, national all-around and hapsagay wrestling.

Graduated from the physical culture department of the pedagogical faculty of YSU, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (2016).

Ski race: Champion of RS(I) among schoolchildren (1994) and adults (1996) in the race on 15 km. Republican Tournament Winner.

Mas-Wrestling: Winner of the World Cup stage (2013). European Champion (Siauliai, 2011) and asia (Full, India, 2011). Champion of Russia (Vyazma, 2012). Champion of RS(I) (2009, 2011).

Fighting hapsagay: Champion of RS(I) (2011). Absolute winner of the republican tournament "Bөҕө Taragai".

Yakutian-around: Seven times winner (1999, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) and four-time runner-up (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005) Games Dygyn. Winner of the republican competition "Er Burde" (Peaceful, 2011), "Bert Hara in Mayagatta" (Borogontsy, 2009), "Nine volumes of games" (2015). Winner of the first republican tournament in the Yakut pentathlon (Captain, 2005). Winner of many republican tournaments.

Champion of the 1st Republican Power Extreme Tournament (2012). Winner of the competition "People in uniform" (2005).

Worked as a school teacher, gym director, Specialist of the Physical Protection Department of the Tax Police Directorate of the Russian Federation for RS(I), an operative of the special purpose department of the RF Office for RS(I) по борьбе с незаконным оборотом наркотиков, начальником отдела развития мас-рестлинга ГБУ «Республиканский центр национальных видов спорта им.В.Манчаары», начальником отдела боевой и служебной подготовки МВД РФ по РС(I). В настоящее время – тренер по якутскому многоборью ГБУ РЦНВС.

Заслуженный работник физкультуры и спорта РС(I). Почетный гражданин Усть-Алданского улуса, Легойского и Батагайского наслегов Усть-Алданского улуса. Награжден Знаком отличия “Гражданская доблесть”.


Триумфально победив в 1999 city, Ivan Belolyubsky walked on the heels of Nikolai for a long time, biding its time. And after a five-time series of victories by Dyakonov, where he had to be content with second place, he finally "fired" and has already issued a sixfold series, having typed in the end seven "absolute", which is still an unattainable result for young and greedy candidates. After a long break, he performed at 2016 and 2017 gg., to stimulate youth, but could not be among the winners. Impresses his athletic longevity: only at the Games of Dygyn, Ivan Belolyubsky performed during 20 years - since 1997 by 2017 gg.

All these years, Ivan Prokopyevich tirelessly continues to promote and develop national sports. Since childhood, he himself was engaged in skiing with a passion., then he switched to mas-wrestling and from there he came to the Yakut all-around, simultaneously participating in hapsagai wrestling tournaments. And everywhere Ivan achieves success, as can be seen from the dossier - in sports he showed high results not only at the republican level, realized in professional activities.

Leaving the big sport, Ivan Belolyubsky left only the lists, where he performed directly. While still an active athlete, he created the sports club "Botur", where did you train the guys, participating in the Dygyn Games and other competitions in the Yakut all-around. Many of them today make up a cohort of successful participants in the Games.. And when he stopped competing, finally realized his dream - he began to prepare a young change of dygynids. He recruited into a group of elementary school students, and did not make a special selection, and accepted everyone. And these guys master all the wisdom of the all-around from a real master. Beginning with 2012 of the year, when grateful fellow countrymen first organized a tournament named after him in Borogontsy, Ivan Prokopyevich held the Yakut all-around tournament for his prizes six times, later called the "Champion Cup" and became a qualifier for the Games of Dygyn. As he told in his interview to YASIA: “I decided not to compete in hapsagai and mas-wrestling competitions even among veterans, but I will continue my coaching activity. The victories of the wards will be my personal achievement ". Also, on the initiative of Ivan, the Federation of the Yakut all-around was recreated, where he is the executive director.

This is how two truly great champions of the Dygyna Games continue to adequately prepare a replacement for themselves in the name of the glory of Yakut sport and its peak - the Yakut all-around.


Vladislav KOROTOV.