In the days of the forced #sidim house NEC "Sakha" showed us the entire retrospective of the Dygyn Games, forcing true lovers of the Yakut ethnosport to plunge into the thick of events of the past years. Again and again we admired all the vicissitudes of the past battles on Үs Khaty, worried about their favorites again and again.

Two absolutely great athletes have written their names in the history of the Games forever, two strongest all-around Yakutia - six-time dygynid Nikolay Dyakonov and seven-time Ivan Belolyubsky. They remained in the memory of all sports fans without exception, not only as owners of exceptional physical data, but above all, they were remembered for their human qualities. Nikolay Dyakonov possessed amazing calmness, kindness, was a true gentleman in the sports arena, worthy of the Fair Play award, always treated his rivals with respect and dignity. Ivan Belolyubsky knew how to maintain contact with the audience., with your emotions, with genuine feelings, he charged people and himself was fueled by their energy. After each victorious meeting, Ivan raised his head to the sky, raising his hands to the Sun expressed his worship Aar Aiyy, thanked numerous spectators with welcoming gestures for their support.

In autumn 2015 years at the suggestion of my colleague, sports journalist Saina Shelomova raised the idea of ​​"Clash of the Titans" – a possible meeting in a face-to-face duel between Nikolai Dyakonov and Ivan Belolyubsky. By that time, Nikolai had already retired from active sports., worked as an inspector of the Namsky Committee of Ecology, shift worker, was engaged in individual entrepreneurship.

There were heated debates, debate - many supported this initiative, but there were also many opponents of this comeback. I will give a few opinions of knowledgeable people, authoritative.

so, worked 15 years the chief judge of the Games Dygyna Dmitry Sharin, master of sports of the USSR in boxing and master of sports of the YaASSR in tug of a stick, one of the founding fathers of modern mas-wrestling, two-time undisputed champion of the Manchaara Games:

– Sure, it is interesting to watch the battle of the two strongest athletes of the national all-around. They are both worthy of popular love and serve as role models for the younger generation..

One of the pioneers of the Dygyn Games, three-time absolute winner Innokenty Makarov:

– Personally it seems to me, what, considering their age, no need to bump eminent athletes with their heads in the same arena. Sure, if there is such a sight, then many will come and see, me too. But you have to understand one thing: if this tournament takes place, then one of them wins, and the other one loses. This is the law of sports. Do you know our audience and the mentality of our fans very well?. People will have the wrong opinion about the loser. They will think, what he, to put it mildly, weak, and I do not wish this fate to either of them. Nikolay Dyakonov and Ivan Belolyubsky for us, for the common people, great athletes, guiding stars, you want to follow! May they remain in our memory always young and full of strength athletes, but let young talents compete, who have something to achieve.

Another winner of the Dygyn Games and mas-wrestling legend Anatoly Baishev:

– Personally, my opinion is why? They achieved everything, what they could and wanted. Their meeting does not need to be repeated, confirmation. And even if this tournament takes place, then people will not forgive the loser. For the people, Nikolai and Ivan are real heroes.

As a result, for reasons beyond the athletes' control, this super match did not take place., and I, honestly, I was glad of this - may these two magnificent masters remain the winners in our grateful memory

As a long-term observer and observer of the Games, I can declare with full responsibility, that there can be no random winners of these super-prestigious competitions by definition.

A small amendment to the identification of the strongest can be made by changes in the selection of species. Here, depending on the genetic predisposition, sports preferences and physical conditions athletes can receive a certain priority in certain types.

I once wrote in the newspaper "She +", that in the Games of Dygyn, starting from the 2010s, a new historical stage began, when tall and powerful giants, the real boats of Olonkho began to be squeezed by lightweight, lean and dexterous guys. It happened, when the program was removed from the 2003-2006 gg. pure power view of kulun tardy, replacing it with the extremely flexible tutum ergyir. In the kulun tardy, the athletes rested their hands on the ground and pulled each other with a wide belt, worn around the neck. After a couple of fights, the green turf tusulge lost its grass cover, therefore, during stubborn confrontation, the rivals raised a heap of dust, likening bull-pigs fighting on the alaas of sayylyks. The organizers quite naturally saw the small aesthetics of this type, replacing it with a completely civilian tutum ergyir.

This is how the introduction of only one type forced to change the alignment of forces and put forward new characters in the front ranks of the dygynids, representatives of other species. So, For three years in a row, athletes took the lead in the purely power all-around of the republic.

2013 g. – 13 participants. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. - Lubomir Nikolaev (Verkhnevilyuisk), owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Nikolay Nikolaev (Viljujsk).

3 m. - Alexander Arinkin (Megino-Kangalassky).

2014 g. – 12 participants. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. - Peter Starostin (Çurapça), owner of a UAZ car.

2 m. - Lubomir Nikolaev (Verkhnevilyuisk).

3 m. - Alexander Arinkin (Megino-Kangalassky).

2015 g. – 24 participantbut. Terrain Old Lady.

1 m. – Алексей Кутуков (Us), 500 000 rub.

2 m. - Peter Starostin (Çurapça).

3 m. - Alexey Kozlov (Ust-Yana).

Sure, all three guys are versatile athletes, but they paved the way for a whole galaxy of athletes who were not at all heroic build, who began to compete on equal terms with the permanent leaders of the Games - Madyna.

Though Verkhnevilyuets Lyubomir Nikolaev by his main sports specialization was an athlete, but differed by no means a slender physique. He is with 1996 by 2006 gg. ran medium distances, became the champion of the republic and the silver medalist of the Far East among youth, had the first sports category, recognized as the best children's coach of the republic. Lubomyr participated in the Games several times, three times became the third prize-winner and finally achieved success in 2013 year, the next year he was the second medalist. He won the national sports competition "Horo uola-2008", became the silver medalist of the Manchaara Spartakiad in all-around, won the republican hapsagai and mas-wrestling tournaments, even won the absolute championship of the republic in national wrestling, and became a master of sports RS(I) on mas-wrestling and wrestling hapsagai.

AT 2014 year of Dygyn's game unexpectedly for many won by Pyotr Starostin from Churapchinsky ulus. 26-year-old athlete has African roots, nevertheless, he showed himself not only in running, Moreover, that he is the champion of the Far Eastern Federal District and the RS(I) athletics, Peter is the winner of various prestigious all-around tournaments: "Ysyakh youth-2011", "Nine volumes games-2012", champion of the Manchaara Spartakiad in Yakut pentathlon. Peter has a strong character, we all remember, how in 2018 g. he was seriously injured a week before the Games, speaking in his native Churapche at the all-around tournament, but still found the strength to perform in выступs Khatyҥ and showed good results.

The next year, the 28-year-old became the winner Alexei Kutukov of Namsky ulus. Outwardly also not a hero, but a versatile athlete - the owner of the Hapsagai Wrestling Team Cup, champion of Yakutia in mas-wrestling 2015 city, winner (2010) and silver medalist (2011) all-around tournament 2Ysyakh youth ", серебряный призер «Хоро уола» и «Тоҕус Томтор-2014», winner of the open tournament for the prizes of Ivan Belolyubsky 2014 g.

Since this time, began to pass the selection and enter the lists "from Khaty" who do not have exceptional physical parameters and do not have much experience behind them, very young athletes, full of ambition and no fear of authority. So, at 2018 19-year-old newcomer Aisen Botuev made a real sensation among connoisseurs and simple lovers of sports, who excelled in tutum ergyir, having committed 66 revolutions, with his small stature, he became the third in the jumps “Үs tөgүl үs” and, in general, took third place.

except him, there are a number of other guys, who are already trying on the podium of the Games - this is Pavel Druzynov (Çurapçinskiy), Innokenty Kolesov and Alexey Uvarovsky (Kobyayskiy), Alexei Protodyakonov (Tomponsky and others.

pleases, that such achievements encourage young people to engage in healthy lifestyles, do national sports, strive to conquer the most significant height in the Yakut ethnosport. In the sports club "Botur" by Ivan Belolyubsky, new names of the Yakut all-around are nurtured. Some uluses hold their own tournaments in different types of all-around. The Manchaara Games program also includes competitions in the Yakut national and northern all-around.


Vladislav KOROTOV.