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Tygyn - who is he?

In Yakut legends, the 17th century. determined by the era of Tygyn and Tygynids. A.P. Okladnikov called him "the Yakut king". His grandfather was Bajay. He is remembered as an exceptionally rich and powerful ruler., having a lot of cattle, warriors, servants and slaves, who lived in the indigenous Kangalas lands. Tygyn was born from his eldest son Munnan Darkhan. The last in historical legends is depicted in a gloomy light. Tygyn relentlessly pursues other clans and tribes, kills their warriors-heroes, possible contenders for power.

Based on materials by Ya.I. Lindenau, Tygyn became the heir to the title of the ruling clan of Toyon-uus, Youngest son of Munnan Darkhan. Tygyn's older brothers were extremely annoyed by the, that their father took away the privilege of inheriting his rights, and quarreled with Tygyn. The quarrel between the sons of Munnan Darkhan caused unrest among the people. Internecine feuds between the heirs of Munnan Darkhan in the second half of the 16th and early 17th centuries. led to the era of wars and strife - kyrgys uyete, shrouded in a haze of fires and smoking human blood.

In his declining years, Tygyn became the ruler of most of the Yakut clans and tribes. The Tuymaada Valley centered around Lake Saysary becomes the political and cultural center of the formed Yakut people.

"The figure of Tygyn, - wrote academician A.P. Okladnikov in the 1st volume of the "History of Yakutia", - wise old man, lord and formidable warrior, the chosen one of Uluu toyon himself, how did his relatives imagine, already during her lifetime merged against this background with the majestic images of epic heroes and deities… Finally, even the death of Tygyn itself was associated with a major historical turning point in the life of the Yakuts, the appearance of Russians in the north and is depicted in the majestic features of an epic drama ".

J.I. Lindenau in the 1740s wrote, that Tygyn was taken hostage by the Cossacks and died as a prisoner before the arrival of the first governors to the Yakutsk prison. Insurrection 1642 city, during which Osip Galkin was killed, Lindenau explains by the desire of Tygyn's sons - Bejeke, Okureya, Challay - to free his father and avenge humiliation, to which he was subjected to captivity. Consequently, Tygyn died before the said uprising, being in old age, about somewhere before 1640 of the year.

After Tygyn's death, one of the famous offspring of Elley, a new era begins in the Yakutsk Territory, time of new heroes and events - the written history of Yakutia begins.

From the book by A. I. GOGOLEV "History of Yakutia" (Review of historical events before the beginning of the twentieth century.)


Do not be mistaken, if I say, that the most popular sports competitions in Yakutia are the Dygyn Games. I think, tens of thousands of Yakutians will agree with me, which annually fill the stands of tusulge Ysyakha Tuymaada, which is also the super popular and most visited event in Olonkho Land. The games of the strongest all-around athletes of Yakutia are already watched on television with great interest and enthusiasm by hundreds of thousands of sports fans and not only.

Honor and praise to those, who invented these Games, organizers, who from year to year try to make them more interesting and meaningful! We are all so accustomed to this constant and most attractive attribute of the main Ysyakh of the republic., what some already think, that the Games of Dygyn have been. Meanwhile, they originate from 1995 of the year, that is, today they should have turned a quarter of a century, a kind of anniversary.

Due to the pandemic, all events are suspended. But we believe, that nevertheless our favorite Dygyn Games will take place - even in the fall, at the Tuymaada stadium or at the Triumph Sports Palace, the organizers represented by the Sports Department of the Yakutsk Administration (Head - Konstantin Semenovich Burtsev) and the athletes themselves will adequately prepare, will select participants in two stages - and we will again witness stunning fights between the contenders for the title of the absolute winner of the anniversary Games of Dygyn-2020!

In general, the competition of the strongest, agile and fast athletes of Yakutia began to be held with 1990 of the year. Into the program of the first competitions, named "Games of the Boat Tours", were included: Aman өs - getting to know yourself (self-presentation), halbas harata - wrestling while sitting on a rope with balance, jogging 1 km behind the girl, fight hapsagay, hary battahyy - wrestling on hands like arm wrestling, kulun tardy - rope pulling and boulder-stone lifting. The winner of 9 participants became a native of the Amginsky ulus, Institute of Biology Andrey Popov. In second place - Nikolay Andreev from Nyurba, on the third - Semyon Everstov from Namtsev. Then these competitions were held during the city Ysyakh at the hippodrome of Yakutsk. \ The organizer of these competitions, which later became very popular, was the department of physical education of the population of the agro-industrial complex of the VDFSO of the trade unions of the republic. (head of department - well-known sports organizer Prokopiy Prokopyevich Gotovtsev) and the department of culture of the Yakutsk city executive committee.

AT 1991 year, the Yakut all-around competition was also held at the city hippodrome under the name "Yuryung Walan" - named after the valiant bootur olonkho. More than 10 strongest mas-wrestlers, hapsaga players and track and field athletes. The famous jumper won, Vilyuy by origin Vasily Nikolaev, who worked at that time as the first secretary of the Zhigansky RK of the Komsomol. Vasily later became a two-time absolute champion of V. Manchaary's Spartakiad, multiple champion and record holder of the republic in Yakut jumping and long jump, his His records in kylyy (45,29 m) and by the amount of triathlon (126,58 m), installed in 1987 g. at the XI Spartakiad for the prizes of Vasily Manchaara in the village of Amga, have remained unsurpassed in the past century.

AT 1992 the Games were not held.

AT 1993 competed 8 athletes. The title of "Yuryung Walan" was won by the physical education teacher of the Eden secondary school of the Namsk ulus Yuri Everstov.

AT 1994 year on the capital Ysyakh, held at the Yakutsk hippodrome, entered the fight for the title of the strongest athlete of the republic 9 good fellows. This time, the competition was renamed to "Aҕa toyon (Father-toyon)». The winner was Valery Sivtsev (Yakutsk, Tulagino). The second place was taken by Sveshnikov Stas from Olekminsky ulus, in third place - Peter Davydov from Zhigansky ulus.

WITH 1995 years of the competition of the strongest all-around athletes of the republic began to be called the Tygyn Games. The Games program at different times included: archery, fight hapsagay, kulun tardy - tug on a rope, system ergiir - swivel, jogging 70 m with a bag weighing 45 kg, by weight of VA-, Yakut jumps "3 x 3", running after the girl and lifting a boulder-stone with weight 117 kg.

by the way, originally, these competitions were called Tygyn Games, later, apparently, for the sake of pronunciation, the name of the legendary unifier of the Yakut clans and tribes was transformed into Dygyna.

Then, 25 years ago, на Якутском ипподроме в борьбу за титул первого чемпиона Игр Тыгына» вступили 10 боотуров. После упорных поединков победителем впервые стал начальник ГАИ родного Чурапчинского улуса Innokenty Makarov.

A versatile person - a member of the famous dance ensemble "Kytalyk", the owner of the maroon beret of the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Innokenty won the next two seasons of the Dygyn Games, becoming the owner of the Ural motorcycle super prizes (1995) and two UAZ vehicles (1996, 1997). He is a master of sports of the YaASSR and the RSFSR in Yakut jumps, Master RS ​​sports(I) by mass Wrestling, absolute champion of the Far East and Siberia in Yakut jumping, multiple winner of the Games for the prizes of Vasily Manchaara, Spartakiad of the peoples of Yakutia, absolute champion of the RS Winter Championship(I). Today he is a mas-wrestling coach of the Republican Center for National Sports, prepares the women's national team of the republic for international starts - 12 Madyna beauties, among them world champions Tuyaara Orlova from Taatta and Saina Sedalischeva from Churapcha. Until now, the 63-year-old sports veteran amazes with his athletic longevity - he freely pulls the barbell 200-225 kg, squat with weight 158-195 kg and pushes from the chest 110-125 kg, runs every morning at the hippodrome, which became the scene of his triumph. The hippodrome is associated with his life and its main purpose: Innokenty Fedorovich - a passionate horseman, longtime fan of horse racing, during his early runs, he makes sure to enter the stable, where he talks to coaches and jockeys, watching the horses. He is also known as an active social activist - many know him as the leader of the public organization "Үc tүmsү", which deals with the problems of moral education of youth, the spread of the traditional beliefs of the Sakha people "Aiyy Urege".

The second place was then taken by the head of physical education of the Namsky Pedagogical College of Technology and Design named after. I.E.. Vinokurova Yuri Everstov, holder of the title "Yuryung Walan" 1993 g. He is also Master of Sports of RS(I) by national sports, excellent student of physical culture RS (I), Excellent Education RS (I), Scholar of the International Fund "Children of Sakha-Asia". His athletic track record is also quite impressive.: absolute champion of the Spartakiad Vasily Manchaara, two-time medalist of the Yakutian Spartakiad, двукратный чемпион республики по мас-рестлингу, three-time absolute champion of the "Games of the Ancestors". by the way, they're in 2000 g. won the Dygyn Games. And today Yuri Afanasevich together with his fellow countryman, the six-time winner of the Dygyn Games, Nikolai Dyakonov, is preparing more and more new participants in the supertune of Yakut all-around athletes.

Third place that year was taken by a modest rural coach from Zapolyarny Zhigansk Peter Davidov.

Today Pyotr Nikolaevich is without any exaggeration a world star. He is a native of the Nyurba region, Master RS ​​sports(I) in jumping over sledges and Yakut all-around, Honored Trainer of the RS(I) and Russia, Excellent Education RS(I), excellent student of physical culture and sports RS(I), Sports Director of the Association for Sports of Disabled People(I). Currently - trainer of the RS Sports Training Center(I).

Petr Davydov annually becomes a laureate of the Ball of Champions, receiving the prestigious title of the best coach of the sports year for the achievements of their students. His most famous student is powerlifter Vladimir Balynets, silver medalist of the Paralympic Games 2012 city, world champion 2019 of the year, fifteen-time champion of Russia, Honored Master of Sports of Russia. The gentleman of the Yakut parasport Volodya Balynets last year was the first and only one from Yakutia to be awarded the National Sports Prize in the Overcoming nomination for his contribution to the development of adaptive sports.


Vladislav KOROTOV.