Republican competition in lasso throwing in a distance format has ended. The all-around competition was the first after a long break. Despite this, he showed, who is ready for new conditions and challenges.

They competed in strength and dexterity of throws 32 best athlete out of eight 8 regions of the republic: Mahjong, Anabar, Srednekolymsky, Verkhnevilyuisk, Kobyayskiy, Oimyakonskogo, Neryungrinsky and g. Yakutsk. For two days, the jury in the online format identified the strongest athletes in the lasso throwing.

According to the results of the competition, the first place in the team classification with 20 The team of Anabar ulus won points. The athletes of the Churapchinsky ulus are in second place, one point behind the winners, third place at Neryungri (17 points).

Diana Pavlova from Neryungri scored in the individual competition among juniors, confidently winning rivals, Tainna Spiridonova, an athlete from the Anabar ulus, took second place, the third result was shown by Vanessa Morfunova from Verkhnevilyuisky ulus.

Among juniors, Georgy Sofronov from Oymyakonsky ulus showed decent results (9/6 points), Mikhail Spiridonov from Anabarsky (9/6 points) and Nikolai Petrov, representing the Churapchinsky ulus (7/6 points).

According to the results of the competition among women, Valeria Tuprina from g. Yakutsk, Sanaaya Efimova from Oymyakonsky ulus will be awarded a silver medal, bronze went to the representative of the national team of the Anabar ulus Saskilana Kyltasova.

Perhaps, the most expected both for the participants themselves, and the judges of the competition, steel throwing men. Four-time champion of Russia and record holder of the republic Alexei Sozonov once again proved his leading position and took first place. With a lag of 1 point second went to Dyulustan Tuprin from Churapchinsky ulus. Chorosov Ayaan, representing r. Yakutsk won third place.

Despite the distance competition format and a long break, due to coronavirus infection, athletes in the fight for prizes showed good results. Congratulations to the winners and awardees!

Results of the competition:

Team classification

1 m - Anabar ulus

2 m - Churapchinsky ulus

3 m - Neryungri


1 m - Diana Pavlova, Neryungri (6 points)

2 m - Spiridonova Tainna, Such Anabarskiy (5 points)

3 m - Morfunova Vanessa, Verkhnevilyuisk ulus (9/3)


1 m - Sofronov George, Oimyakonskii ulus (9/6)

2 m - Spiridonov Mikhail, Such Anabarskiy (9/6)

3 m - Petrov Nikolai, Such Çurapçinskiy (7/6)


1 m - Tuprina Valeria, g. Yakutsk (7)

2 m - Efimova Sanaaya, Oimyakonskii ulus (5)

3 m - Kiltasova Saskylana, Such Anabarskiy (4)


1 m - Alexey Sozonov, Srednekolymsky ulus (9)

2 m - Tuprin Dyulustan, Such Çurapçinskiy (8)

3 m - Chorosov Ayaan, g. Yakutsk (9/6)