The world championship in kettlebell lifting is tentatively scheduled for November 2020 g. in St. Petersburg. Master of Sports of the Russian Federation, prize-winner of the Russian championship in kettlebell lifting Vladimir Olenov joined the national team and will take part in the World Championship.

We remind, what with 17 by 20 September in St. Petersburg the Championship and Championship of Russia in kettlebell lifting. Our republic, led by head coach Vasily Dyachkovsky, was represented by 6 athletes. Vladimir Olenov won a long cycle in the discipline 3 place in the weight category up to 68 kg. Its result 67 climbs. 2 place was taken by MSMK Evgeny Ivanov, by doing 73 lifting. MSMK Alexey Ryabkov became the champion of Russia with the result 78 climbs. All three athletes will defend the country's honor at the World Championships.

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