In the Russian mas-wrestling in the "international" replenishment– By order of the Minister of Sports of Russia 28 August Viktor Kolibabchuk was awarded the sports title "Master of Sports of Russia of international class in mas-wrestling". We congratulated Victor on his great achievement and asked for a short interview.

Hello, Victor, Congratulations on being awarded the title of International Master of Sports of the Russian Federation in Mas-Wrestling. For the Yakut people, you are undoubtedly a national hero. How do you feel in a new quality of a master of sports?

thanks a lot for the wishes. How I feel as a master of sports? Everything is simple here – I am very happy! How I do not feel such great delight, because me, it always seemed to my rivals and relatives, that I have long been an international master. When you have so many world victories behind you, European and Russian levels, then this is an expected fact. Nevertheless, it happened, confirmed on paper. I am very happy, for it, that it logically ended.

Today's award – this is a joint effort, it is impossible to achieve great results in sports without support.  And on my own behalf, I want to thank all those, who walked with me from the start, supported me and gave me the opportunity to do what I love. I express my deep gratitude to our President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Alexander Konstantinovich Akimov, I Vice-President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Alexander Nikolaevich Kim-Kimen, All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation headed by Mikhail Dmitrievich Gulyaev, Minister of Sports of the Republic Innokentiy Yuryevich Grigoriev, Director of the Republican Center for National Sports Gavril Mikhailovich Mokhnachevsky. Many thanks to Lena Tomskaya, Igor Golutva, Valeria Tereshko, Dmitry Vasiliev, Vyacheslav Korotov, and all those, who promotes and develops our sport.

More than 10 years since you started mas-wrestling, and during this period all possible podiums were won and the award found its hero. What motivates you to continue your sports career?

Yes, more than a dozen years have passed, and I like to do mas-wrestling more and more, train. For 10 years of career was everything - and the bitterness of defeat at the initial stage and victory. I was lucky to learn from Yakut athletes, from their rivals, I had a chance to fight with all the eminent Madyns in their time. I was able to learn a lot from the founders of this sport and apply it in the future at competitions. And thanks a lot to them for that., for the development of me as an athlete! As for motivation, it's simple - love of sports., in particular mas-wrestling. To reach great heights you need to love sports, understand it and find yourself. And I am very happy, that he found himself and took place as an athlete in mas-wrestling!

You are an athlete, which has its own style of fighting on the platform. Fans are always interested in watching your inimitable fight. On your Instagram page, You wrote, that at first they shamelessly imitated the Yakut athletes. When the sensation came, that mas-wrestling has become yours, and you don't imitate anymore, and even set the tone?

 Each athlete has a different style of fighting, I agree. Yes, as I already said, in the beginning I imitated the Yakut athletes, but the feeling, that mas-wrestling became mine came then, when I took over all the fighting spirit, agility and ability to outwit the opponent. 2009 the year was my opening year. Before the Russian championship, which took place in my native land, in Smolensk, I had only 8-9 months to prepare. There was an irresistible desire to win, confidence woke up and nothing could be but victory.

From tournament to tournament, I studied and practiced skills. When victories began to come, I realized, that I not only can, but also became one of the leading athletes.

Your confession about your inner slogan was a revelation to many of your fans – "Do you want to win mas-wrestling – fight like a Yakut. " What do these words mean to you??

These words are a symbol for me. Symbol, that everything will work out. First of all, you need to understand mas-wrestling as a Yakut sport.. I saw the opposite picture with the guys, who come to international tournaments - they simply do not understand him and lose. We must fight not only as a Yakut, but also to be a little him on the platform.      

You are one of the outstanding athletes, who are currently writing the history of mas-wrestling, Your name is given by Wikipedia in the mas-wrestling section. How do you feel in the role of some kind of headliner?

By and large, I don't feel like a legend or a star athlete.. My life is not only about sports, I have obligations, Job. Of course, very often many people say and write, that you read some articles about me, materials, but I'm used to it and I don't really follow. I think, what is still ahead, God forbid, will still be able to fight. It's too early to talk about victory, I don't like to think, what will happen in the future.  As they say, further more!

And finally, how do you see the further path of mas-wrestling?

Mass-restling grows, moving forward, athletes every year confirm an ever higher level. More countries are opening up, federations, more and more athletes and young people around the world are involved. This is very pleasing. You can feel the support and great work of the All-Russian and International Federations. An important role in the development of mas-wrestling is also played by the support of the fans of our sport.. It's great, when you feel, that people are with you, and you are doing what you love, and the Sakha people welcome it. This inspires the athlete for further feats and promotion of mas-wrestling..

I understand, that time goes by and sometime for an athlete it ends, but i'm sure, that the younger generation is growing, which will definitely climb the Olympic podium. After all, our goal is clear - the Olympics, it remains to come to him.  

 Thank you very much, Victor, that you took the time to answer our questions. Once again, congratulations on the long-awaited title and on behalf of the Yakut fans we wish you bright victories and an indestructible sports career!

Tureckiy ОКОНЕШНИКОВА (photo from open sources)