26 September at the sports complex “Vanguard” Intermunicipal Mas-Wrestling Tournament among men took place in Poronaisk, boys and girls. The event was held within the framework of a national project “National sport, reflective culture, the very spirit of the peoples of Russia”. The tournament was organized by the administration of the Poronaysky city district and the regional mas-wrestling federation at the expense of a grant project from the regional government.

Mas-wrestling is a sport, the basic rules of which were developed in Yakutia. The duel involves two participants, whose main task is to pull the stick, which both athletes hold onto through the support bar, so that one of the rivals let her go. The winner is an athlete, twice successful.

The Deputy Director of the Department of Education delivered a welcoming speech to the participants, culture and sports Andrey Chuvaev, Vice-President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Lena Tomskaya and bronze medalist of the Russian Mas-Wrestling Championship Anastasia Plotnikova.

The youngest preschool athletes showed their performance immediately after the grand opening. Then the boys, girls and men in weight categories over 40, 50, 60 and more than a kilogram fought for the first places. The event was attended by 30 person. The winners of the competition were awarded with diplomas, cups and medals.

The winners of the competition were:

  • preschoolers: Dmitry Kirilin;
  • girls 12-14 years old(from 80 kg): Elena Zhenzherukha;
  • girls 12-14 years old(to 50 kg): Anastasia Kiseleva;
  • girls 12-14 years old(to 60 kg): Alina Romashkina;
  • girls 12-14 years old(to 70 kg): Violetta Zubik;
  • adolescents 12-14 (to 50 kg): Dmitry Filippov;
  • adolescents 10-12 years old(to 70 kg): Denis Kharakhanov;
  • adolescents 15-17 years old(to 70 kg): Dmitry Lyusyuven;
  • men 18+ (from 70 kg): Nikolai Babik;
  • men 18+ (from 80 kg): Alexander Malyavka
  • A source: https://sakhalin.info/
    Link to source: https://sakhalin.info/news/196080