On the Day of Statehood of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 27 September, horse races for the prizes of the Prime Minister of the Republic.

Competitions will be held in 6 six distances, within which three main prizes will be awarded in the equestrian world of the republic. One of the most anticipated races will be the distance in 10 000 m. Horses of the Yakut breed will compete for the main prize of the Government. By the way, a mandatory requirement for admission to races in this category are measurements and chipping. The horse must meet the appropriate withers height requirements, the length of the body and croup of the Yakut breed. These races are preparation for the Manchaara Games for the uluses.. After all, next year most horses, out on this race, meet on the main path in Berdigestyah.

One of the spectacular races promises to be the distance in 2400 m for the Derby prizes. Derby horse racing – this is a purebred horse race at the age of three, born on the territory of the republic. The prize is aimed at supporting the breeding work of local horse breeders. Recognized leaders of Tumen will meet on the race track, Governor, Nord Star, Nicole and others. We remind, what's at the races, held 19 September the Governor was in the lead, Tumen ran second, and closed the top three Nicole. Nonetheless, it is impossible to predict victory in advance. Although the recognized leader is the Namsky horse Tumen, The governor of the Churapchins can impose his game on the track, also Nord Star from Megino-Kangalassky ulus will join the fight. After all, the Megin horses have not been inferior to their rivals for a long time in the Derby.

Expected, that the recognized beauties Mein Koenig will come out on the track and delight fans, Macy King, Black jet, Jafar, Conquiscador, Varadero, Ankendi. true, fans will see them at different distances. By the way, at the last races everyone's favorite, hippodrome fighter Mein Koenig set a new race track record and once again made his name in the history of equestrian sports in the republic.

Its useful to note, that in the difficult conditions of the pandemic, the Equestrian Federation of the Republic at a high level is already organizing the third horse races live. Just like in the past, the main event of the fall will be broadcasted live on the NEC Sakha channel and YouTube.


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