24-25 September, the republican competition in throwing the lasso in a distance format will take place. This will be the first competition after a long break for athletes in the northern all-around.. And let the competition be held in a distance format, for the participants it will be long awaited, Moreover, this year the Russian Championship was interrupted just before the start due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Participants in online competitions need to hit the troche with a lasso from a distance with a dexterous movement 15 m (men and boys) and 11 m (women and girls). The arcana length is 30 m, and the height of the chorea 3 m.


Athletes in a new distance form for themselves will prove their art of mastery of the lasso: dexterity, quickness, accuracy and strength. Unlike other disciplines of the northern all-around, in throwing the lasso, it is impossible to predict the winner in advance. Much will depend on weather conditions, especially since the athletes will not be placed on an equal footing. Someone may be more fortunate, some - less.


According to the Regulation, the time for throwing is limited – 5 minutes for an unlimited number of shots.

The competition promises to be exciting, as the best athletes will compete for medals, champions of previous competitions and new names. And we look forward to the start of the competition.

Competitions will be held live on the Instagram platform in the @tsportscool account

Tureckiy ОКОНЕШНИКОВА (photo from the archive of the Center)