Today, 19 September, republican horse races were held at the hippodrome of FSBEI VO AGATU, dedicated to the memory of heroes and veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

The races passed without spectators, but the spectacular event was broadcast live by NEC "Sakha", so that amateurs and fans of equestrian sports could enjoy them in full.

Total passed 7 races. The first two horses on the racetrack. Probably, not only fans, but the coaches themselves were expecting the release of two years. After all, many of them debuted for the first time. A beautiful victory in the distance 1000 m was won by the heir to the prize of the President of the Republic (Dunk Shot) Dream Shot from Megino-Kangalassky ulus under the saddle of master jockey Vitaly Petrov.  

For the first time in the history of Yakut horse racing, the distance in 1600 m was presented four times. We thought, that this may be due to the organizational moments of the races on the air. After all, the start of the car did not have to be rearranged several times.

The future derbists of the republic opened the distance. Probably, the attention of equestrian sports fans was riveted on them, to 3 years old, born on the territory of the republic. Unfortunately, Artik Boy was not represented among them, Nord Star, Arylkhan and Sirius. Based on the results of today's two races on 1600 m the best result among future derbists was shown by the Governor from Churapchinsky ulus (1.49.9), following – Tumen from the Khangalassky ulus (1.50.2) and with the third result, Nicole from Megino-Kangalassky ulus ran to the finish line (1.52.1). So the upcoming Derby trophy races are going to be exciting, After all, today the horses ran a distance that was not usual for many, and ahead – 2400 m!

The fourth race did not surprise anyone. first, as expected, beautifully finished Night Shot from Amginsky ulus, and Tuskul ,as it always happened at this racetrack, got up halfway.

In the fifth races, the fight was between Black Jet and Ankendi. The dark chestnut stallion Black Jet under the saddle of master jockey Yegor Okoneshnikov did not give the rivals a chance and snatched the victory.

The penultimate distance, Unfortunately, was not revenge after the race for the prizes of the head of the republic. The current owner of the prize Broker Bars was not presented this time, which probably upset many viewers. Indeed, in previous years, most of the winners of the main prize of the republic had to prove their leadership. Nonetheless, the races were exciting. This time, the two-time winner of the Il Darkhan Prize Mine Kening surprised. The horse took the lead from the start of the race, what is contrary to the horse's running style. We remind, that Mein Koenig jumped out of the starter car almost the last and at the beginning always kept in the middle, than once worried his fans. He pulled ahead from the middle of the distance. This time the fans of the Churapchin horse saw him from a new side and rejoiced at his beautiful victory.

Today's races were completed by horses of the Yakut and half-blooded breed of 4 years and older. To the delight of numerous fans, victory in the distance 3200 m went to the Ataman from Megino-Kangalassky ulus.

Horse racing, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War were held. And we, on behalf of the fans and horse racing fans, thank the Federation of Equestrian Sports of the Republic and the NEC "Sakha" for organizing and providing the opportunity to become a part of a large-scale event on the air.  

Tureckiy ОКОНЕШНИКОВА, author photo

Race Results:

1000 meters for horses 2 years old

1 place Dream Shot (Megino – Kangalassky ulus) – 1.05.1

2 numismatic place (Verkhnevilyuisk ulus) – 1.06.3

3 Sardana place (Such Namskiy) – 1.06.6

4 seat Assembly (Verkhnevilyuisk ulus) – 1.07.4

5 place Tolon (Such Çurapçinskiy) – 1.08.9

6 place Karifan (Khangalassky people) – 1. 11.6

1600 meters for horses 3 years old

1 Tumen place (Khangalassky people) – 1. 50.2

2 place Nicole (Megino – Kangalassky ulus) – 1. 52.1

3 place Goin Ap (Yakutsk) – 1.53.3

4 Black Greek place (Ltd “Davidoff” Such Amginskiy – 1.53.6

5 place Atlanta (Megino – Kangalassky ulus) – 1.54.2

1600 meters for horses 3 years old

1 Governor's place (Such Çurapçinskiy) – 1 49.9

2 place Armada (Megino – Kangalassky ulus) – 1.52.2

3 place Golden Ass (Megino – Kangalassky ulus) – 1.53.7

Nord Star filmed on vet. testimony.

1600 meters for horses 3 years and older

1 place Night Shot (Ltd ” Davidoff” Such Amginskiy) -1. 48.6

2 place morocco (Such Nyurbinskiy) – 1.51.8

3 place Star Trek (Vilyuysky District) – 1.54.4

Tuskul starred

1600 meters for horses 3 years and older (imported)

1 Black Jet spot (Megino – Kangalassky ulus) – 1.43.8

2 Ankandy's place (Such Çurapçinskiy) – 1.45.9

3 place Varadero (SHPK ” Strod” Such Amginskiy) 1.46.3

4 place Witness Bars (Ltd “Davidoff” Such Amginskiy) – 1.47.7

2000 m

For horses 4 years and older (imported)

1 place Mine Koenig (Such Çurapçinskiy) – 2.10.6

2 place maisie king (SHPK ” Strod” Such Amginskiy) 2.10.9

3 Jafar place (Khangalassky people) – 2.14.0

4 place Conquistador (Such Suntarskiy) – 2.14.7

5 place Borisoglebsk (Ltd ” Davidoff” Such Amginskiy) – 2.20.8

3200 meters for Yakut and half-breed horses

1 place Ataman (Megino – Kangalassky ulus) -4. 09.8

2 place Kylbar (Megino – Kangalassky ulus) – 4.21.0

3 place Gladiator (Olekminsky district) – 4.21.3

4 place Kundeer (Megino – Kangalassky ulus) – 4. 23.7

5 place Saryal (Ltd ” Davidoff” Such Amginskiy) – 4.24.2

6 place Samnybat (Ltd ” Davidoff” Such Amginskiy”) – 4. 30.1

7 place Dyuluskhan (Megino – Kangalassky ulus) – 4. 36.3

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