21 September, the rector of the Churapchinsky State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports Innokenty Gotovtsev met with the Minister of Sports of Russia Oleg Matytsin. Among the issues discussed was extremely important for us - training of mas-wrestling trainers.

Mas-wrestling is unique in that, that he did not come from outside, but was born in the Russian region and its formation is taking place before our eyes. After receiving the official status of an all-Russian sport, it began to develop rapidly throughout the country.. Over the five years since the state accreditation, masters of sports of Russia in mas-wrestling and even five masters of sports of international class have appeared in several regions at once.

The All-Russian Federation, in cooperation with the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, is doing everything to create conditions, so that Russian athletes can fulfill the necessary standards for obtaining high sports titles and for this they organize large international competitions with the involvement of a large number of participating countries.

But at the beginning of the journey, we encountered difficulties due to the lack of mas-wrestling judges of the All-Russian category for holding our own championships and national championships, and we had to look for ways to resolve this issue. Then the Ministry of Sports of Russia met us halfway, allowing judges to work with the required category from other sports until we have "raised" our.

A similar problem arose with local coaches. In Russian regions, at this time, mas-wrestling classes are taught by enthusiastic coaches from other sports, which raises questions and complaints. Finally, this negative situation will radically change for the better.

Today, mas-wrestling specialists are trained at two federal universities - at the Institute of Physical Culture of the North-Eastern Federal University and at the Churapchinsky State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports.. Both are in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and, by itself, residents of the republic become graduates of these higher educational institutions, since, due to remoteness, many Russians do not have the opportunity to get a decent education in a new all-Russian sport.

This year, on the initiative of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation, the rector of the federal sports university in Churapcha Innokenty Gotovtsev came out with a proposal to train mas-wrestling coaches and instructors to the Ministry of Sports of Russia. Yesterday a meeting was held with the head of the department Oleg Matytsin. The outcome of the negotiations is more than positive – ChGIFKiS received a state task to train mas-wrestling coaches and instructors remotely within the framework of the Federal project "Sport is the norm of life". And the most important thing is, that training on this program will be free. We regard this as a tangible help to regional public organizations, mas-wrestling. Especially, that the Federal standard for mas-wrestling already exists. by the way, its development was carried out by the same university.

Federal project "Sports – the norm of life "started last year and ends in December 2024 of the year. Supervises the project by the Government of the Russian Federation. Objective of the project – creation of conditions for all categories and groups of the population for physical culture and sports, mass sports, including increasing the level of provision of the population with sports facilities, as well as the preparation of the sports reserve.

We can confidently consider the decision taken by the Ministry of Sports of Russia to be historical and a turning point in the development of mas-wrestling in our country. This became possible thanks to the efforts of the leadership of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation and the chairman of its Scientific and Methodological Committee Innokenty Gotovtsev.

Considering, that at the end of the training, specialists will be awarded state diplomas on obtaining higher education, then the requirements for candidates for admission will be high. Only those interested will be accepted, that are related to the development of mas-wrestling in the field - coaches, titled athletes, sports managers. A prerequisite is the presence of higher education. Moreover, the specialty, previously received, may not be a sport.  

The training program is designed for 756 hours, at the end of which there will be a diploma defense. Thesis should only relate to the subject of study - mas-wrestling. The leader will help you choose a topic. Training will begin in the middle of the first quarter of next year.

Upon completion of training, graduates will have the opportunity to open sections, teach in sports educational institutions - colleges, colleges and universities.

The executive bodies in the field of physical culture and sports in the constituent entities of Russia will require regional mas-wrestling federations to have certified coaches in working with the population in mas-wrestling.

All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation will appoint a special commission to form the first set of listeners at the next meeting of the Presidium. In the meantime, these duties are assigned to L.I..

Author:  Lena Tomsk
Author photo:  Anastasia Didenko