The Presidium of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation has determined the priority directions for the development of the sport. Attention will be drawn to those countries, whose great potential is not yet fully revealed.

Firstly, these are countries, members of the Arctic Council: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.

The topic of the Arctic is now especially relevant. In some countries from this list, such as the USA, Canada, Finland and Russia proper, thanks to the efforts of our colleagues, active work is already underway.

For information: The US Mas-Wrestling Federation is taking steps to develop the northern territories - posted an article about mas-wrestling with colorful photographs in the Alaska Airlines in-flight magazine for the month of March.

The global goal of work in this direction should be the inclusion of mas-wrestling in the sports program of the Arctic Winter Games.

reference: The Arctic Winter Games are international sporting events, held among the countries of the circumpolar region, which are designed to preserve the traditional sports of the indigenous small peoples of the North and are aimed at developing sports in the regions of the participating countries.

They are held once 4 years and have a great resonance. This year they were supposed to take place in Canada, but for obvious reasons were canceled. Some non-winter sports can also be represented. Competitions for these types are held indoors.

What can we do next year in this direction?

  1. Conduct planned events at a high level:

– International tournament "Viking Challenge" in Norway;

– presentation tournament in Greenland (Denmark).

  1. Conduct training seminars for athletes on competition days, judges and coaches.
  2. Record everything that happens on film. Make professional films.
  3. An important point will be the creation in Finland of a permanent sports base for holding training camps for national teams from different countries.

Presidium member Juha-Ves Yantti made a proposal, which can be supported at the state level in Finland.

“Our company Jana-pro sports together with the Finnish Mas-Wrestling Association will create opportunities for sports training in Pyhtäi, Finland, - said Mr. Yantti. - The project can receive government support, while own funding will be 30%, and the state takes over 70%.

The area of ​​the sports base is 9000 m2, there is a large old school building 650m2, which has already been renovated into a mas-wrestling hall, as well as sleeping areas for eight people and a kitchen. The building also has old teachers' apartments, which are renovated for a full stay.

In this way, we can currently accommodate a total of about twenty people at a time. In the future, we may renovate another classroom with an area 70 m2 for theoretical training. Besides, outside will be built a sauna with wood and electric heating, and with showers.

I want to build a place like this, where everyone can practice mas-wrestling at the highest level. A bonus will be an outdoor workout against the backdrop of beautiful Finnish nature.

The project will be ready within 2021 of the year. As the project progresses, I will keep you updated with photos and drawings..

promise, that the project will be truly unique!"- completed his information Juha-Vesa.

The meeting participants supported the idea of ​​developing mas-wrestling in the Arctic countries in general and the project with the participation of the state in Finland in particular.

President Alexander Akimov said, that next year Russia will dominate the Arctic Council. He is the deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee on federal structure, regional policy, Local Government and Northern Affairs, Chairman of the Arctic and Antarctic Council announced his personal supervision of this area and instructed to create a separate committee to carry out the tasks.

Author: Lena Tomsk.