On Saturday, 22 August, in Sergiev Posad, near Moscow, on the Blagoveshchensky field, the festival "Russian World" was held, where the Yakut mas-wrestling was presented.

The main organizer of the event was the Ministry of Sports of the Moscow Region.

Traditionally, this festival features various sports, and there is also a cultural component. Mas-wrestling federations of the city of Moscow and the Moscow region carry out work within its framework to popularize the Yakut sport among the population.

Due to the increased interest in mas-wrestling this year, it was decided to hold a full-fledged tournament by analogy with the competitions at the Yakut national holiday Ysyakh, that is, from among all those who wish. There were many of them.

The tournament turned out to be international thanks to the participation of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic. Moreover, they made up about half of the competitors and decorated our sports festival with their uncompromising fights.

Russia was represented by regions: Moscow city, Irkutsk, Moscow, Tverskaya, Челябинская области. Московская область – городами Долгопрудный, Dmitrov, Korolev, Sergiev Posad, Serpukhov, Solntsevo, Khimki.

Before the fights, the organizers held a master class and the competition began. Men competed in three weight categories - up to 70 kg, to 90 kg and above 90 kg, and women - in absolute.

Notably, that the tournament worked, can say, "Generals" - the arbitrator was Evgeny Petrov, vice-president of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of the Moscow Region, Secretary - President of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of the city of Moscow Dmitry Vasiliev, presenter - Vice-President of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation Igor Galutva, the shooting was conducted by the champion of Russia Victoria Yakovenko. Personal example is the key to success.

Mas-wrestlers, already well-known in Russia, became the winners of the competition., but in the category above 90 kg among men, the first was the newcomer Artem Meshkov, local criminal investigation officer. He admitted, that he really liked mas-wrestling. He will follow the competitions in the region, I would like to master it and involve my friends in my studies.

Winners of the tournament:


  1. Victoria Yakovenko - Moscow / Ulyanovsk
  2. Zhigalova Ekaterina - Dmitrov
  3. Fedorova Alena - Tver


70 kg

  1. Krasovsky Ilya - Tver
  2. Emilbek Uulu Beknazar - Kyrgyzstan
  3. Samatbekov Nurbolot - Kyrgyzstan

90 kg

  1. Eliev Husniddin - Tver
  2. Beketov Ivan - Sergiev Posad
  3. Perevozchikov Alexey - Khimki

90+ kg

  1. Meshkov Artem - Sergiev Posad
  2. Semipyatnov Konstantin - Dolgoprudny
  3. Mairambek Bahdoolot - Kyrgyzstan

Nobody left this day without a gift. The organizers are grateful to the General Partner of CJSC "Textile Profi" in the person of General Director Alexey Vladimirovich Lykov for his great help in organizing, поддержку мас-рестлинга и ценные призы – подарочные сертификаты. Надеемся на дальнейшее плодотворное сотрудничество.

After leaving the isolation mode, each held sports event is perceived in a special way. When your friends are around and you watch beautiful fights, a bright sun shines over you and summer seems to be forever, what else is needed for happiness?

Author: Lena TOMSK.

Author photo: Victoria YAKOVENKO, Lena TOMSK.