Each sport has its own history, stages of origin and development.  Our national sports have deep roots, their origins begin in the distant past of the history of the people. But there are also such sports, which become truly national due to non-fundamentals, but people. So it happened with the lifting of the kettlebell.. We can say with a great deal of confidence, that this type of weightlifting not only originated and formed, but also acquired a national character thanks to fans of kettlebell lifting.

Exercises with kettlebells in the modern view as a sport in our republic emerged quite recently.. The period of the formation of kettlebell lifting is considered to be the 60s of the XX century.. On the initiative of the regional council of the Voluntary Sports Society "Harvest", kettlebell lifting was included in the program of the First Games of Manchaara. It became a real boom of its time - in many areas, kettlebells have become an obligatory part of physical education.. The popularity of kettlebell lifting has increased every year. Thanks to Vasily Kaskov, Vasily Dyachkovsky, Fedor Dyakonov, Rostislav Yakushev and many others, they knew about our weight lifters outside the republic. In the 80s, kettlebell lifting in the republic was the leader in the Far East in terms of mass and skill..

At the time, kettlebell was almost the only power sport., - and today they have fashionable Western competitors: powerlifting, bodybuilding or crossfit. But despite this, kettlebell lifting in our republic continues to remain not only popular, but also developing. And this is thanks to the permanent popularizers, one of which is our today's hero - Vasily Nikolaevich Dyachkovsky, Honored coach of the Republic, executive director of the Federation of kettlebell lifting of the republic, and senior coach of the RCNVS named after. AT. Mançaarı.

This sport in our republic is not without reason associated with the name of Vasily Nikolaevich. His name in narrow circles is known outside the republic as one of the strongest athletes in the past and as a successful coach of youth today..

We asked Vasily Nikolaevich to share his vision of the present and future kettlebell lifting, remember your young years and your formation as an athlete and coach.

Vasily Nikolaevich considers his childhood one of the happiest moments of his life:

– I had a happy childhood. Born and raised in the small village of Matta, Megino-Kangalassky ulus. We were in the family 10 children - six girls and four boys, at that time it was not uncommon. Parents worked in a village store. Father - to the manager, mom is a salesman. My father was a communist, and that's it. And my mother was very kind, responsive, all the housework and raising children fell on her fragile shoulders.

We were taught to live in a team, prepared for school, generally, brought up real Soviet people from us. From morning till night we were lost in the street. Even the prohibitions of parents could not drive us home and stop the game. There were few toys, but there was a rich imagination. We were village children, and we had room for games: field, forest, river, Street.

Vasily's childhood happened just at the time of the formation of mass physical culture and sports work in the countryside.. In those years, more serious attention began to be paid to the creation of conditions for physical culture and sports in a rural school:

– I started doing sports at school. At that time, many rural guys were fond of freestyle wrestling., athletics, skiing. We couldn't be kicked out of the gym, our generation spent all their free time there. We didn’t have big plans, did not seek to conquer Olympus, but were passionate about sports thanks to our physical education teachers, who were fans of their business.

Sometimes on the path of a young man there are such people, which predetermine his future fate, so it happened with Vasily:

– I came to kettlebell lifting right after the army, at 1978 g. A huge role in this was played by the teacher of the Yakut language and literature Vasily Vasilyevich Scriabin-Idelgi, master of sports of the republic in kettlebell lifting. Vasily Vasilyevich gathered rural youth around him and began to train us. My hobby determined my future life, and 1979 g. I entered the Yakutsk Pedagogical School No. 1.

Is considered, that the result comes to those, who does what they love and works tirelessly. Vasily found his path and rather quickly achieved great success in sports:

– During my studies at the school, I continued to engage in lifting weights, then he began to participate in competitions. IN 1982 g. fulfilled the norm of the master of sports of the RSFSR. Three times won the Russian championships. In his entire sports biography, he climbed nine times to the highest pedestal of the championships of the republic. Twice he became the winner of the Manchaara Games and the Sports Games of the peoples of Yakutia. IN 1985 g. at the insistence of Arkady Mikhailovich Alekseev was appointed senior coach of the Yakut ASSR national team. And just the same during this period there was an upsurge in kettlebell lifting in our republic..

The collapse in the country in the 90s also affected the sports industry - kettlebell lifting practically ceased to exist. For Vasily Nikolaevich personally, this period was also difficult.:

– At that time I worked as a physical education teacher at Tulagin secondary school.. We tried to do what we love - to continue to educate young people. But major competitions were not organized, finances did not stand out. It was a difficult period.

Sometimes more needs to be done to be successful, than just correct course, - it needs to be completely changed. Desire to train, promote kettlebell lifting prompted Vasily Nikolaevich to move forward:

 – AT 2000 g. moved to his native school as a teacher. And then in 2009 g. Innokenty Yurievich Grigoriev invited me to the RCNVS named after. AT. Mançaarı, and since then I have been working as a senior trainer of the Center. I will say without false modesty, that by joint efforts we managed to breathe a "second wind" into kettlebell lifting. After all, the development of a sport largely depends on the unity of goals, joint management, coaches and athletes. In increasing the popularity and results of kettlebell lifting, the role of our Federation is huge., headed by my friend Vasily Tarasovich Kurnev, multiple champion of Yakutia, Master of Sports of the RSFSR and YaASSR. His ideas, decisive action, support of talented guys moves our species forward.


The unique talent of the coach and the accumulated experience help Vasily Nikolaevich to educate and nurture a new generation of kettlebell lifters with full dedication:

– Many guys come to me every year, who want to go in for kettlebell lifting. The first 2-3 months trying not only to motivate, but also strictly control training, monitor nutrition, daily routine. And after that, the guys can no longer be kicked out of the hall.. The worst punishment for my pupils is excommunication.  There were such cases, when the guilty with tears in their eyes asked to return to the hall.

The most important thing for a coach is the success of his students. For me, these are not only titles and medals won, but the most important thing is the personal growth of the athlete. It is very gratifying to see the result of collaboration, when a self-confident man grows out of a young man who is quite puny at first.

For almost 30 years of his coaching career brought up more 20 masters of sports of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), 16 masters of sports of Russia, one master of sports of international class. I have the best guys, among them the world champion, Europe and Russia Mikhail Savvinov, Russian Cup winner Vladimir Olenov, Russian Cup winners Ruslan Luginov, Elena Gulyaeva and many others.

To advance kettlebell lifting, Vasily Nikolaevich is decisive and is not afraid to express thoughts and act:

– I'm sure, that kettlebell lifting is underestimated. It's not a secret to anybody, that our sport is undervalued and not fully supported. After all, my guys work five days a week in the gym tirelessly., lifting daily 20-25 tons of weight. I think, that this work should not be wasted - athletes need to have starts, to perform and show themselves at competitions.

I would like, so that people understand that kettlebell lifting is very popular in almost all regions of the country and is considered the national sport of Russia. And achieve results, all the more, getting into the top three is a difficult task. We are fulfilling this task and would like to keep the achieved.

Constantly acting, confronting difficulties and increasingly achieving results, Vasily Nikolaevich strengthens the belief that, that kettlebell lifting in the republic has a future:

– Kettlebell lifting is one of the twenty most popular sports in Russia. Sure, lately Western power sports have gained a lot of fans, such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit. They compete not only with us, but also to many sports. Sure, there is nothing wrong with western sports. But Russia, especially Yakutia is a harsh climate and difficult conditions for survival. I think, that lifting weights will not give up. Since our sports can be played by anyone, regardless of gender, age and financial situation. He is very democratic, accessibility and simplicity are unique - does not require a large area, special equipment, significant amount of inventory. Its potential for complex effects on the human body is very high. When training with a kettlebell, not only the musculoskeletal system and muscle structures receive the load, but also the cardiovascular system, and strong-willed potential of a person.

Over the past ten years, kettlebell lifting in our region has become more popular and has risen to a higher level.. Even during a pandemic, associated with the spread of coronavirus infection, our kettlebell lifters did not stop training. On the initiative of Vasily Nikolaevich, a distance republican tournament in kettlebell lifting was organized, as well as a large-scale challenge for kettlebell lifters of the republic.

Tureckiy ОКОНЕШНИКОВА (photo from the personal archive of the hero and open sources)