Today, 4 July 2020 city, in the empty stands, horse racing for prizes of the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Every year, this main event of equestrian sports attracted hundreds of fans from all the uluses of the republic, what made horse racing spectacular, exciting and truly interesting. After all, from ancient times, horse racing was the most anticipated and greatest holiday for our ancestors. The exception was only 2020 year, when fans and fans of this large-scale event had to join the TV screens, due to restrictions, associated with the spread of coronavirus infection.

Despite the lack of spectators, XVI races for the prize of the Head of the Republic were successful. And they will contribute to the development of wonderful traditions of breeding and riding.. After all, this year the total prize pool of the races was 5 million rubles.

The program of the day included a total of 6 races. The highest competition was expected at a distance 2400 meters for the prize of the Head of the Republic.

The first two horses on the racetrack. In the jump to 800 m prize "Summer" for horses of two years the best was the Arctic from Megino-Kangalassky ulus under the saddle of the jockey Vitaly Petrov, Athena took second place (FSBEI AGATU), and closed the top three Numismatics from Verkhnevilyuysky ulus.

In the jump №2 on 1000 meters for the prize "Criterium" fought 5 horses. 1 the place was taken by a suffragist (Such Namskiy), the second came running Varadero (Such Amginskiy), behind him – Cool Jet (Verkhnevilyuisk ulus).

at a distance 1600 meters for mares 3 years Nicole celebrated the victory. except her, Armada and Atlanta hit the top three. All mares represented Megino-Kangalsky ulus.

One of the expected distances is 2000 m for horses 3 years and older. In total for the prize "Ugoria" started 9 jumpers, born in RS(I). The first finish in an exciting battle for leadership crossed Artik Boy (Such Amginskiy). Nord Star from Megino-Kangalassky ulus finished second, followed by namsky fog. Unfortunately, Kerel left the race, getting a leg injury.

The most important mystery of the day, was - whether the two-time winner of the Prize of the Head of the RS can(I) Mine Koenig to complete a hat-trick this year 2400 m.

From the start, Ankendi joined in a tense struggle, Black jet, Esau and Maize King. Black Jet took the lead in the middle of the race, but the rivals did not allow to go forward.

All lovers of the dark bay Churapchinsky stallion were disappointed. In a bitter struggle, the representative of the Churapcha agricultural production complex, Main Koenig, ran the third under the saddle of the jockey Anatoly Kulichkin. The horse could not get around the rivals and get ahead of the traffic jam, which was squeezed into.  The stallion from Megino-Kangalassky ulus managed to win the main prize of the republic – Broker Bars, under the saddle of the jockey master Vitaly Petrov. Vitaly proved his skill, at a decisive moment, having managed to break ahead on the outer edge. He was ahead of his rival Maisie King from the Amginsky ulus on the corps. The long-awaited victory for the team of Megino-Kangalassky ulus returned after seven years, becoming the fifth triumph of Meghins.  

At the last distance in 3200 m for the prize of the Government entered the fray 9 horses. From the first seconds, the Tuskul race did not work out, this time, under the saddle of Valentin Ivanov, the horse refused to run already on the first turn. To the delight of the fans, Sandal namsky steadily won a victory, followed by Meghin Cyber ​​Shot, owned by a participant in the Olympics, silver medalist of the world championship, Our famous boxer Vasily Egorov, and closed the Zhirkov leaders, passed into the possession of the Churapchintsy.

The main jumps took place, winners are determined. Will hope, that soon we will see full stands and jubilant fans.

Yellow OKONESHNIKOV (author photo)

Race Results:

800 m

Prize “Summer”

1 place Arctic, Megino-kangalassky district, 0.53.5

2 place Athena, FSBEI HE “Arctic GATU”, 0.53.9

3 numismatic place, Verkhnevilyuisk ulus, 0.54.4

4 Lady Levinson's place, SHPK «Betun», Such Amginskiy, 0.54.6

5 place Tolon, SHPK ” Çurapça”, Such Çurapçinskiy, 0.54.9

1000 m

Prize ” Criterion”

1 place suffragist, Such Namskiy, 1.03.4

2 place Varadero, SHPK ” Strod”, Aginsky ulus, 1.04.1

3 cool jet place, Verkhnevilyuisk ulus, 1.06.6

4 place Star Trek, ЧВ Шамаев, Vilyuysky District, 1.08.0

5 Kydyana place, Ust Aldan ulus, 1.13.1

1600 m

Prize ” OKS”

1 place Nicole, Megino-kangalassky district, 1.50.8

2 place Armada, Megino-kangalassky district, 1.52.5

3 place Atlanta, Megino – Kangalassky ulus, 1.54.3

4 place Polar Star, Ust-Aldan ulus, 2.12.7

2000 m

Prize ” Ugoria”

1 place Arctic Boy, SHPK ” Strod”, Such Amginskiy, 2.18.4

2 place Nord Star, Megino-kangalassky district, 2.19.6

3 Tumen place, Khangalassky people, 2.20

4 place Arylhan, Such Namskiy, 2.20.4

5 Black Greek place, Ltd ” Davidoff”, Such Amginskiy, 2.22.0

6 place Goin Ap, Such Suntarskiy, 2.26.2

7 Governor's place, ЧВ Макаров, Such Çurapçinskiy, 2.28.2

8 place Sirius, ЧВ Гоголев П.М.,  Ust Aldan ulus, 2.34.4

2400 m

Prize of the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

1 place Broker Bars, owner “Arctic Stroy”, Megino – Kangalassky ulus, 2.38.3

2 place maisie king, SHPK “Strod”, Such Amginskiy, 2.38.7

3 place Mine Koenig, SHPK “Çurapça”, Such Çurapçinskiy, 2.39.2

4 place of Esaul, ЧВ Павлов С.М., Such Namskiy, 2.39.5

5 place Coribian Boy, Verkhnevilyuyskaya secondary school number 2 them. Egorova, 2.42.0

6 Black Jet spot, Megino-kangalassky district, 2.42.4

7 Jafar place, Khangalassky people, 2.42.9

8 place alter, ЧВ Bechekyanov PP, Ust Aldan ulus, 2.43.4

9 place Witness Bars, Ltd “Davidoff”, Amginsk people, 2.44.5

10 Ankandy's place, SHPK “Çurapça”, Such Çurapçinskiy, 2.46.4

3200 m

Government Prize

1 place Sandal, ЧВ Протопопов К.Н., Such Namskiy, 3.42.4

2 place Cyber ​​Shot, FV Egorov V.M., Megino-kangalassky district, 3.43.7

3 Zhirkov place, ЧВ Макаров В.Д.,  Such Çurapçinskiy, 3.50.3

4 place Einzer Gut, Megino-kangalassky district, 3.50.5

5 place Stimulus, ЧВ Иванов Н.Е., Such Tattinskiy, 4.03.5

6 place arabica, Such Tattinskiy, 4.06.7

7 place morocco, ЧВ Михайлов М.С., Such Nyurbinskiy, 4.08.4

8 place Little Light, SHPK “Strod”, Such Amginskiy, 4.33.5

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