Aisen Nikolaev paid a working visit to the Mountain District. During the visit, the head of the republic checked the preparation for the XXI Spartakiad in national sports "Games of Manchaara", which will take place in 2021 year in with. Berdigestyah. Nikolaev visited the facilities under construction and held a meeting of the organizing committee via video conferencing.

In the village of Berdigestyah, Il Darkhan inspected the stadium construction site, and also got acquainted with the progress of work on the construction of a universal shooting complex.

At a narrowed meeting of the organizing committee with the participation of members of the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic, the acting deputy chairman of the government reported to the head of the republic, chairman of the organizing committee of the games Sergey Mestnikov, and the head of the district Nikita Andreev.

In the coming months, a multifunctional sports hall will be built here in the Gorny region for the Manchaara Games, with a boarding school on the versatile shooting complex 50 places, from the podium at the stadium 1000 Places with mobile stands for 3000 places, and reconstructed hippodrome. Also, under the federal program "Formation of a comfortable urban environment", the embankment of the Matta River will be equipped with the construction of a bridge (transition) at the stadium. According to acting. Deputy Prime Minister Mestnikov, at all sites the work is carried out according to the schedule, no lags.

As the head of the district Nikita Andreev noted, for nutrition and accommodation of athletes will be involved 24 object, including 15 objects of education, 4 administrative buildings, 2 sports hall, as well as boarding schools and apartment buildings under construction. 19 sites in Berdigestyakh will be prepared for a cultural program.

At the meeting of the organizing committee, plans for the repair of building facades were also discussed using a special design code., developed by the Office of Architecture and Urban Planning under the head of the republic, arrangement of solid municipal waste landfill, reconstruction of electrical networks, construction of a sewage treatment plant and gasification of the village. was noted, that in the coming years gas should appear in all households of Berdigestyakh.

Aisen Sergeevich positively assessed the work carried out by the organizing committee and recalled, that preparation for the Olympics is not only the construction of sports facilities and the organization of competitions, but also the creation of infrastructure in general. The head instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to take on special control the demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing, repair of intra-village roads, of which they plan to commission this year 3,2 km, and also work out the issue of transporting participants.

“A lot of work is being done to improve the settlement for the Games. Objects under construction under the resettlement program from hazardous housing, the roads, electrical networks are being reconstructed. I'm sure, that all work will be completed on time, and next year Berdigestyakh will truly be transformed, will become one of the best rural settlements in our republic ", - noted Aisen Nikolaev.


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