On Sunday, 7 June, six races and two races took place on the tracks of the Central Moscow Hippodrome.

Three-year-old thoroughbred stallions took part in a handicap on 1800 m. And for stallions four years and older, a restriction distance prize was established 2000 m. Each race and jump were broadcast live on the Moscow Hippodrome YouTube channel.

Jockey from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Spiridon Timofeev, Olga Polushkina, who works in the training department, made in the first race at a distance 1800 m, reports "Sports of Yakutia". In total, five horses took the start, including the English thoroughbred Temple Varrior under the saddle of the Yakutian Spiridon Timofeev (owner Bykov M.I. – approx. "SY").

Temple Warrior, a bay stallion, was not considered a favorite of the race., but, Nonetheless, largely due to the ability of jockey Spiridonov a beautiful victory was won in the race. Temple Varrior rushed forward from the start, but in the middle of the distance she was overtaken by Sky Barbaro. It would seem that, favorite will not yield leadership, but at the final corner Temple Varrior again pulled forward and gave an excellent ending, ahead of the pursuer in more than two corps. Spiridon Timofeev and Temple Varrior (1.54.7) won the first victory of the season and won 70 000 thousand.

Recall, Spiridon Timofeev is a jockey from Amginsky ulus (with. Abaga, SHPK "Strod"). Currently working in Moscow with the famous coach Olga Polushkina. At Russian Hippodromes (Kazan, Moscow) it was his tenth anniversary performance and the fourth in the last month. Timofeev previously won prizes, but the title of winner of the horse race was awarded for the first time. With what and congratulations!