In accordance with the Regulation on the Unified All-Russian Sports Classification by Order of the Minister of Sports of Russia No. 13 from 28 February 2020 year awarded the sports title "Master of Sports of Russia of International Class" Ivan Andreevich Galkin.

Get acquainted. Ivan Galkin, 1998 the year of birth. Weight - 115 kg, height - 192 cm. Graduated from Kaluga College of Technology. He served in the army. Works as a glass loading operator at the Fuyao Glass Rus glass automobile glass factory and as an athlete-instructor in the Vympel sports complex. Not married. Considers, what early.

And what is special about this information? What sets him apart from other Russian guys named Ivan? The thing is, that our Ivan is a mas-wrestler! And henceforth he is a high-flying mas-wrestler. is he – international master of sports of Russia!

Ivan Galkin calmly accepted the news of achieving such a high status, since he was sure, that the Federal Law on Physical Culture and Sports in Russia is working and that his victory at the World Cup guaranteed him this sports title.

He trains under the guidance of coach Vladimir Alekseevich Tsukanov, who made a great contribution to its formation. According to the athlete himself, in his victories and sports titles, which received, there is a significant share of the work of a personal trainer. For which he is immensely grateful to him.

Congratulations to the newly made "international" and without further comment we give him the floor. Read his interview without abbreviations, in one piece, to feel his attitude towards mas-wrestling. It's serious. It would seem that, so much time has passed, and he remembers everything to the smallest detail. However, read for yourself.

Ivan Galkin about himself and his path in mas-wrestling:

“I came to mas-wrestling 2016 year. Первое выступление было сразу же на Первенстве России среди юниоров у нас в Калуге. По счастливой случайности, maybe, and not by chance, it turned out so, what i won. Then there was a performance at the All-Russian tournament in memory of Roman Dmitriev, where i took second place, defeating Roman Kalinin. This was our first meeting.. But then I lost to Ercim Bappagai.

Then there was the championship of Russia 2017 of the year. I got a good form, but the grip failed. Then I did not give him due attention yet. In the end, I took only fifth or sixth place. In the same year, I had the opportunity to speak at the final stage of the World Cup, where he took second place. In the finals, lost to Kalinin. After that i understood, that you need to change something. I watched a hundred times all my videos. Picked up the most comfortable angles for fighting, strengthened grip, learned to do the reception “stand” on the machine at the right time. Year of hard work.

I want to give credit, своим коллегам и друзьям – Михаилу Журавлеву и Юрию Васильеву. Без их помощи у меня точно ничего бы не получилось. They supported me and helped me in everything.. As a result, to the championship of Russia 2018 years I got a great shape. Weight was 130 kg, so I had to throw off a little. Yes, and in the future I was going to speak with such weight. After weighing, I always ate. In the hot finals he defeated Bappagaya. Emotions overwhelmed, what to say there.

Then there was the championship of Russia in the absolute category 2018 of the year. I went there just to fight for myself, with big uncles. But I never thought to win. Having reviewed many videos, figured, кто может приехать. Подготовился. Knew with whom and how to fight. First beat Andrei Markin, but lost to Sergey Frolkin. He was trickier and stronger at that time. Next was the finale with Viktor Kolibabchuk. Taking advantage of, that we never fought with him, I took the first fight with a lightning start. And in the second I had to fight. As a result – first place and treasured ticket to the Colmar Cup. Hard work started. Since the weight category was absolute, I specially ate 140 kg. Probably, my best form ever. I managed to win this prestigious tournament. Though, honestly admit, that was not easy.

Well, of course, especially worth remembering the world championship in 2018 year in Yakutsk. I had to lose weight, to fit into your category. It was very difficult to do..

Якутия поразила своим гостеприимством и отличной организацией чемпионата. It was nice, to be honest. I knew, I was in good shape. Correctly led to the competition, Yes, and a certainty of victory was, All fights went calmly and judiciously, which helped me win. I did not want to fly from Yakutia. Probably foreboding. As soon as I flew, called from the draft board. They said, what time is it. I decided, what better go to the army, and after that I’ll start the athlete’s path again. I knew, that I will not be able to fully engage there. So it happened.

I served in the Arkhangelsk region at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, in the city of Mirny. Aerospace Forces Training Center No. 834. Fed in the army perfectly, but only three times a day, what was new to me. In preparation, I ate six times a day. But quickly used to. I started to engage in physical training at the end of the service thanks to the company commander. In order not to come absolutely zero, I prepared muscles and ligaments for serious loads. Upon returning from the army at the end of last year, I had only 106 kg. А уходил с 133 kg. Something like this.

I started training hard six times a week and gaining weight. За три месяца подготовки набрал хорошую форму. In terms of power qualities, indicators have become even higher, than before the army. But not enough sparring. But again, thanks to my faithful friends, which I already mentioned, we also solved this problem. Weight was already 118 kg and everything went according to plan. purpose – Russian championship. But, Alas! Due to the situation in the country and the world, его перенесли. Залы закрыли, it remains only to train at home, what I am doing. Now I'm starting preparations again, I don’t know where yet. But it is necessary to at least regain strength and just support them. Waiting for tournaments ».

Waiting for tournaments. How accurately expressed is the current state of all mas-wrestlers not only in Russia, but of the whole world. Patience, friends! Will still be!


Author: Lena Tomsk