Russian Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin and Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Sergey Kovalchuk discussed the holding of the first CIS Games in Kazan.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, expected to attend 3,5 thousand athletes, who will play 230 sets of medals.

Games of the CIS countries were to be held in the Republic of Tatarstan in August of this year, but were shifted to September due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Preliminary date - from 4 by 11 September.

Oleg Matytsin hopes, that by this time all restrictions on the arrival of national teams in Russia will be lifted. The games will be held in compliance with all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor after coordination at the level of the government of the Russian Federation.

Besides, ministers discussed the possibility of joint training for the national teams of Russia and Belarus at the stage of preparation of athletes for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will be held in the summer 2021 of the year. However, the timing of such events has not yet been announced.. “I am convinced, that training experience will be useful to both countries ”, Said Matytsin.

The Games program will include competitions in 21 kind of sport:

- arm

- badminton

- basketball (3x3)

- boxing

- belt wrestling and Koresh wrestling

- water polo

- volleyball (discipline "beach volleyball")

- freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling

- weight-lifting

- judo

- karate

- mass wrestling

- table tennis

- swimming

- Sambo

- Thai boxing

- dance sport

- fencing

- football (discipline "futsal")

- rhythmic gymnastics

- chess.

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