Is over 80 years honored worker of physical education RS(I), XX century laureate of the Sakhaada-Sport Association, excellent physicist and sports of the USSR, judge of the All-Union freestyle wrestling category A.E. ZAKHAROV.

Andrey Egorovich was born 6 June 1940 g. in the village of Emissy of the Amginsky district. He devoted his entire conscious life to the development of sports in the republic.


Dear Andrey Egorovich!


On behalf of the collectives of the State Budgetary Institution “Republican Center of National Sports named after Vasily Manchaara” we sincerely and cordially congratulate you on a significant event - the 80th anniversary of your birth!

The sports community of the republic knows you as the first absolute champion of the I Spartakiad for the prizes of V. Manchaara 1968 years of pulling a stick, champion and winner of the first three sports days.

It was your first successful steps in pulling the stick as an official form of the First Spartakiad in national types that laid the foundation for the Yakut mas-wrestling to enter the world stage and the claims of the Sakha people to enter our original sport in the program of the Olympic Games.

During your time at the Omsk Physical Culture Institute, you also successfully engaged in a new type of martial arts for Yakutia - the classic wrestling, became two-time silver medalist of the championship of the Central Administration of the DSO "Vodnik", for eight years - with 1964 by 1972 gg. – были первым номером сборной Якутии, champion of Siberia and the Far East.

As a trainer at a working youth school, You brought up a two-time winner of the championship of the Central Administration of the DSO "Vodnik" among young men, participant of the USSR freestyle wrestling championship Anatoly Leznov, working as a head coach of DSO "Labor reserves", You brought up Russian champions Grigory Khristoforov and Valery Keryamyasov, for nine years fruitfully worked as the head teacher of the ShVSM of the republic.

The first from Yakutia as an arbiter you served the Tbilisi International Tournament, called the "Small World Championship", championships of the USSR and Russia, международные турниры в Монголии и Чехословакии.

Your glorious name is forever inscribed in the history of sports of the Republic of Sakha, and representatives of the Yakut ethnic sport are naturally proud of you - a pioneer and model for youth!

We wish you active longevity, крепкого здоровья и всех благ Вашим родным и близким, happiness and kindness!


Директор Г.М.Мохначевский

Председатель профкома М.М.Ершов