Leading physical education manager and organizer, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of the YAASSR, the excellent student of physical culture and sports of the Russian Federation Mikhail Egorovich Druzynov told about, why it is important to adopt amendments to the Constitution:

1 July 2020 years we have to decide the fate of Russia - to vote for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. We must understand, that the Constitution is the Basic Law of the Russian Federation, consisting of 9 chapters and having 137 articles, where social and state structure are defined, order and principles of formation of government bodies, electoral system, rights and obligations of citizens. It has the highest legal force., direct action and application throughout Russia.  And today, each of us has the opportunity to analyze, think and express your civic position. Sure, in many social networks we read, that the results are tailored to specific settings, that changes are made only for the sake of zeroing the terms of the President of Russia. But it is not. Ahead of the need for amendments – because already 27 years we live according to the Constitution, hastily taken in a difficult transition for the state – at 1993 city

If you look back - we will see, that the Constitution of our great country has changed and adopted more than once. The world does not stand still, and these additions are not only related to the development of the social system, but also with the transformations of all mankind. Laws are changing after history - today a new Russia of the 21st century is being reborn.

The first Constitution of Russia was adopted 103 years ago, at 1918 g. led by V.I.. Lenin. And since then it has been accepted and supplemented after the development and historical events for the country. First changes adopted in 1924 city, in connection with the formation of the Soviet state. The difficult situation in the prewar years made its own adjustments, and 1936 g. the second "Stalin" Constitution was adopted.  For her time she was democratic, however, the government’s policy of mass repression completely contradicted it. The development of the socialist system brought the following changes - in 1977 g. the third Brezhnev Constitution was approved, which unfortunately, recorded the final ossification of stagnation. The collapse of the USSR demanded the creation of a new Constitution, reflective features of the newly created state. In modern historical conditions, Russia, like other union republics, proclaimed its independence, and 12 December 1993 g. according to the results of a popular referendum, adopted the fourth "Yeltsin" Constitution of the Russian Federation.

From the provisions of the Constitution, its content depends also on the development of physical education and sports. With the formation of the Yakut ASSR and the adoption of the Constitution of the country, in our republic, physical culture and sports began to develop actively. 26 October 1923 g. the Yakut Council of Physical Education was created and sports clubs were formed in institutions and regions of the republic. AT 1927 g. organized the first regional sports day in g. Aldan. Physical education councils set up in nearby cities and districts, the population embrace mass sports. AT 1932 the first All-Yakut Spartakiad took place, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the formation of the YAASSR. For the first time in Russia in 1933 g. in the harsh conditions of Yakutia, ski crossings Yakutsk-Khabarovsk and Yakutsk-Irkutsk. AT 1942 g. c d. Yakutsk opens the first sports school with two departments. In the same year, Nikolai Medvedev was the first among the athletes of Yakutia to be awarded the honorary title "Master of Sports of the USSR". Popular sports in our country are skiing and freestyle wrestling. So, at 1962 g. YSU student Nikolai Gogolev for the first time becomes the champion of the RSFSR in freestyle wrestling among Yakut athletes. AT 1972 g. graduate of Dmitry Korkin, Roman Dmitriev becomes the champion of the XX Olympic Games in Munich. AT 1989 g. The first international scientific-practical conference on the development of national sports was organized, which became the foundation for the development of folk sports.

In recent years, as part of the new Russia, in our republic much attention is paid to the development of sports. Traditionally held republic championships in sports, sports Games of Yakutia and sports contest in national sports "Manchaara Games". The Asian Children International Sports Games are organized at a high level.,international and national competitions. Our athletes have the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games, world championships, Europe, Asia not only in the Russian national team, but also of any state. Active construction of new modern sports facilities in r. Yakutsk, Peaceful, Lenske, Neryungri and Churapchinsky and Verkhnevilyuysky uluses. Today we have two institutes for physical education and sports, where do they work 6 Doctors of Science, more 40 candidates of pedagogical sciences in our area. And most importantly, entering the international arena of our national sports.

And today we are on the verge of new changes. Additions and amendments to the Constitution proclaim Russia a social state. Life itself dictates – the whole world is now moving into a completely different era. No one knows, what life will be after the economic crisis all over the world, associated with the spread of coronavirus, but everyone understands – she will be completely different. And in these conditions, I consider it extremely important to draw attention to the social sphere. I would like to draw attention, that qualitative amendments have been made in terms of family support, working people, medicine, education, preservation of linguistic and cultural diversity, ancestral heritage, healthy lifestyle, including physical education and sports.

Last time, every year the number of people, involved in various sports is increasing. Sport is becoming the norm for many Yakutians. And today, the proposed amendments just fix the right of any person to physical education. Not only professional athletes, but also people of different age categories, as well as people with disabilities. A prerequisite is to ensure the availability of any sports facility for everyone. it, in my opinion, fundamentally different responsibility to people and the state.

Me as a person, happy for the development of physical education and sports, pleases, that the amendments include the task of creating conditions for a healthy lifestyle, the formation of culture and responsible attitude of citizens to their health.

I will vote for amendments, and I urge sports veterans with full responsibility, sports activists, members of the national teams of the republic and Russia, as well as members of sports clubs and organizations to vote for advanced Russia, strong and healthy Yakutia!



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